AAA Radiator - AAA Radiator, Phoenix, AZ - I was told the name of a shop to take my vehicle to and was told the repair work would be done by 5pm the following day. I prepaid for the radiator.

Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2004 at 12:00am CST by f9e7a3dc

Company: AAA Radiator

Location: PHEONIX, AZ

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

On 11/29/04 I needed to replace my radiator. I called 1-800-404-0404 (AAA Radiator) which I found listed in our local Phoenix Az. Yellow Pages. I was told the name of a shop to take my vehicle to and was told the repair work would be done by 5pm the following day. I prepaid for the radiator. The next day I was called by the shop owner to say he was told by "Radiator Hotline" that the radiator would be there by 5pm, which meant I was not to have my vehicle by the promised time. At 4:45 pm I received a call from "The Radiator Hotline" telling me they were contacted by the shop and they had sent the wrong radiator and that the blame lay with the manufacturer who had put the wrong radiator in the box.

Then I was informed that they couldn't have one to me until the following Saturday, 5 days away, unless I paid for half of the overnight Fed-Ex bill, which would have the part to me by Thursday. Since the shop was now closed and the "Radiator Hotline" company which I now find out is in California closes in an hour, I have no recourse but to wait till the next morning. The next morning I called a local radiator store and they had one in stock.

So I called "Radiator Hotline" back and told them I was going to get a radiator locally and wanted a refund. The woman on the phone " Alysia" told me that because it was a mistake they would not charge me a restocking fee but I had to drive the radiator 30 miles to return it myself. I was not happy with this but was basically told it's yours now if you want your money back you return it. So I drove to the shop to pick up the wrong radiator and upon arriving at the shop the owner showed me the box and the radiator was not even in the correct box. I called the "Radiator Hotline" back and told "Alysia" that since it was not the manufacturer but the distributor that made this error that I should not have to return the part but that they should pick it up. She very rudely told me no and that they were doing me a favor by not charging me a restocking fee. And that it is my problem as they could have the part to me at a later date so it is my choice to return the part.

She very rudely refused to work with me. So I drove to the local radiator shop to get my new one. I told them my story and without even telling them the name of the company they knew it and said that they had heard of many complaints about "The Radiator Hotline". They also looked at the radiator from "Radiator Hotline" and informed me that it was not even the same manufacturer listed on the box. It was a totally different radiator. The local shop "Hawkes Radiators" in Mesa Az. was wonderful. They gave me a discount and even offered to have a look at the installed radiator to ensure me that it was correctly installed.

They are truly customer service oriented. I will never use "The Radiator Hotline" again and would strongly advise anyone else to not use this company. Even the shop I took my vehicle to said they have had other problems with them. They are listed as several different names and have several different phone numbers. I think it is to make reaching them difficult. The known names and phone numbers are as follows, AAA Radiator, Radiator Hotline, 1-800 Radiators and Auto Radiator Outlet. 1-800-404-0404, 1-800-252-033, 1-800-radiator, 1-800-723-4286 and 1-800-248-8720.

Thank You, Debbie Y


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