National Breeders Association - National Breeders Association - 9/11 FAMILIES OF MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ, BEWARE! PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE.

Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2004 at 12:00am CST by cc75fe61

Company: National Breeders Association

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To Whom It May Concern: In July of 2004, I stopped in to look at the puppies at National Breeders Association. I looked at a Yorkie and asked Matt, the salesman, several questions. I needed a small dog, which I could train to go in a litter box since I live in a condo. Matt assured me that a Yorkie was a suitable choice for my needs. I came back the next week after thinking about it to look at the same breed. Matt assured me the puppy would get no larger than five pounds (the puppy is now over 9 lbs. and still growing). I bought the puppy for $1,385. on 8/4/04. Shortly after my purchase the dog developed kennel cough and I had to bring him to the vet, on two separate occasions. I have tried to train the puppy through their training system, which uses a choke collar and does not work and the puppy is afraid of the collar. I have spoken to the vet and the SPCA and they both do not condone that type of training. I have since found out that the choke method of training is not recommended for Yorkies, due to their fragile trachea and should only be walked with a harness style leash. The dog at times needs to be restrained, because of his growling and biting. He has bitten me twice and broken the skin, even the groomer refused to groom him, because of the biting. He is not house trained yet and is using the floor and his crate as a bathroom. I have purchased Wee Wee Pads for him to use and I’m still trying to train him. He barks excessively and I have received a warning from the condo association that if I don’t take care of the issue, I will receive a $500. fine. I have had to buy a muzzle and two different bark collars to stop his barking problem. I have tried everything to train this dog and nothing is working. I have tried to give him to the SPCA, but they can not place a dog that bites in a home. The SPCA has advised me that I am liable for the dog if I sell him to someone and he bites them. I don’t know why Joe at National Breeders is telling me that I can try and sell the puppy, to recoup some of my money. I have tried talking to the owner, Joe several times to see about getting my money back and under no circumstances will he reimburse my money, or take the puppy back. Joe has offered me training for the dog and nothing else. When I spoke to Joe about the dog trying to bite his trainer, he told me the trainer was trying to “antagonize” the dog. RIDICULOUS, I was there, no such thing happened. National Breeders Association is not a private breeder, which I did not know. They get their puppies from puppy mills, the conditions of these puppy mills are deplorable. This pet store was on a segment of NBC Dateline and investigated in the selling of sick and unfit puppies from these puppy mills. I am in the process of trying to research the breeder, but can not find anything on the internet and Joe will not give me an address. Their name is misleading and the owner and sales people are unscrupulous. They are not reputable people and they have no business selling innocent puppies. They should be selling used cars. The following is a total for reimbursement that I am seeking. Price of puppy $1,385.00 Vet bills $202.96 Choke collar $5.00 Muzzle $4.99 Bark collar $52.99 SPCA training $100.00 Total $1,750.94 I anticipate more bills from the vet for tranquilizers, because he needs to be sedated for the groomer. I also anticipate more bills for training. Thank you for your time and consideration, in this unfortunate matter. Sincerely, Elizabeth

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93d028e5, 2008-05-14, 07:28PM CDT

I am another victim of National Breeders. My story is the same, except mine does not bite, however he is the the largest yorkie I have ever seem. He is about 25 pounds. He started out like your typical yorkie puppy, but just kept growing. I too wanted a very small dog as I am not home all day and needed a dog that would stay small and be happy with a restricted area and learn to go in a litter box. HE IS BIGGER THAN THE LITTER BOX. I do not think they are selling full breed. I'm no expert but a yorkie this big is just wrong. I met another woman at Petsmart one day with a yorkie about 23 pounds and I asked her where she had purchased the dog. I'll give you two guesses. Yep the national breeders in Middletown NJ. Same place I bought mine. I saw a protest their once. I think they may have even changed the name, but the same people own it and the same people work their. Come to think if Matt was a tall thin young man he was the one who sold me the dog and also told me no more than 7 pounds.

I kept the dog because we got attached to him and he is a good dog other than the barking and unable to paper train. The unfair thing is that we did not get what we paid for and were lied to.

Hope your dog stops growing at 9 pounds that is small compared to mine.

Thanks for listening, if you need any further info e-mail me at [email protected]


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