- - Purchase was made on July 22, 2004 of Address Labels, in the amount of $10.95 by credit card at, the parent company is Clear Marketing, Inc. More than one month later, I still have not received my

Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 7409564e


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I have also left 2 messages at (770)423-1411, still no response from the company. I have asked that I be refunded the $10.95, this request has been ignored by this company. I tried to call again last week- to speak with an actual person at Clear Marketing, Inc. I could not get through to anybody, and an automated voice message states that the mailbox is full.

This company is clearly stealing from it's customers, and should be held accountable. The amount of $10.95 has been withdrawn from my account- but I have not received the item which I have purchased, and I believe that I never will. Stephanie (Brunswick, ME)

PS: I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau and suggest that any other unhappy

customers who have been ripped off by Clear Marketing Inc, do the same. --Stephanie (Brunswick, ME)


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