Chevy Blazer 2000 - Chevy Blazer 2000 - In my 35 years of driving I have never owned such a poorly built vehicle as my 2000 Chevy Blazer. The number of problems is ridiculous. From the very beginning small things started and now it has grown to larger and more expensive prob

Posted on Sunday, August 29th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 405ed92b

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From the very beginning small things started and now it has grown to larger and more expensive problems. With 55,000 miles it has had more problems than my old 1977 Datsun 280Z with over 200,000 miles. The latter has only required new tires, brakes, a fuel backflow valve, and a clutch.

My Blazer:

Driver side seat handle broken.

Passenger side seat handle broken.

Driver side handle broken again.

Radiator leaked and required replacement. (After warranty period)

Intake manifold leaked. Required fixing and a full system (oil and cooling system) flush. (After warranty period)

AC is intermittant. Haven't fixed YET. (After warranty period). Nice on those summer days is SE Virginia with 95 degrees and 95% humidity that is typical of our summers.

Gas gauge is intermittant and seemingly random. (After warranty period). Haven't fixed YET. I use the trip odometer to see when I get to 250 miles. Having to do that is just BS.

Heater core leaked and required replacement. (After warranty period).

Combine this with very poor rearview vision along with the same gas mileage as my brothers Yukon with a big V8 and much more weight and what do you have - junk.

I asked my Chevy service rep will he be able to fix my Toyota whp I buy it. It said he can service it, but it probably won't ever need fixing.

Scott B

Virginia Beach, VA


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789a0eb1, 2007-09-29, 12:13PM CDT

Oh my gosh... It sounds like you own my exact 2000 blazer... all the same problems, except my AC hasnt gone out yet... trying to find info on how to replace the heater core right now... Im not paying a shop to do it.

And Im buying a 4 Runner as soon as I can..

my fiance has an 84 Toyota pickup and we just rebuilt the engine at 200k miles and it still runs like a champ.

d7776f87, 2008-01-30, 04:13PM CST

sounds like my 2000 chevy blazer piece of crap this is the worse car that i have ever owned trying to find out why you start it up in the mornings before you take off it has heat 5 minutes down the road its cold plus everthing else that has went wrong with it if this the old west i would have shot my horse 12 times and buried it horay for chevrolet ill never own another one

dac0686b, 2008-02-22, 02:54PM CST

I also have a 2000 Chevy Blazer and have almost had the same exact problems with it. I need to replace the seconed radiator along with the heater core right now. Passenger side handle is broken. Frount sway bar clamp had to be repaired. (no I don't take it off road) Oh and the gas gauge doesnt work. I have to go by the milage too. I am a single mom and now have to spend over 1000 dollares just for the heater core and radiator to be replaced. Luckily the radiator that I had put in a couple years ago is still under warrenty so I just have to pay for labor or it would cost more.

11368206, 2008-07-22, 07:48AM CDT

Thats great. I just found this page while searching on how to flush the radiator in my 2000 Blazer. It's running hot...I've had all the same problems except my air conditioner hasn't gone out yet, but I have had to replace both front wheel hubs. The part alone is over $400 for each wheel but do it yourself if they ever go out. It's pretty easy. If I could afford it right now, I would certainly leave my truck on the side of the road and walk away from it.

897ef97d, 2009-01-09, 03:26AM CST

oh my god, i wish i had seen this before i bought my blazer. the gas gauge doesn't work i also have to use the odometer to guess, i usually just fill up every 3 days. the heater just went out. i bought the beast 2 1/2 weeks ago and i am taking it back to see if they will really fix it like they said, if you have any problems. piece of sh!t!!!!!!!!!!!

576c24b4, 2009-01-26, 06:45AM CST

I completly agree. We have had the same problems also. Unfortunately, its our only vehicle. Drivers side door broke, passenger door broke, fuel guage non-existent...I have ran out of gas too many times. The minute the low fuel light comes on I better be at a gas station. Unfortuantely it will read 1/2 a tank until the last minute. Everytime my husband get's in and out of it he says a few explicit words and says "I will never buy a chevy again!!!"

951e1cd2, 2009-01-31, 11:59AM CST

i have a 2000 blazer lt and i love it i dont get the best gas milege but hell its a SUV. sounds like u people wouldent be happy with anything u get so i guess go out and buy a jap peice of sh!t and hurt the economy some more.

b9300587, 2009-03-02, 12:15PM CST

I bought a 2000 Chevy Blazer ZR2, put a 6 inch lift on it with 33" tires, i get 22 mpg on the highway, better than stock...have only had to replace the right wheel bearing, and both CV axles, and a radiator since ive owned it, I LOVE IT, you cant beat Chevy Heartbeats, so if you complain about an suv, buy a freaking prius and look like a fag while your in it if you want gas milage, im doing fine and lookin great drivin my mud machine.

652b82b4, 2009-10-05, 06:07PM CDT

I too have a 2001 blazer that has gone through 2 4WD units, a fallen off driver door, a rebuilt transmission, new brake lines etc etc. PIECE of Crap Chevy. And they use to be so good years ago?

18b7e8bc, 2009-10-06, 01:00PM CDT

My Blazer-

Two Fuel Pumps,Heater Core,Fuel Injection was just a mess. Fuel gauge worked when it wanted to.Driving 150+ miles on 9/04/09-, leak in radiator drained completely-so no coolant in engine. Gauges looked good.Blown Engine and did something to Crankshaft.Done. But Zi still oved the way it drove. Only 85,000 miles

6edbb275, 2009-10-25, 01:21AM CDT

I have never had a problem with my 2001 Chevy Blazer, only wear and Tear thats it. I am almost at the 200,000 mile mark. and still runs like a champ.

I deal with many people claiming that a Honda or toyota lasts longer,but most of the time its all in their heads,I've owned a toyota and a honda but there were problems with the 2 which made me try another type and my blazer seems to out last the other 2 cars,which I am suprised. every car has thier own problems. because there is no perfect car.

f757e183, 2009-10-27, 02:43AM CDT

Read about 40 complaints almost identical all of em. Same complaints for me shitty 4wd, tranny prblms, heater core leak. was surprised though that i havent seen fuel pump, i know about 4 people including myself that have replaced it before 100,000, and a rear end to boot.

340fafa3, 2009-11-23, 08:22AM CST

i have a chevy blazer 2001 n i agree that they r crap!!! i have owned it 4 a few months n have had 2 put over $1000 into it already!! i bought it from a dealership n there was "nothing wrong with it"! YEAH RIGHT!!! after my warrant was up everything went wrong! i have had alot of the same problems as listed above... i should've researched it before i bought it! i have had 4 hondas in the past all in their late 90s, 2 civics n 2 accords n granted they have had their minor problems but never as costly or as frequently as my 2001 chevy blazer yes i would rather buy a foreign car thats made better than buy a crappy one from america!!! thats why our economy is shot because nobody wants to buy their junk! n for the person who says they have no problems n they love their blazer...its only a matter of time b4 u will b up here venting about the small fortune u had to spend to keep yours up n running good!

98066c70, 2009-12-17, 02:02PM CST

I thought I was alone. My drivers side door just fell off one day, my 4WD switch does not work and it constantly lights Service 4WD. I have had it 6 months and have already replaced the fuel pump. Now my truck wont reverse and seems I need a transmission, on top of that I got a new alternator and the service engine light came on. Guess what now I need an oxygen sensor. It seems like I can't win for losing with this vehicle. I like it for about 3 months but the last three months have been a financial nightmare. I would never buy another one ever in my life. I wouldn't even pass this along to my teen aged son.

a851caab, 2010-02-01, 12:35AM CST

I own a 97 blazer which I haven't had many troubles with so far. Bought it used just over a year ago and it needed a tune up which I didn't get til it wouldn't run any more, Had both front and rear wiper motors shit out on me, fixed the front for obvious reasons but left the back, my ac has a leak so it doesn't work but thats a luxury I can do without in illinois weather the gas gage didnt't work when I got the truck so I just make sure I fill up between 100 and 200 on the odometer the fuel pump kits just to much to pay but thats a good deal of money on any car and a pain in the ass job to try doing yourself, and now it needs just regular maintenance for its year and mileage 138500 I need a water pump and radiator. Doing pretty good for seemingly all original parts on a 13 year old truck.I've been driving for about ten years now and have had nothing but chevy's and one GMC to drive. I drove an 85 blazer that went down cause it wasn't taken care of before I drove it and while I drove it but I was a trooper while it lasted. After doing the body work on 87 Jimmy I got as my first car it lasted me like almost seven years through high school and a few years of college the only major problems I had on that was a rebuilt tranny and my front differential exploded while on the tollway, granted she leaked antifreeze oil trans fluid but I would still drive be driving my jimmy if I hadn't developed a hole in my gas tank and didn't want to change the gas tank. Family member didn't didn't it was worth it and wanted me in a truck that wasn't 21 years old. The way I see it blazers and jimmy's aren't really any different and not that much really went wrong with that vehicle. I got a 95 s10 after the jimmy and this truck was beat to hell having been bought off a company using it as a delivery truck and the company not really paying any attention to maintenance on it, but again this chevy pulled through for me and is still here passed down to my sister for now, this one cost us the most I think, a new trans, put a rebuilt engine in it after having to drive two footed for a few weeks to keep oil pressure, and had to replace the brake system, but like 240000 miles and still running I would this chevy as pretty good. I'm now driving my 97 blazer which hasn't needed a lot of work besides things that are to be expected like I said before. One of my family members has a 02 blazer that has had a few problems, replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat, but i think the most expensive was the spyder going that we found out a while after we paid to have replaced was a dealer recall on certain model numbers or something unfortunately we could get our money back and recently i think he may be looking at a trans sometime this year for it but the maintenance hasn't been kept up on because of shitty job situations so I don't think that our Chevy's, Blazers, or similiar vehicles have been to bad. Personally I really like the blazers and haven't had terrible experiences with them like any car you need to care for them and pamper them sometimes or they'll take a shit on you, but from my experience these are sturdy pretty reliable cars that can usually take a beating.

f6b83afe, 2010-03-11, 05:26PM CST

hey flush the heater core backwards before u do anything,pull the heater hoses off the core,then flush bacwards with a garden hose,worke for us,good luc

98cd97c5, 2010-04-28, 10:06AM CDT

I have a 2000 Chevy blazer and the only small things wrong with it is the heater and gas gauge. I hate the looks of it because Im a girl,but other than that its given me NO PROBLEMS!!! It's very reliable and strong. Yeah, i do have to fill up about every 3 days myself:.(

4070cc72, 2010-05-14, 06:11PM CDT

I don't want to sound too nasty, but the problem is that you don't do your own maintenance. I have owned multiple S-Series vehicles (two S-10's and one Blazer) and I know loads of other people that own them. There are always two distinct groups:

Those that love 'em and those that hate 'em.

The seat handle thing I will give you, and the air con always goes out with the cheap chinese compressors you get from the factory. However, replace that with an ACDelco and off you go.

The people that hated them always had a service tech, they had some mechanic, maybe even a family friend to do the work and they hated their Blazer.

The people that loved them on the other hand (myself included) work on them themselves. Keep the ball joints lubricated, use ACDelco parts whenever something breaks (which is rare for me) and you'll love your Blazer. My Blazer has taken some pretty serious punishment from me, and keeps on going. The other day I took the ol' girl off a jump (I really didn't know the road was that steep) and hit so hard it hurt me, but on she went.

The fact is that when something breaks you have to take it to your mechanic, you have to continue driving and exacerbate the problem. When I have a problem, I will stay up late into the night to have it running by morning. Repairs are cheap and reliable that way. There's no better tool for an automobile owner than his own two hands.

180dc084, 2010-06-10, 12:07AM CDT

2000 Blazer parts replaced:

-both front doors hinges 200.00

-front wiper motor 350.00

-rear wiper motor doesnt work

-transmission rebuildpump/torque converter bad 1600.00

-front w.d. hubs 550.00

-leaking radiator 220.00

-gas gauge doesnt work

-intake gasket needs replaced

-lifters rapping bad


-water pump

The list goes on and on. If i beat mt car I would understand but Iv taken good care of it and it only has 101,000.NEVER will I buy another GM car

Jason G

4be24926, 2010-08-14, 09:58PM CDT

My A/C is gone.

My heater core is bypassed.

I've gone through 5 motor mounts.

Replaced dozens of spark plugs.

Been backed into and run into.

Paint is faded and scratched.

Window is cracked.

Radiator has been replaced.

Spent countless hours in, under, and around it covered with grease and sweat.

And I can't do anything but be upset with my decision to finally trade it in for something else with lower miles...

My Blazer has been nothing but a workhorse. I've had my foot deep into the gas pedal almost every trip I've driven it. I never swerve for potholes. I still smoke the rear tire (no posi...) from time to time.

Sure, I've done my fair share of repairs to it.

Learned out the hard way how to do a standing burnout in a manual when I first got it. Broke the pumpkin loose from the axle housings on the rear end. Had a shop wrench it back into place and weld it. Drove it another 10k miles like that and when I put in a replacement axle I had found that a c-clip had come loose and got into the gears... never could tell until I popped the cover off.

Synchros in first and second give me troubles intermittently. Always did since i bought it (used). Swapped in a remanufactured transmission and it blew up in a year. Been running on the original since. Just grinds a little going into second the first few shifts.

Intake manifold gaskets did fail on me. I went ahead and replaced them with the GM revised set made of aluminum (not crappy plastic) and replaced the injector spider assembly while I had it all apart because I heard they have a tendency to get stuck poppets. Cost a couple hundred dollars (injector assy. being the majority) and a few hours of work and it's not given me a problem since.

Replaced the fuel pump due to a suggestion of a lazy GM tech. They quoted me $1000 to do it. I found a pump off eBay for 200 bucks and swapped it myself in about 6 hours.

I run nothing but synthetics in everything... Royal Purple in the transmission, Mobil's synthetic gear oil in the rear axle, Mobil 1 in the engine, and I grease all my steering joints with every oil change (as close to every 3k miles as possible) with synthetic grease.

I have driven this vehicle HARD for the last 120,000 miles. It's starting to show now. Driver's side spark plugs are getting massively fouled and need replacement every 10k miles or so.

With winter coming and me not having the patience to remove the entire dash to replace the heater core, I'm finally ending my relationship with my Blazer, and I have a good feeling that I'll be picking up another one down the road for a project vehicle.

I understand these vehicles have their issues and repairs aren't ever any fun, but I've done every repair on my Blazer except the initial axle repairs in my own garage. I'm no mechanic and I don't have any special tools.

Easy to repair and takes one hell of a beating. Drive it like you stole it. Mine seems to like being driven that way.

Sorry if you got a lemon.

fced4e1a, 2010-09-28, 01:31PM CDT

***This is my wifes vehicle. I would never buy or own anything except a Ford.

This just reinforces what i've said for most of my life.


Both side seat handles broke

Dash lights work when they want to

Gas gauge is a piece of crap

Gas mileage is the worst i've ever seen

Forget looking out of the rear window

unless you ride without the spare tire

and cut off both rear headrest (I

honestly think the engineer who was

responsible for designing the rear

view area was smoking crack or had the

forethought of a 10 year old)

Side view is equally poor


If the other G.M. vehicles have

same poor quality as the Chevrolet

Blazer, I totally understand why

they had to borrow $45.3 billion from

the government, oh wait I mean from

the taxpayers.

dfb68303, 2010-10-11, 11:00PM CDT

I can't believe what I've just read. I wish that I would have seen this 2 months ago. I was told that their was nothing wrong with my 2000 blazer, yeah right. the dealer unplugged the dash board so that I wouldnt see that the engine light was on and the oil light. the gas gauge don't work and every 3 miles it will cut off and I have to pull over to crank it back up. i replace everything dealing with the air flow to the oxygen sensor and none of that seem to be the problem. I have never owned a piece of junk like this in my life. I will tell the world don't buy a blazer of any kind EVER, EVER, EVER.

c87332c2, 2011-01-25, 09:26PM CST

2000 blazer lt junk i will never buy chevy again not a blazer anyway had it for only a few weeks knock censor went out 2 weeks later engine light came on couple days later crankshaft went out paid to much this is a very crappy vehicle wish i would have done more research before i bought this junker its been nothing but money money money now it needs a new engine piece of craps been sitting for 3 months now and i aint puttin a new motor in it either gonna buy me a foreign car could by a nice car for the price of this crappy suv they call blazer should be called chevy junker cause thats what it is paid 5000 for it had 90,000 miles go figure new engine is 2000 dollars plus parts and labor to put it in like over 1500 more and thats knowing somebody oh yah and the relay censor went out signals dont stop blinking i suggest not buying one of these dont be talked into a pile of crap... c-dubb colorado

ade61f66, 2011-08-05, 05:35PM CDT

I know wat u mean I hav a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer LT with 119,600 miles and it's been nothing but problems. First it was sum sensors in the transmission cost me $100 to replace em then a new A/C compressor which I bought brand new cost me $350 and now it's a temperature actuator which is gonna cost $270. I'm thinking of switching to a Toyota if there is another expensive problem with it.

a0cfadb3, 2011-09-08, 11:19PM CDT

I purchased a 2001 Chevy Blazer about a month ago and it has been nothing but trouble.This is the worst vehicle I have ever owned.In one month the passenger door pins had to be replaced,the fuel pump had to be replaced and now it makes a constant clicking noise under the dash area.I won`t be buying any more Chevy`s.

jerry c., 2013-07-08, 05:52PM CDT

I feel all your pain! I also have a 2000 chevy blazer 114,000 miles. my ac does not work,I cant open my window in the back hatch,switch went out on the sunroof,my radiator has oil in it,my overflow only has oil in it and it looks like sludge, I just changed my oil and it has antifreeze in it after I had the front seal replaced. It will not be long and I will be changing the passengers side wheel bearing.I have only had it 7 months. Feeling like my pockets aren't deep enough for my blazer.

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