CompUSA - Toshiba TAP warranty - I purchased a Toshiba laptop computer from CompUSA on August 11, 2002 for the amount of $1299.97. At the time of purchase I also paid $249.99 for a TAP replacement plan from CompUSA. I was told that this warranty would giv

Posted on Saturday, August 7th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 57bcd403

Company: CompUSA - Toshiba TAP warranty - I purchased a Toshiba laptop computer from CompUSA on August 11, 2002 for the amount of $1299.97. At the time of purchase I also paid $249.99 for a TAP replacement plan from CompUSA. I was told that this warranty would giv

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CompUSA - Toshiba TAP warranty - I purchased a Toshiba laptop computer from CompUSA on August 11, 2002 for the amount of $1299.97. At the time of purchase I also paid $249.99 for a TAP replacement plan from CompUSA. I was told that this warranty would give my laptop “drop-kick protection” and included all parts and labor for two years

CompUSA - Toshiba TAP warranty

I purchased a Toshiba laptop computer from CompUSA on August 11, 2002 for the amount of $1299.97. At the time of purchase I also paid $249.99 for a TAP replacement plan from CompUSA. I was told that this warranty would give my laptop “drop-kick protection” and included all parts and labor for two years. The warranty seemed like a good investment since this was a travel laptop which I used while doing network engineering work in the field. It was a necessary tool for my job at the time. I used the laptop in this capacity until July, 2003 when it became unfit for use due to the fact it would simply not turn on. On July 26, 2003 I took the laptop to the Houston store approximately 90 miles from my location at the time, and was told that the laptop was still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty since the repair was within one year of the purchase. I was surprised to be told that the two year TAP warranty did not begin until the manufacturer’s warranty expired. Then I was told that the laptop had encountered “spillage” and the replacement of the motherboard and keyboard would not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Given the terms of the warranty as stated to me at the time of purchase, I did not believe this information was accurate. I also did not believe that the laptop had encountered “spillage” – condensation, perhaps, but not “spillage”. I requested proof of the alleged damage, but none was forthcoming. I had requested return of the old parts and was told this was not “procedure”. CompUSA would not return my laptop to me unless I paid the amount of $509.26 for the parts and $125.00 for the labor. I was not happy about this and made it clear. Under protest and duress, I paid the ransom demand of $634.26 for the return of my equipment. Then when I went to pick up my laptop, I had to leave and find a branch of my bank because I was told that I had to pay in cash because the store did not accept credit cards or checks. In hindsight, I believe the terms of this transaction were cash to make it more difficult to obtain restitution because they knew the work had not been done that I was paying for. Due to changes in my work location and operating procedure, although I had time to load some programs back onto the system, the laptop was shortly thereafter retired to its case and placed under the bed in my bedroom, where it remained for several months except for very occasional use. I used the laptop occasionally between August, 2003 and May, 2004, but it never left the bedroom. I am positive that the laptop did not encounter spillage, leaks, falls, electrical surges or even dust, when in May, 2004 it once again failed to power up. Unfortunately, there was no CompUSA store convenient to my location to take the laptop to for service. I eventually went to the Waco store only to discover that the store had packed up and closed up the same day I arrived to drop my laptop off for repairs. Finally on July 20, 2004 I had the opportunity to take the laptop to the Austin store – yet another 90 miles to drive. On July 24, I was called by tech support and told that the laptop had encountered “spillage” and that repairs were not covered under warranty. It sounded like this “technician” was reading from the same script as the previous person a year ago. It was at that point that I determined that either a) the work I had paid for the previous year had not been performed (if indeed there had been spillage previously, only if the parts had not actually been replaced, they would still show evidence of spillage or b) “spillage” is the “rote memorized answer” to any all laptop repair issues.

After all, “spillage” is easy to claim. A consumer could not disprove the claim without voiding the warranty by opening the case to take pictures, and CompUSA feels no obligation to provide proof. How convenient for CompUSA. The gentleman (using this term loosely) laughed at me when I asked for proof of the alleged “spillage”. And then there is the fact that I was told at the time of purchase that the warranty I had purchased was supposed to cover ALL parts and labor for the period of two years. When I called back on July 24 to speak to a manager to file a complaint, I spoke to a woman named Claudia who told me that she was filing a complaint on my behalf (complaint number) and that I should expect a call back from the General Manager within 2 or 3 business days. Instead I received a phone call back from Rick Penner, who asked me to fax copies of the receipts for previous repairs, because he had no records on my laptop. I did so on July 29, and then could not get Rick Penner to return a phone call until my wife called the General Manager, Mike Vague directly on August 4. On August 4, 2004 my wife had spoken to a tech support person named Tony at the Austin store who told her that my Toshiba laptop had been sent to an Apple repair depot on July 20th. CompUSA still has my laptop, has not given me a cost estimate of repairs and now cannot even seem to locate it. Under these circumstances, the laptop is certainly not fit for the use and purpose for which it was purchased. After all of this, Rick Penner told my wife on August 5, 2004 that CompUSA never had any intention of honoring the TAP. I believe that this admission of deceptive trade practices was probably the most honest, albeit unacceptable, assessment of the situation I have received to date. Then Mr. Penner stated that he did not know where my laptop was physically located and that it could not be picked up, although it had also not been fixed. Mr. Penner also expressed frustration that my wife wanted to know where the laptop was, stating, “How should I know? I have hundreds of laptops to keep track of, how can I be expected to know where yours is?” The rudeness, lack of customer service, lack of warranty service, lack of merchantability and loss of use and loss of physical inventory is unacceptable. Since CompUSA has had sufficient opportunity to either repair or replace my laptop, and has failed to do so, I am demanding reimbursement of the initial cost of the computer, the sum of $1299.97. I am demanding reimbursement of the cost of the useless TAP warranty, the cost of $249.99 due to having been told by Rick Penner that CompUSA never had any intention of honoring the warranty. I am demanding reimbursement of the cost of $687.00 for parts and labor which I paid for, for repairs which should have been covered under the TAP warranty, but were not, and which I do not believe was ever performed. I am also demanding $100.00 for reimbursement of time and travel to two long distance locations for attempts at repairs and for the time I have spent trying unsuccessfully to get service from your company. I am demanding a total reimbursement of the amount of $2,284.22 (two thousand two hundred eighty four US dollars and twenty-two cents). At this time I do not want a replacement of the laptop from CompUSA because then I would have to continue to deal with CompUSA’s “customer disservice” and lack of warranty performance. I prefer total reimbursement so that I can take my business permanently elsewhere. Copies of this complaint have been forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission and the Texas Attorney General. I believe that I have been ripped off by CompUSA through a cleverly designed strategy that allows the company to weasel out of honoring expensive warranty plans. Judging from the number of complaints I have read of a similar nature, it seems to me that I am not the only victim of what appears to be an elaborate warranty scam. I expect a prompt response and full restitution as previously set forth. I intend to pursue legal action with no further notice.

Jaime G

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953088af, 2008-01-14, 03:11PM CST

can you tell me what happened with your case? Comp USA was not bought out and I too have Tap for my son's laptop. Cannot get through to anyone or 3rd party (Assurant) for laptop coverage. Thank you!

e6e30c15, 2008-01-18, 06:52PM CST

In Nov 06 I bought a sony vaio from comp usa along with the warrenty they touted as being the best out there... I called and placed my work order and it only took 11 days for the shipping box to arrive not the 2 I was told. I boxed it up and sent it to Simi Valley (the repair facility for my region) The day after I sent my computer in I called to make sure they recieved it and also make sure they were not going to touch my hard drive. I was told they were running diagnostics and not to worry this was standard procedure... apparently so is not communicating with the tech. They found a "corupt" OS and wiped my entire system clean... I should mention the original problem was my system was over heating. Apparently the fan works fine but the heat sync was bad. So this was all figured out and done on a thursday. Should have been in the mail to me on Friday but no they held it hostage till Tuesday. They Shipped it back to me but to the wrong address. Figured it out and called the repair facility to fix the address. They did but neglected to tell the shipping company to send it express...So now my laptop is sitting on a truck from california to Oregon...and again I will be waiting several more days for its arrival. I have no idea if it is really fixed since I have not had my machine returned to me. What makes this even more fun is that compusa is in bankrupcy...I am now heading into a store to see if I can get any kind of satisfaction... I am not holding my breath. DO NOT BUY EXTENDED WARRENTIES THEY ARE MORE OF A HEADACHE THEN A HELP!!!

4d17b16d, 2008-04-23, 01:25PM CDT

I too have had a similar problem. In Nov. of 2007 my computer took a complete nose dive and crashed into oblivian. I have their TAP SERVICE PLAN. Well, first off, since they no longer have any stores open, I have to have my computer repaired "In home", which means, they send techs out to the house to dignose the problem, and order parts to be sent to the house.

The wrong parts were sent 7 times, and it took 2 to 4 weeks to get the parts usually. I tech came out finally on april 18th and determined I needed a new computer... I called to get tracking info for the new comp. IT DOESN'T Exist. There is no info in anyones system that that I am getting a comp. They keep offering to send a tech out to diagnose the computer, which doesnt work.

I am currently persuing potential legal action as well as contacting Micheal Finney and John Stossal.

ef9bae09, 2008-07-05, 04:36PM CDT

I am sick to death over the whole situation with my CompUSA bought laptop as well. I purchased a laptop September 9, 2007 and purchased a two years TAP extended warranty which included replacement of the screen should anything happen. I only owned the system for 5 months when all of a sudden a huge black blob showed up on the screen. I turned it off and when I went to close the screen, I noticed hairline cracks begin to run up and down from the blob. I did not drop, mishandle, or do anything to cause this to happen. My laptop remains in a stationary place. I mailed the system back to HP and they sent it back to me without any explanation as to why my laptop was not worked on. I then contacted TAP and opened a claim with them. The customer service rep assured me that I was covered under their warranty and that he would be sending me a box so I can mail it to them. I waited over 3 weeks for the box which never came. When I called them back, I was told that TAP had been purchased by ASSURANT. I called ASSURANT, and the customer service rep, who was very rude to me, told me that they do not cover laptop screens AT ALL!! I am at a loss as to what to do at this point and feel like I got gyped BAD!! If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I would be extremely grateful!!!! THANKS

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