Hobert Pools - All we wanted was a small pool to help with our daughter's therapy and for our family to enjoy. Instead it has been one problem after another and still no pool.

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Company: Hobert Pools - All we wanted was a small pool to help with our daughter's therapy and for our family to enjoy. Instead it has been one problem after another and still no pool.

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Hobert Pools - All we wanted was a small pool to help with our daughter's therapy and for our family to enjoy. Instead it has been one problem after another and still no pool.

Hobert Pools

All we wanted was a small pool to help with our daughter's therapy and for our family to enjoy.

Instead it has been one problem after another and still no pool. Here's the situation: 1. Original design had west side of pool in ground and deck side would be elevated with double tile. We

would landscape area across deck side. West side would only be a little out of the ground. 2. Original design included tree on west side of pool. Friday, August 6, 2004

3. Backhoe worker refuses to dig until tree is moved despite Greg, the designer, telling us that tree was fine where it was the night before. 4. Tree was dug up. We were told it could be put back, but due to forms in the way it could not, so it

was replanted incorrectly in another place in yard. We told Jon, the supervisor, we'd put a new tree

there. 5. Curve on west side of pool was too large. When I explained this to Jon, his response was that this what is on the plan he had and that we signed. We did not sign off on plan. The curve was corrected. 6. North end of pool was not parallel with deck as designed. We had that corrected. 7. Jon left the job site without checking to see if we had any questions, without explaining what his crew would finish doing that day, or when the crew would be returning. At this point the crew was still digging and stakes and forms were not completed. 8. The crew set up the forms at which time we realized the west side of the pool was not a little out of the ground, but 17"out. When I tried to ask them what it was, they could not explain it to me. 9. The deck side of the pool was unparallel to 19' deck by 6 inches. 10. I called Jon and explained there were problems. He said he was busy and could not be back until Monday morning. 11. We called Greg and explained the problems. He came out on Saturday morning and checked the measurements and noted that there was a clear difference in the deck side. He said it was out of his hands once the digging started, but that he would try to explain the problems to Jon and that Jon would let me know when he'd be out on Monday. Sunday, August 8, 2004

12. In the late afternoon I called Jon, leaving a message requesting he let me know what time he would

be there on Monday since we had still not heard from him. Monday, August 9, 2005

13. Jon calls at 7:00 A.M. to say he'd be out some time that day. I told him that was unacceptable since I had to work. He then said he'd be here sometime between 11 and 1. Once again I explained this was unacceptable since I had to be at work. He finally said he'd call me when he could come out. He called me while I was working to say he was on his way. I explained I could not be there until 1. 14. I arrive at 1:05 to find the crew is laying rebar even though we have yet to talk to Jon. I stopped

crew and asked for Jon. Crew chief said Jon told them to go ahead even though he had not talked to us yet. 15. Jon comes out of his truck and from across the yard says to me "What's the problem?" with a hostile tone. 16. When I pointed out problems, I was again told that this was the plan he had been given and that we agreed to it. I explained it was not the plan as explained to us by the designer, and we had not agreed to it.

His tone was condescending, rude, and argumentative. He told me I didn't understand the geometry involved. To which I responded that since I'm a college graduate I do understand basic geometry. He said we could debate college degrees if I wanted. I told him I didn't like his attitude and he replied he didn't like mine. I told him he didn't have to since I was the one signing the check. He said my husband agreed to the plan when he had not. He then argued it with my husband about it. 17. When my husband told him he was fired, he suddenly became cooperative and said he'd fix the problems. 18. We explained again what we expected the pool to look like based on our discussions with Greg. He came up with an alternative plan that costs us $500. We finally agreed out of exhaustion and frustration. 19. My husband pointed out the problem with the tree and Jon said he'd have his crew clean it up that day. This did not happen. 20. The backhoe operator bent the fence post we had been told we did not need to move. It is the same pole he had worked around days earlier without problems. 21. Crew corrected problem with deck side of pool and moved forms. 22. Again Jon left before work was finished without checking to see if we had any questions, without

explaining what his crew would finish doing that day, or when the crew would be returning. 23. Crew left fence down to the pasture leaving our yard open. Tuesday, August 10, 2004

24. I called the Hobert office to check on when the crew would be returning and was told about web site

where I could check schedule. When I couldn't log in, I called Jon for help and left message. Wednesday, August 11, 2004

25. Jon called me while I was on my way to work so I asked him to call my husband and give him the

information. Using the information Jon gave us, we were unable to access schedule. Thursday, August 12, 2004

26. My husband came home from work to find

a. unlevel equipment pad

b. no return on the deck side of pool

c. return pipe put on sun deck which would cause dirt to accumulate there

d. fill line attached to house faucet with hose bib rather than attached to main water line

e. water line is only 2" under the ground in places and in other places exposed

f. equipment leaking

g. piping had not been check for leaks prior to gunite stage

h. third step not framed in i. plumbing is placed where we said we'd plant the new tree making it impossible to replant there 27. I called David, Jon's boss, to discuss problems since Jon had been so argumentative. I explained to that I did not want to work with Jon any more and that these problems needed to be resolved before things went any further. He said he would be out Saturday morning. I asked him to call my husband who could give him more details since I was at work. He called

Jay and arranged to come out Saturday between 9 and 10. Jon calls me saying David had called him. I

explained to Jon I would not discuss this with him and that he could try to talk to my husband, but I didn't know if he could be reached. Friday, August 13, 2004

28. At 6:20 A.M. the gunite crew arrived at our property despite my explaining to David that problems

needed to be resolved first. I asked crew to stop working and explained to the crew chief that we were

waiting to talk to David on Saturday and they would need to leave. 29. The crew chief called Jon. 30. Jon again started with a hostile attitude. I explained we were meeting with David tomorrow and

would rather wait and talk to him. He said that's not what David had told him and persisted on knowing what was wrong. 31. My husband and I pointed out problems to which Jon offered the following solutions or comments.

a. unlevel equipment pad

1. denies telling us when pool was being drawn out that the pad would be made with forms and built up to be level.

2. this is only a temporary pad

3. this is how we do it

b. no return on the deck side of pool

1. He would add one where we wanted it but it wasn't necessary.

2. He would do this by knocking out gunite later.

(Doesn't this affect the structural integrity?)

c. return pipe put on sun deck which would cause

dirt to accumulate there

1. no reponse

d. fill line attached to house faucet with hose bib

rather than attached to main water line.

1. this is how we do it

e. water line is only 2" under the ground in places

and at others on the surface

1. If you want, I'll redo it two feet deep

f. equipment leaking

1. We'll check that later

g. piping had not been check for leaks prior to

gunite stage

1. Not addressed

h. third step not framed in

1. This is how we do it. It will be blown in with

gunite. If step three doesn't need support why do the

first two? Isn't this weakening the structure?

i. plumbing placement

1. not addressed 32. Jon became more and more hostile and condescending to my husband. When Jay told him about the problem with the tree and that it would need to be replaced since they hadn't fixed it, Jon told him he didn't care and wouldn't be fixing that. 33. When he told him we expected the damaged pole paid for he said he'd buy him a $15 one at home depot and drop it off. My husband said no, he wanted it redone and done correctly to his specifications. 34. Jon continued to be hostile to the point that my husband told him to leave. When my husband told him to take his crew and leave, he said he would charge us $500 for pulling off the crew. We both said we would not be paying that since neither he nor the crew were supposed to be there and if necessary we'd settle this in arbitration but that he needed to leave. We went inside. 35. I called and left message for David saying again that we were having failure to communicate, and that I did not want any further dealings with Jon and to please call me. 36. I called back during office hours and talked with Linda. I explained all the problems to her and she

said she would inform David and that he was scheduled to see us Saturday morning to discuss these problems. On her copy of the plan she also noted that the elevation of the pool is not on the plans and that she was also unable to log in to the schedule. 37. Pool now has water in bottom due to leaks? 38. Pump gauge also has water in it due to leak. Other concerns that have arisen based on present situation

1. Lack of explanation as to how fill line would work and how it would be installed

2. Auto fill never offered as option

3. Where will electrical be placed since fill line is so shallow?

4. Broken handle on patio faucet and disconnection of hose.

5. Hose where fill line was connected was not reconnected. Freeze cover base ring was removed and

not put back on, but left on ground.

6. Why various pipe sizes used from fill line to pool?

7. After so many construction problems, we have serious concerns about quality of service afterwards. Resolutions Per Our Meeting with David and Hobert on Saturday, August 14, 2004 1. Another supervisor is assigned to finish the job. David will now over see the construction. When he is not available, Jay, my husband, will supervise and communicate to either David or Linda any problems. 2. We are informed prior to each step what is to be done, how it will be done, and when the crew will be working to avoid any further problems. It is agreed that we will be informed prior to any

work being done and any changes. 3. Equipment pad is reset on a level formed pad placed parallel to the fence.

The company will reset existing pad. 4. Return is added on the deck side of pool. Eyeball return will be placed on floor of sundeck to

correct circulation issue. 5. Return on sun deck is relocated. Return moved to floor of sundeck. 6. Fill line is attached to main water line. The company does not attach fill lines to main water

line. If we want this changed, we will have to do this. 7. Water lines are buried below freeze line. Water lines will be reburied at least 6 inches since

this is the freeze depth per David and Hobert. 8. Leak in equipment is repaired or equipment is replaced. Drain plugs are loose and will be tightened. Gauge will be replaced. 9. Plumbing on west side in curved area is relocated so we can replant that area. Plumbing will be rerun parallel with fence to clear out area for replanting. 10. All pipes are checked for leaks prior to gunite stage. Pipes are okay.

11. Damaged pole is replaced or paid for including labor costs. Pole, sac crete, cap, and labor will be replaced at their cost. 12. Tree replanted correctly and cleaned up. If tree dies within 6 months, it is replaced.

If tree does die within six months, Hobert says he will replace it. David will have crew clean up area. 13. Broken faucet handle is replaced. Not discussed. 14. We will not be charged for expenses due to

problems that have occurred due to lack of

communication. Hobert personally promised there will be no further problems, but cannot remove $500 charge since he has to cover his costs. David will be out on Monday with plumbers and if possible the gunite crew. If not the gunite crew will be there on Tuesday. Monday, August 16, 2004

David and crew arrived to correct plumbing problems and gunite the pool. The tree area was cleaned up, but they forgot blocks to level the equipment pad and gauge that needed to be replaced. They also did not replace damaged pole. We gave them blocks to use to fix the equipment pad, which David said he’d replace, and we were told they would bring the gauge the next time. Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Sol Tile and Coping arrive to tile the pool. Two tiles fell off while they were placing the coping. These

were replaced incorrectly and grouted with thin set, which was a different color than the rest of grout

lines. Jay stopped them from using a rounded coping on a square corner.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The next day, after the thin set had dried, he discovered approximately 25 tiles that had been

incorrectly set without enough thin set to hold them in freezing weather. The electricians arrived. They installed the wrong light and started to throw out all of the operators

and service manuals until Jay stopped them. They left copper wire run around the pool clamped to rebar approximately 2 to 3 feet out of the ground. None of it was buried. They grounded the wiring to our galvanized fence post that is set in concrete rather than using a ground rod. Equipment panel is installed, but wobbles because it is so poorly set in the ground. This is after Jay has to loan them post hole diggers because they are trying to drive square post into the ground with a sledgehammer. Jay called David and explained new problems. He said our light was on back order, it would take two weeks for it to come in and they didn't want us not to have a light right now, but would replace it when the correct one arrived. He would also have the wiring problems fixed. David admitted light he had installed has had many problems which we were also told by the salesman. Thursday, August 19, 2004

Linda calls to schedule the plastering for the next day. It had already rained 2 1/2" that morning, and it

was still raining. She agreed the plastering could not be done until everything dried. She said she heard

David ordering our light on the previous day. We again gave her a list of the problems including the drain that had been broken when the clean up crew arrived that morning (in the rain) to pump out the pool and prepare it for plastering. She agreed problems needed to be fixed and would let David know. All of the clean up could not be done due to weather though the schedule shows it completed. Pool filled back up about 7" due to rain. Water is weeping through gunite because it's so saturated. Saturday, August 21, 2004

Tile crew arrives at 9:20 to repair mislaid tiles and incorrect grouting. Around 9:30 Linda calls to tell us

they are on the way. Incorrectly set tiles were replaced after my husband marked them for the men.

The incorrect grout was not corrected. Monday, August 23, 2004 - Clean up crew cleans up area around pool including cutting off exposed rebar and moving grounding clamps closer to ground. They then backfilled area.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Per Linda, service tech will be out to replace light and will bring pole, saccrete, and cap. Jay will

replace post rather than have them set it in wrong place. Emma called from Hobert office leaving message that we can access our pool information on their web site, leaving us the log in information. This is information we should have received before digging

began. Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Jay calls three times to check pool status with Linda.

Linda calls back to say Mitch will be out that day and acknowledges that he should have been out day before. She asks about tile, and Jay explains that some of the tile had only been set barely by edges with no thinset in center of tile. She replies, “Good thing that was caught. It’s important that it sticks.” Jay tells her about problems with setting equipment panel and problems with communicating with workers due to language problems. Linda says Sol Tile is owned by Hobert’s son-in-law. She told Hobert about problems with tile, and he does not believe in sub standard work. Jay explained that the only improvement is communication because of Linda. She replied, “If Hobert knows something is wrong…substandard work going on ….then he addresses it…he does care about his pools

and how they are a designed and how they are built…so I’m sure he’s probably already taken care of that situation with Victor.” Linda acknowledges that plans do not show elevation. She also acknowledges Jay’s time spent supervising the situation. She tells Jay that Ryan will be coming out, but David can’t reach him on his cell, so she will keep trying him. She says that she know Jay has better thing s to do that sit around waiting on him to arrive. Jay also explained concern about section of fence cut down and that he needs to be able to communicate with workers and how rude it is for them to speak English when they know he can’t understand them. Ryan does speak English. He asks her to call him on his cell in case he’s out. Ryan came out to replace light. He does give us the operator and service manuals for the light.

He brought out pole, but no secrete or cap. Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jay called Linda to check today’s schedule. She explained need for final payment then plastering can

be done. Other items left are service techs responsibility. Jay reminds her that pool still needs

to be cleaned out again before plastering and that Ryan brought the pole but no sac crete or cap. Ryan

said that was all he was told to bring. Linda says she’ll have the service tech bring that when he comes

back out. He also has to tighten bond wire and bend rebar down. Jay explains the backfill guys have

already done that. She will send crew back out for clean up. Final payment is $1,442.75. She will send

out clean up crew and see when plasterer can come out but he is booked for Friday, so probably it will be Monday. I called Linda to discuss final payment. I explained we have no problem paying the final installment but

have a dispute over the $500 addendum since elevation was marked the opposite of what we were told by Greg and that we did not sign off on the plan used for construction. We did not receive the plan in the mail until after digging and framing were done. She replied that Hobert had already told us this couldn’t be changed and that she would have to talk to him again about it. She also said he was upset by what we had posted at ripoffreports.com. I reminded her that nothing we said was false. She said but we’ve addressed these problems and I told her that I had noted that on the site and would be updating it. I also asked her to tell Hobert I’ve had an engineer and my attorney look at the contract and that neither note elevation. I don’t believe we should be charged for a failure to communicate between the designer and builder. I also explained our frustration and time put in to this due to errors at every stage due to lack of supervision except gunite. She said she would talk to Hobert and call me back. Friday, August 27, 2004

Linda called me at 3:30 to tell me that Hobert would not waive $500 fee. Nothing else could be done until this is settled. The next step would be for us to talk to Hobert himself, so I asked her to have him

call me. She said she would leave him the message. Problems still not resolved

Faulty filter pressure gauge has not been replaced. Cracked drain not replaced. Blocks used to level equipment pad not replaced. Pole cap and sac crete have not been replaced. Equipment panel still incorrectly set. Things still needing to be done that we have been told will be done after plastering Remaining pipe will be cut back and fitted with returns. Viper pool cleaner and other cleaning equipment will be delivered Turbo cell will be installed on start up Pool school will be scheduled. We have now put more than 40 hours into dealing with these problems and supervising the construction since there no supervisors are on consistently site. This means we have lost arouond $1600 due to the time my husband could have been working instead of supervising this job. That doesn't include my time or the emotional stress this has put on our family. We have over 100 pictures of the problems. If my husband was not in the construction business and knew that these things were being done incorrectly, we would have one disaster after another once this pool was finished and running. The first freeze of the year would set it in motion. This makes me wonder how many other pools Hobert has built with such poor quality, but the owners don't realize it. We hope to have this pool finished by September 12 for our daughter's birthday, but we won’t know until we speak to Hobert. I do know I have never seen such poor workmanship or communication (except for Linda) in any project and strongly recommend people do not use this company. If Hobert is the man he seemed to be when we met him, I'm sure he'll do the right thing and resolve this

quickly without charging us for his employees' mistakes and failure to communicate with each other

and us. beth s

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01f4f7b2, 2007-10-08, 10:14PM CDT

Story is not exactly the same, but problems with Hobert Pools in Richardson, Texas nevertheless. My pool is three-plus years old and warranty problems were never fixed and our waterfall has never worked. Better Business Bureau is nothing more than a joke in dealing with my complaints with this company. My opinion as well, avoid this company at all cost.

7b0a53ad, 2010-03-02, 12:34PM CST

WOW... There must be something wrong with you guys or your making up stories cause you wanted something you did not pay for as my experience was perfect and I've built two pools with them... I hate sites like this cause it does not give the company a way to comment on what someone says about them as a small business owner myself there are always people you cant make happy no matter what you offer and this is what ya'll sound like two poeple that will never be happy no matter what... I wonder if you do the same thing at walmart when the cheese you bought has mold in it..

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