Bank One - Bank One, Champaign, IL - checking account - I opened a checking account with Bank One in Champaign Il. I deposited a Payroll check and the next day the balance in my account reflected the deposited payroll check. The available funds online said the same.

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by eb37ed0f

Company: Bank One


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I opened a checking account with Bank One in Campaign IL. I deposited a Payroll check and the next day the balance in my account reflected the deposited payroll check. The available funds online said the same. I paid a few bills, a few larger ones and a few smaller ones. The next day Bank one yanked all the available funds out of my account and bounced every single transaction I made. I called them immediately and asked them what the deal was. They’re customer service rep had the attitude that she could care less and getting her to even look into it was like pulling teeth. She told me they put a 10 day hold on the payroll check and that there was nothing I could do about it. Then she went on to explain to me that even thought the funds might have said available, that I should have read the brochure on their policy that they can hold any check for 10 days regardless what my on-line statement said including the amount it says I had available at the time. I talked to her manager, who was a jerk as well. Treated me like I was some kind bum and that the only thing I could do would be go down to the bank where I opened the account from and talk to them about it. I do this and come to find that they don’t have my check any longer, they ship it off to some Void in which they have no record of what bank the check was issued from so they can’t call to verify funds. Instead they take a picture of the deposit slip, which makes no sense to me at all. Every other bank takes pictures of the check not the deposit slip. On top of this, I tell the lady I need the funds to go through because I have these checks that are out there, and she tells me that “ oh, that’s ok, we’ll pay the bank fees”.

What about the fact that they are embarrassing me to these companies by bouncing my checks all over the place, them charging me bounced check fees, and potentially blemishing of my credit? If I bounce a bunch of checks, I bet bank one would treat me like a complete jerk about it…but it’s ok if they do it. Not to mention after they froze my account, I tried to use my bank card at a grocery store and had no cash on me, and I had to walk out of the store empty handed because I have no money and the cashier tells me I have insufficient funds when I should have a few grand! So basically I have to go back to my HR department to find out where the check was issued from. I have HR call them to let them know what their bank was, and that the funds are there and available. The next day I see the funds back in my account. Ok fine…they are finally available so now I can pay the bills they bounced all over the place a half week earlier…Wrong! The next day all my funds are yanked again and I am showing a negative balance of - 500.00 dollars. They charge me all these overdraft fees, and check bouncing fees…etc. I call up customer service and they tell me that verifying funds isn’t good enough and that unless they physically have the funds exchanged, they will not release my payroll check. So basically they froze all my funds again, and I have to wait the rest of the 10 day holding period. Then she has the nerve to ask me if I want to add overdraft protection to my account! Anyway, it has been an utter nightmare. I have never had a bank do this with a payroll check. In the entire history of me banking, I have never had an issue like this. I strongly urge anyone to look for another bank before banking with Bank One. They have been awful beyond my comprehension, and as soon as I do get my funds available her in the next day, I will be yanking all my money out of this bank and going somewhere else where sane people bank. Michael


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