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this is a copy of the letter I am submitting to Dollar Tree I had a bad experience in my local Dollar Tree store today. I visited the following address with my son

and we were treated very poorly: Lawrenceville Market Center 925 Lawrenceville-Suwannee, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

I got in line with my 10 year old son today who is just short of 5 feet tall. After a minute wandered

toward some Christmas Stockings that caught my eye (that is why you have so much stuff up front don't you... for impulse purchases). I picked up four stockings and returned to my cart to find my child

looking for another long-long line to get into. I asked him why he was moving and he informed me that he was told by a man (the manager) to move to another line... that the one he was on was closing. I

protested and took my place back in line.

The cashier noticed me standing there and told me that the line was closed and I informed her that my son was standing there before that decision was made and we should be checked out. At this point, the customer in front of us confirmed that fact to the cashier. She and the manager did not seem to care and informed me that they were taking her off register in order to stay on schedule and they would help me shortly. After several minutes had passed, I realized they had left me standing there alone at the register for no other reason I can imagine that to humiliate me. Before I go any further, I want to bring the Mission Statement of Dollar Tree into the picture. And I

quote: &#226€œDollar Tree Stores, Inc is a customer-oriented, value driven variety store, operating at a one-dollar price point. It will operate profitably, empower its associates to share in its opportunities, rewards and successes; and deal with others in an honest and considerate way. The company's mission will be consistent with controlled and profitable growth." Dollar Tree state the following as its values:

Attitude: Responsibility, Integrity, Courtesy Judgment: Do the right thing for the right reasons

Commitment Honor and respect for self and the Company. Now if the first actions were not enough to infuriate and embarrass me, the customer, I had an interchange with a cashier that proved to me that I was definitely not valued and as a customer. I asked another employee who was taking extra cash from the drawers when the manager was going to put someone back on the register because I had waited long enough and was getting upset. She became very defensive and informed me that the line was closed and that I would have to continue

to wait until it was opened. I explained my stance to her once again and her words to me were a very hostile &#226€œWhat do you want me to do?" At this point I was about to leave my basket that I had spent the last 45 minutes loading and leave the store, but a customer in the next aisle put me in front of him on line and a very nice cashier remembered my from my near-weekly visits to the store checked me out. She seemed embarrassed by the whole affair and agreed that we were on line before it closed. I believe her name was Beth. I spent $45.00 at Dollar Tree today and left the store wondering why I had ever spent a cent there. I felt that the actions of the manager and two cashiers completely bastardized the standards that

Dollar Tree is trying to uphold. First of all, the attitude of the manager was completely out of line,

and it usually is. I have spoken to him on several previous occasions attempting to be friendly and have

received short, cold responses. I have even jokingly asked him about the 20-minute long lines in the past to be told that it is the owners fault, as he is not allowed enough staff. His actions and attitude

consistently fails to meet any reasonable standards of responsibility, Integrity and courtesy.

Second of all, his judgment as definitely skewed on this day. Had he listened to the customer on line before us instead of assuming that we were trying to "cut in" on line, he would have treated us better. Instead, he assumed I was attempting to "get over". When a storekeeper automatically underestimates the integrity of the customer, he automatically loses customer loyalty as well. Thirdly, I believe that his level of commitment is under question as he failed to recognize a regular customer who consistently spends between $140 and $200 per month (which by the way is a lot of money for a dollar store). By doing so, he is turning away a very valuable customer, who by the way has friends who she will also inform to stop spending money at Dollar Tree. I am sure this sounds like an empty threat, but I do believe in the value of the customer and of the dollar. I only take my dollars to places where I feel valued, and have been influential in getting others to do the same. I am not sure what I want to happen because of this letter. Perhaps I want acknowledgement that I was

treated poorly in your store, perhaps an apology from the manager, perhaps training for the manager and his employees. I can tell you this, at this point and time, the chances of me setting foot into another Dollar Tree Store is slim to none. Thank you for your time Andrea H A H

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f9cfd05f, 2008-05-28, 04:03PM CDT

I just had two cashiers be very RUDE to me at a Dollar Tree store #1144 located on 1529 International Blvd. #101 Norfolk, Va. 23513. I went in because I had just taken some medication that made me nauseus and needed to buy something to eat so I wouldn't get sick. I grabbed a bag of pretzels and looked for garage sale or for sale signs while I was in there. There wasn't any signs so on my way up to the register, I grabbed a birthday card I needed and handed the cashier the only cash I had on me which was a $50 bill. When I gave the cashier my money, she looked at the other cashier and said "WHY?" and waved my bill at her. The other cashier said "That just wrong" and shook her head in disgust. Then the cashier said "That just don't make no sense." and the other cashier agreed. I could not believe they were saying all this right in front of my face! I am the consumer and I am a 33 yr. old woman, using my money to purchase something from the store. What difference did it make that I used a $50 bill? I really regret even spending $2 in there and I will NEVER go into that store again. Thank you for your "politeness" sales associate: Jerry. I am trying to find a way to file a complaint with the store...any suggestions?

164ba6e5, 2008-06-18, 09:57PM CDT

As an EX Dollar Tree store manager I can tell you there

is some truth to what this manager said. We are given very little payroll to operate with and cannot physically

give customers the kind of attention they deserve. While I would never have done this to you and even would have opened a register myself, the company forces store personnel into these positions because all they care about is the bottom line. All you really can do is stop shopping there and DON'T buy their stock.

2bd48769, 2008-07-16, 08:38PM CDT

I work at a Dollar Tree in another state. Here we can not have anymore than 3 people inline. As a member of management we are not allowed to close our line if people are waiting.

I am sorry you had a bad expereince with Dollar Tree.

5e6bb54a, 2008-09-19, 09:50PM CDT

I have applied several times at dollar store on Union Rd. in the tops plaza have spoke to the manager which is Larry and he says thier not hiring but as I ask the assit. managers if they our hiring they say yes. as long as I have been shopping at that store there as never ever been a guy working there I feel that h is very predious .and that is not right I also want to mention when I was at the store there was a cashier name Dawn and she procede to tell me she dont date and that she is still a virgin I dont feel like I needed to hear that from her I dont even know her I really think all these issues need to be adressed

Thank You

f688c6a5, 2008-09-21, 05:17PM CDT

I recently went to the atascadero dollar store because my son (6) loves it and wanted to spend hi schange he had been collecting. He droped a ball he was going to buy and it rolled down the aisle and before I could pick it up it was picked up by the manager (a black guy named Andy) and he told me to controll my BRATT! I asked him not to talk to my son that way and he called me a BIT@# 3 times and told me to keep my BRATTS out of his store and thretened to call the police. SERIOUSLY HE DROPPED A BALL! Now the morron is harassing me if he even sees me in the parking lot! Who does he think he is? What now he has total jurisdiction over the whole outlet parking lot! I called the 1800 care hot line and I guess they could care less how their customers are being treted because they will not call me back.

3e802b48, 2008-11-17, 02:21PM CST

I worked there recently and I got treated like crap... it's worse working there cause you can't do anything about it. :( I'm sorry for your bad experiences.

b60f9da5, 2008-11-22, 03:56PM CST

Dollar tree at store # 1604 was so RUDE!!! I put my shopping basket on top of counter and I ready to take them out as I was ready to pay them. But the cashier shoved the basket in front of me and yelled, "put it down there."

It was a strange store. I did not expect that I was suppose to put the shopping basket on the candy counter and take the items out.

The cashier Shatey was RUDE and incompentent. When her register reciepts was out, she could not put one back. I waited 10 minutes just for her to put a new roll of receipt in the register.

I wonder how she was hired to work there ?

2f55084c, 2008-12-23, 02:34PM CST

I am also an ex-store manager of this aweful company. I gave them 10 years of successful management. I had a nephew (2 years old) that was murdered...it was national news..The crappy upper management made me bring in a copy of his obituary before i could return to work.. to prove that's why i was out...And...I didn't have an attendance problem!

429cbf79, 2008-12-28, 10:07PM CST

I have been an assisant manager for the Dollar Tree in charlotte NC For the past 11 years.I have never heard or seen anyone treat a customer with disrespect.If anything we become freindly with our customers.Dollar Tree is very committed to providing good customer service.Those employee's who do not,do not keep their job's for very long ,If you call the 800 # with a complaint.I KNOW that they alway's return the call.They are also good to the employee's. .My father was dying in a hospital in Florida.I had to go to him .during 4th Quarter.Everyone including upper managment were very supportive of me and my family.I really do not believe most of the complaints that I have read on this website.anyone reading them...Please take everthing that you read here with a grain of salt!

0cd7a45d, 2009-01-14, 04:20PM CST

I work at dollar tree currently and I would have NEVER done that to a customer. If you were in line before she was instructed to close, she should have cleared her line before doing anything else.

I am currently pregnant and due in May, I had worked there for almost 4 years before I become pregnant. Once I informed my manager I was expecting, his attitude completely changed towards me. He began cutting my hours, and when I brought in a doctor's note saying I couldn't lift anything over 10lbs, he tried to tell me he didn't have room on his schedule for someone with "Pregnancy restrictions" I informed him that was discrimination and if he tried to take me off the schedule I would report him. Recently, I had to have 2 weeks off due to personal matters, and the day I was scheduled to go back I slipped on the ice outside and had to be taken to the E.R to get the baby checked. I called my manager and informed him of the situation, and told him I'd be happy to work if he wanted me to come in at all during the week. Today I called to get the schedule for next week, and I was told I was not on it. He has absolutely no reason to not have put me on the schedule. I came in the day I had called off with a doctor's note excusing my absence, and since the manager who prepares the schedule was not there, I left a handwritten note saying I would be able to work from now on. I am getting ready to call coporate tommorow. I don't think it's the company that's messed up, but rather the empoyees who work at some of the locations.

a0d5453b, 2009-02-10, 06:35PM CST

In reading this comment, I find that the

was wrong form leaving her child to do a job that was clearly her responsibility. The customer isnot always right. Nor anyone, who takes an

un loving position. We must all strive

to live and communicate better. Business is just business.

351f97ed, 2009-06-20, 09:48AM CDT

Im currently a Merchandise Manager at Dollar Tree and have been for the last 2 1/2 years at the same location in Tucson, AZ. First let me state that you customers out there that love to complain about poor customer service well let me tell you about VERY POOR CONSUMER practices. I can count at least 4 times that I have been literally knocked off a latter while trying to stock by people who are just to lazy to go around or just don't care, when they knock me off the latter it's always the same response "oh, it's okay dear". Well let me tell you it's not okay! Or how about the 1 inch gash that I got in my ankle from the customer who ran over my ankles while I was trying to pull forward merchandise on a botton shelf to make it visible for the customers. Or better yet the people that think it's okay to use my toy aisles as their personal baby sitting service and let them loose in the aisles to DESTROY them. Don't talk to me about poor customer service when customers need to take a look at their own actions. Dollar Tree stores operate on VERY little hours, you think you get this merchandise for a buck without some kind of sacrfice? After spending HOURS on keeping my store looking nice and shopable I come in the next day to find it's been gone through like a rummage sale and it's all because customers are to inconsiderate to simply put it back or give it to the cashier when they get to the line and let them know they do not wish to purchase it, no they just put it anywhere they please. NOW that takes hours away from have cashiers available to do recovery on the store and it take hours away to make a productive effort to get thr freight out of the stock room. I spent more awake hours at work than I do home. With that being said I want to ask these inconsiderate customers where they live so that I can come to their homes and trash the place and expect them to clean it up. I hear "well that's your job," actually no it's not! That is done by the night crew after 3pm when it's the busiest time and when they have huge amounts of merchandise to put back and recover from other aisles they do not have time to run a register or carry on that polite conversation with a customer that they all seem to want. Before people complain about customer service they need to take a look at their own actions. Next time you go into a store and just decide you don't want something and drop it anywhere you please that makes you a bad consumer, so don't complain about long lines because that item you dropped off somewhere just took time away from our register and management staff. It's a multi-million doller company with stock and locations all over the US; just like Macy's, when you go anywhere, no matter the cost of the items you are looking at, the business itself should ALWAYS be treated with respect.

As far as the company goes it's one of the worse I have ever worked for! I can without a doubt say that I work my butt off for this company and I also participate in the profit sharing program with the company. I have had very little thanks, respect and appreciation from them. I could give you examples of employee abuse that would take me days to type but I will just give you one; an employee (an asst. manager) is to open the store at 8am and the cashier is not scheduled until 1:30pm, that leaves that one person to run the entire store themselves with no bathroom break or anything; oh we are also not supposed to keep food or drink at the registers, can you imagine what this person went through, we won't mention that it was a female and really needed restroom facilities. I cannot say anything bad about my other assistant managers however the store managers I have had are a different story! The one I am "working" with now like to use threats, intimidation, and aggression to try and modivate the crew. Meanwhile he does absolutely no physcial work to help with the merchandise to make it available to the customer. He is the highest paid cashier that I have ever seen!! Before that an asst. manager was physicall threatened by the store manager before this one and was forced to continue to work with this manager for over a week with degrading comments and constant pressure before the company even addressed the issue. If you are looking to work for a company that appreciates hard work, dedication,perfect attendance (even when very sick), cleanliness, and down right pride in whatever you do work than Dollar Tree is NOT the place for you!!

c458eec9, 2009-06-22, 12:13PM CDT

Sadly these poor excuses for Dollar Tree employees comments are par for the course, I'm not talking about the ones who agreed she was treated badly, but instead the ones who seem to hate the very people who put food on their tables and pay their bills, they try to explain away their own rude behaviour by blaming the customer...I'm sorry, but leaving a 10 year old in line while you look at something close by is normal..the child was 10 for Gods sake not 3.. try to grow some common sense..she was in line she should have been waited on prior to the line closing had I been her I would have taken my child by the hand and told them to go to hell then I would have left and never returned!

As for the moron belly aching over customers and their carts (btw stupid it's ladder not latter yea you're bright) while he's/she's stocking shelves..duh try stocking shelves during less busy hours or maybe here's an idea try to stock the shelves before you open or after you close..big stupid duh..not when customers are attempting to navigate the aisles and your big ass to reach the products on the shelves! And I wont even go into the boohooing you're doing because we refuse to do what you are being paid to do...you know you're job! as for the kids in the toy aisle I have never seen that myself and I don't have kids, but I have seen the toy aisle completely empty of grownups and kids..btw care to explain why there's about 5 registers and only 1 is open and there's no one on the floor anywhere that works for DT, care to explain that?? So the store is only your responsibility for certain hours of the day yea you care about your work..tell me stupid why not have the night crew stock the shelves, instead of having it done during the day during busy shopping hours when you know the customers will be doing their shopping?? I'm curious when customers step inside your store do you stand there with your mouth open, drool sliding down your face and your tongue sticking out between your teeth and a dull eyed look on your face?? I bet you do!

I can't believe some moron actually stated "take everything you read here with a grain of salt"..hey stupid you just tried to undo what this site is set on doing helping the consumer deal with terrible treatement by companies, employees, stores and the like..hey Einstein read some of the posts from Dollar Tree employees that they crapped all over! I think I'll take your comment with a grain of salt!

I do have a question for the person who's child was called a brat and she was called a bitch..why do you keep shopping there?? duh!

And to the $50 consumer had I been you I would have said "I'm sorry" snatched the money out of her hand and said "I wont spend any of my money here" then added "f u" and left! Some people do not need to be working with the public!

d18adeae, 2009-07-07, 04:57PM CDT

I have been a store manager for Dollar Tree for the past 3 years. Reading over this complaint, the first thing I will say is that was totally unexceptable customer service by the employees. Especially a member of management. Unfortunantly, there are 1,000's of Dollar Tree Stores and somewhere along the line you're going to run into a few associates that are downright rude and out of line. I've been into numerous other businesses on my own time and seen associates that were rude or acted in a way that shouldn't have. That's just part of life now-a-days.

Coming from someone who works for the Company, Dollar Tree strives to improve profits any way it can. Your average Dollar Tree store is going to do somewhere between $15,000-$20,000 per week (Keep in mind that also, on average, every customer purchases on average around $7 worth of merchandise. So, if a store does $17,500 worth of business @ $7 per customer that would be 2500 customers)... The company, on average, will have that store doing $17,500 running on about a 100 SPEH (Sales Per Man Hour)... You do the math, that equals out to 175 hours per week that store gets to use.. Now, that doesn't count the Store Manager (salaried employee).. So that 175 hours would consist of the assistant managers, cashiers, and stockers.

Dollar Tree's hours of operation are 9am-9pm. To comply with company policy, two associates must be in the store at all times. The store manager comes in at 7am (give or take an hour) and has a stocker come in with them (to comply with company policy, 2 people in the store).. That stocker would work 5 hours. Now, the store manager would also have a cashier come in at 9am and probably work til 2pm. At 2pm an assistant manager would come in to close and would be working a 7 hour shift. So, we're up to 17 hours allready and that's minimal coverage. The assistant manager and the store manager would run the store from 2-4:30 and at that time a cashier would come in to work the 4:30-9:30 with the closing manager. That's another 5 hours which brings the total to 22 hours. 20 hours per day would equal out to 140 hours. That's with 2 people in the store at all times, but no more except for the hour or two the stocker is working with the store manager and the morning cashier. That leaves 35 hours for the rest of the week to accomplish the merchandising aspect of the business.. The average store will get around 700 boxes of merchandise per week (one delivery per week).. Consider the time unloading the truck (company chooses to use rollers and unload the trucks piece by piece instead of on pallets), time stocking the shelves, and time doing random company required resets, planograms, pull & holds, markdowns, signing, etc... 35 hours is not very much to accomplish all of those things..

My point is, most customers should realize this before the go into the store and know that there is probably only going to be 2 people in the store. One person is going to be "running the front" or cashiering and the other person is going to be stocking the shelves or recovery (cleaning, putting stuff back in correct place, facing shelves, sweeping) the store (depending on shift).. There's going to be times where you have to stand in line, because the cashier has a large order she is checking out and the manager has been called to the front to help out but another customer before you wants balloons blown up. There's nothing the employee's can do about it at that point. They can only work as fast as their bodies will.

Also keep in mind the stress the employee's are going through each day, trying to run the store with just two people and satisfy all the demands of the customer. Put yourself in their shoes, would you like to work a 5-8 hour shift and not even be able to eat anything because it was too busy? I've seen it on numerous ocassions where managers work on their lunch break because it's too busy or they don't want to stay until midnight to get everything done.

I'm pretty sure this post was from a few years back, so i'm sure these associates no longer work for the company.. But if this were to happen to anyone anytime in the future.. Dollar Tree has a website.. http://www.dollartree.com You can easily file a complaint there and they also have a 1-800 number that is posted inside the stores and is on the website as well. Nine times out of ten they are going to take action when someone calls the 1-800 line issuing a complaing about a certain store and it's associate(s). Always do that, because as stated previously, there are 1,000's of Dollar Tree's and the company is unable to watch every single store every single minute of the day and know that each store has all friendly and kind associates..

In closing, Dollar Tree is a company that is striving in this time of economic crisis, and will only continue to grow. It takes a team effort though between customers and employees to make every store run to the best of it's abilities.. Sometimes it's hard on the hours given to run the store.. But with some help from the customers, everything can be pleasant..

a8a2b237, 2009-10-04, 11:31AM CDT

I have been trying to make a complaint of my own and so far have been unable to complete it. What's up with that? Someone needs to show these people what the term customer service means.

a4442d73, 2009-10-06, 07:25PM CDT

I have the same problem I'm from Texararka Tx and it seems everytime I go into the dollar tree the manager has a problem with my children. I lost my cool with this woman cause I feel she could come to someone in a better way than telling them what they need to do with thier kids if the touch something they need to buy it. I never had this problem until this woman started there I go there and spend my money like anyone else it use to be one of my favorite store to go to, to shop but now I don't even want to go just because of rude service.

5c0bf42f, 2009-10-08, 03:37AM CDT

This is by far the best reply I've came across. No whining, no taking sides.. just facts. The stress level is very high there. And people do act like they are too good to wait in line when there's only two of you in the store. I have to laugh when a customer comes to me in the aisle, and asks me to ring them up while my cashier has everything under control. Theres no more than 3 in their line, there's no big orders. I've noticed alot more damages lately. People treat our stores like trash, and you have them coming online bad mouthing employees, while acting holier than thou because forgive us for working at a Dollar Tree. It's a job. There's procedures. A good employee understands that. Just like not every customer is a good customer. (For the stocker that gets ran over by carts) Block yourself in with a UBoat. Customer knocks you off a ladder. Sue. Do you think for a second if we did something wrong to them, they wouldn't be googling corporate wanting gift baskets, and money. You are only treated the way you let them treat you. Of course be kind, and considerate. The minute they are not, ask them to leave. The minute they raise their voices, curse at you, Tell them to leave. Just don't lose your cool.

429cbf79, 2009-10-09, 08:06PM CDT

The employee's that were "crapped all over?" were probably fired for being "crappy employee's." Sour Grapes?

I am sure that those of us who enjoy a level of success with the Dollar Tree are permitted to have an opinion?

You do understand that the Millions of people who pass through the door's of the Dollar Tree store's across this country every year can't all be having bad shopping experiances.

all low end retail is run the same.It is tough.If you can't take it ...you get out.That's all.

I am not going to lower myself to your level and insult you.You have shown everyone by your post what you are.negative and Bitter.Maybe you are a former employee?

16518485, 2010-01-02, 01:53AM CST

I do appreciate your disdain for what you make sound like a tragedy, but you must also understand that because the stores are given such few hours, they are having to keep employees working until they absolutely cannot go on without time off the clock or breaking the law. This is not an issue of those who work there, it is an issue brought on by the circumstances of terrible undercutting of hours. I too work at a Dollar Tree and it is near impossible to keep the store cleanly and running while at the same time pleasing every customer and following local and state labor laws. On a final note... Your words have not fallen on deaf ears... they are just the wrong ears. This is not something which can be easily avoided by managers and associates, this is an issue on corporate side of the company. THEY are the ones who wrote this "mission statement", and THEY are the ones making it impossible to fulfill.

16518485, 2010-01-02, 01:54AM CST

I do appreciate your disdain for what you make sound like a tragedy, but you must also understand that because the stores are given such few hours, they are having to keep employees working until they absolutely cannot go on without time off the clock or breaking the law. This is not an issue of those who work there, it is an issue brought on by the circumstances of terrible undercutting of hours. I too work at a Dollar Tree and it is near impossible to keep the store cleanly and running while at the same time pleasing every customer and following local and state labor laws. On a final note... Your words have not fallen on deaf ears... they are just the wrong ears. This is not something which can be easily avoided by managers and associates, this is an issue on corporate side of the company. THEY are the ones who wrote this "mission statement", and THEY are the ones making it impossible to fulfill.

2a651c2e, 2010-02-20, 07:12PM CST

I was in the Dollar Tree in Clearview Mall in Metairie, LA, with my mother. When she was checking out, the cashier was VERY rude to her. From what my mother told me, she was purchasing a couple of items, and when she went to get the money to pay for them, she placed the bills on the counter so she could get the coins to complete the transaction. Much to her disbelief, the cashier INSISTED very rudely that she place the currency IN HER HAND!! Needless to say, my mom was getting quite pissed off about it, so she asked to speak to the manager of the store on duty- not much help there!!! She also was a bit condescending, saying she disciplined the offending cashier, but my mom wasn't buying it, so, long story short, though she paid about $2.00 and change for napkins and animal crackers, we left ths store, and my mother vows NEVER to shop there unless they change their act!!!

7b3d1e98, 2010-04-27, 08:06PM CDT

I learned today that when a dollar tree cashier says "nope, nope, im going home" that means the lane is closed.. Im going to stick to walmart.

Anonymous, 2010-05-13, 10:39AM CDT

Hi I am an employee that works at a dollar tree in Indiana. I completely agree with this whole article. The dollar tree assiistant managers that I work for are complete deadbeats who do nothing but sit on there butt all day while I am out doing non-stop work like stocking shelves or running the cash register for people who could care less how many item voids you get in one day. I won't even get into that. I am treated like crap by the managers and customers. Oh and the merchandise they sell isn't worth 2 dead flies. Every day I walk through the isles and I see toys that have basically fallen apart while sitting on the shelves. The toys that are missing parts go into the boy or girl "goody bags." For example, a guy came in one day and bought a carrot peeler and left. He came back one hour later with the same carrot peeler in a different way than it left. The metal on the carrot peeler was completely bent up. A really hard carrot, I THINK NOT. And the store smells like dead fish and body odor.Every time I walk into dollar tree I cringe with disgust. Maybe it's the fact that our wonderful dollar store attracts the cheapest, stinkiest, weirdest, foulest weirdos in the whole community. Don't get me started on the hours. I have worked there for half a year and I only get one 5 hour day per week. My check is $60. What a joke!!!!! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A JOB DON'T CONSIDER DOLLAR TREE. iT MAY BE THE WORST STORE ON THE PLANET. tHE STORE OF SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

52a57df3, 2010-06-23, 09:42PM CDT


d34481d7, 2010-07-05, 07:40AM CDT

I now understand your company. I shop at Dollar Tree At Peoples Plaza Newark Delaware 19702. Rude manager is an understatement. I took 10 baloons in for them to blow up for my company in the same plaza. Last month they lost 10 of them overnight and the next day acted like tough luck for you. Wow...A couple of days ago I took back 10 baloons that were half out of air and asked if I could pay to have them blown up ($1.00) per. The clerk yelled, in front of customers if the manager would do so again. She yelled from her office, in front of me and customers listening, that they no longer do that service due to liability. She didn't have to embarrass me with customers listening. Oh how rude she was with no management integrity. She was nasty.

63f14a04, 2010-07-14, 04:05PM CDT

When we were checking out this afternoon &/14/10 there was a line of about 10 people, and the woman who was checking out asked the girl in the office if she wanted to come out and help. The girl yelled from the office that she was on break!! The cashier said oh, its okay I'll handle it then!

If that girl and woman were employees of mine I would have fired them on the spot! Since when is a break more important than serving a customer? I'm thouroughly (mispelled I'm sure) done with this store. The store in question was on Rt. 191 in Bethlehem, PA.

Finally other customers spoke up and she came out of the office madder than h---!

toughh, she has all day to take a break!

5e59c940, 2010-07-30, 09:00AM CDT

I have worked as an assistant for 2 years as of last week I left that company best thing I ever did. The employees are treated so badly. This was truly the worst company to work for. The reason why the employees are so rude and nasty is because of the miserable work enviorment they work in. So when filing a complaint blame Dollar Tree the company not the employee. It is so hard to find a job these days and people can not just up and leave for happiness and Dollar Tree taked advantage of it all to save a buck and belive me the stores are not impacted by the poor economy just the poor employees. In the last two years dollar Tree has taken so much away from everyone.

1.weekly pay to bi weekly pay

2.8 hr shifts to 5 hr shifts(so they can get the tax credit for creating new jobs) who can only live off 25 hours a week at 7.25 an hr?

3.No more bonus for the part time assistants.

4.A/C and Heat on sensor control making for extremely poor conditions in the store for both customers and associates alike.

5.No music in all stores but a list of ad's you have to announce. Here is an idea Dollar Tree pay for your own f ing ad's its not like yo can't afford it with all those new job creation tax credits you are reciving.

6.In the hand book it says P/T employees get benefits that is crap.

I know there is more just very angry can't think of the rest, but when you try to express your dis pleasure for these concerns no one cares. Its like screaming as louad as you can in to an empty well and you don't hear as much as an echo kinda scary. So next time you get frusterated with a Dollar Tree employee just remember They are only human and their job sucks they get paid crap and no one higher up in the company are the least bit comcerned with how bad the work conditions they will just replace them with another poor shmuck.

594c1b7c, 2010-09-12, 06:47PM CDT

I frequent dollar tree in Patchogue Ny, and I can tell you they have lost a good customer. One day I was in the store and a cashier made an announcement that the store was closing, another cashier very loudly said "bring your sh-- to the register".

I never said a word, I hear this from the rear of the store. Today I was waiting on this same cashier's line..she told another employee she had sh-- for take backs. I asked her to keep her to watch her mouth(I was also with my child)..she said she was sorry then almost threw my change at me..told m me to close my mouth and keep walking..I told her she was rude and inconsiderate..she screamed fu-- you to m me..with a line of like 20 people waiting. There were four cashier's walking around and only one ringing customers up. I was terribly mortified and will never shop there again!

5725f976, 2010-10-14, 04:02PM CDT

You really shouldn't complain about the cashier wanting the money in there hand. Do you not realize how rude that is to put it on the counter when there hand is out. I work at dollar tree and I can't stand the customers who do that to me. You'll have your hand out ready to accept the cash and they just put it on the counter or most customers just practically toss you the bills and coins and there usually crumpled or folded up. Which means taking the time to unfold or on crumple the bills. It holds up the line. I can go on and on forever about how customers destroy the store or how managers treat their employees like crap. but I'm not.

a4b78153, 2011-10-10, 10:02PM CDT

Someone needs to teach some of these customers that just because we work in retail, is not any reason to treat us with any less respect than anyone in another profession. If there weren't those of us who work in customer service, you all wouldn't have anyplace to shop!! We are not idiots, but sometimes we sure have to deal with IDIOTS!! If you would like to be treated with kindness and respect, maybe you should treat the person working in the store you are shopping, with that same kindness and respect. It is said that you should "Treat others as you want to be treated"

bfa0710b, 2011-10-12, 10:46PM CDT

i went into a dollor tree store around 755pm on weds at 10 12 11 to by two items i went up to the cashier she wasnt a friendly person at all maybe she need to quit her job n fine a nother job that she dosent have to deal with people the store is located on 36st n thomasrd in phx az ill still go there but not in her line

56c48ed7, 2011-11-03, 12:36PM CDT

I was in your store today in New Bern, NC and one of workers was really rude. She stock shelves and all I did was ask her about the bread. And she turn 180 degree on me and started waving her arms and hands and told me about truck drivers schedule for his load. This is how I read if you don't like it you can shop some where else and don't come back. I will not shop there anymore and I will tell all my friends on Facebook and other sites how I was treated by you staff.

d3ff4799, 2012-05-24, 01:41PM CDT

How would you like to be the person on the cash register? You are supposed to go home but customers keep complaining- so you take another one- then you take another one- then you take another one. Pretty soon, you're walking out the door 45 minutes late.

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