acer laptop - acer laptop complaint - This was sent to Acer support team in Europe as well as the companies higher ups.. This company is a nightmare.

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 55691d5f

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This was sent to Acer "support team" in Europe as well as the companies higher ups.. This company is a nightmare. To whom it may concern,

After only six months of purchase, the monitor on my acer 1700 aspire laptop went dim. It was shipped to your repair department in Plymouth on August 12th. It was received on the 16th. Presuming that the diagnosis was completed on the day of its arrival, the problem with my computer has now been known for 11 working days.

I have tried repeatedly to ascertain from your customer service helpline an estimate of when my computer will be repaired.. to no avail. I work for a small design studio in the u.s. The computer is my means of a lively hood. It is simply not acceptable that you as the manufacturer cannot give me an estimate or a date as to when I can expect my computer back. After 11 working days someone should be explaining to me why it has taken this long and providing me a date of return. Not telling me that can't supply the information.

In todays day and age of tracking numbers and electronic information, the answer that we cannot tell you how long it will take for this product to get from taiwan to the uk is simply impossible to believe. Can the infrastructure of your company be so poorly set up that customer service cannot access this info? Or does no one care to put a customer at ease by simply searching for the information? Due to the premature malfunction of your product and the subsequent delay, I am 3,000 dollars behind in work.

I have been forced to delay a vacation, costing me 300 euro in costs with the travel agent. Not to mention the extensive waste of time I have spent searching for answers from your customer service department(who have been extremely polite and courteous throughout my frustration). I use my acer extensively in the states to show clients work, as well as for working on my travels. Very few people have seen an acer overseas. Up until now I have been very happy with my purchase of the laptop. After this nightmarish situation, I will not be able to recommend Acer to any of my clients or colleagues. Robert H


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f1d39dbd, 2008-03-04, 01:36PM CST

Hi All,

I have purchased an Acer Aspire 5100. I never had any issues till the last few days of its warranty. Suddenly I encountered with the freezing and hanging problem. I went to Acer service center situated at Lajpat Nagar New Delhi India.

They told me that there is a problem in the motherboard and they will replace it from their Bangalore centre. They replaced or dont know what they did. They gave my laptop back to me. After 7-8 days I faced the same problem. I went there and they told me that my warranty has been finished and now they cant check it without charging. I thought that they have already changed my MB so there might be some other issues related to some other hardware. So, I simply replaced my RAM and HDD to a bran new RAM and HDD. But the problem was still same.

I do a night shift here so I can go to Acer support on weekdays because at that time I usually sleep. When I confirmed that the problem is still with MB I visited to service centre and once again they ignore and they told me that they will not fix it without charging me. Huh.. GOOD SUPPORT ACER TEAM.... :) I really appreciate your customer service after purchasing the product. ITS TOO BAD

Then I visited to their okhla head office there I had a word with Ms. Shivangi Mishra . She was really a nice lady who took the responsibility and escalated my case again. Once again Lajpat Nagar center had replaced my MB. I went to home worked on it and it was still freezing and hanging. So, again I am facing the same problem.

What should I do now... I never had any issues even I never created any ticket with their support because I never had any issues with the performance but all of a sudden this came and no one from the Acer is helping.

I am a good techy guy and I know how to resolve software issues but I can fix these problems.

I recommended three of my friend to purchase Acer laptop due to its good performance. They purchased it and they are happy with the performance. But, I now I will never appreciate this company due to its bad customer and product service. According to me they have never changed the MB thats why I am facing the same issues again and again. From last 5 months I have lost lots of energy, money and my time.

What should I do. If no one from Acer fix the problem I will lodge a case in consumer court and also will never recommend Acer to anyone. I will buy a new DELL system as well.

f1d39dbd, 2008-03-07, 05:38PM CST

Hi All,

Thanks a lot! I have got all my hopes again from you guys. Today I have received a call from Acer and they are working on my case now.

I dont know but I never had any issues witht he computer all of a sudden it stopped working and from that day I am in a big problem. I work for a big company and I have to spent 18 hrs sometime so Laptop is my only assistant which helps me always.. so you can imagine how I am managing all these from a desktop from last couple of months.

I am not able to synchronize my office desktop and home desktop data... and many other problem..

Anyway... thanks a lot guys..

80d70e6d, 2008-07-27, 02:25PM CDT


I'm from Brazil and I'm having problems with my Notebook Acer Aspire 5100. I used it well for 6 months and it stopped working in last April. Since then, the support team informs me that they're waiting for the shipment of the hardware part. We are in July!! That's more than 3 months without my notebook! They're irresponsable people and Acer doesn't have a branch in Brazil, so I can't ask for another Notebook or for my money back.

Luiz S.

65578a38, 2008-08-31, 08:16AM CDT

I just received my acer aspire 55702 back from repair for the second time. The average runtime of this laptop is 2.5 months before something goes wrong and I have to send it in for repair (at my expense of course)

The first two times apparently were caused by faulty hard drives, now I am having trouble with my keyboard (I've had it back from repair for nearly 2 weeks at this point)

I definately feel as if this was good money wasted when purchasing this product, however I am insistant on having them do the right thing, (This supposed to be a business not a game show in which you get service if your name is drawn...)I will continue to contact them, even if it means getting an attorney.

280768ca, 2009-02-07, 02:53PM CST

After a little over a years of use, the montiter to my laptop fatiqued and it had alot of static on the screen. Now the left end of the moniter has completely come apart. Of course all this happened after the warrenty had ended. By any chance have anyone had this happen to them and is it any chance I can get it fixed.

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