American Express - American Express - Unresolved Billing Dispute - Amex billed me more than the merchant did on a transaction. I immediately contacted Amex, they said they'd look into it, but the item appeared on my next statement.

Posted on Friday, August 27th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 94310ac9

Company: American Express

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I called back again, was told 'sorry', but the item again appeared on my next statement. I wrote them and they responded that since 60 days had passed, they couldn't look into the issue. I countered this of course, and eventually after my last set of charges, sent in a payment for those charges along with a letter closing the account and requesting that they finally remove the unwarranted charges from my account. I knew my check (minus the disputed amount) had been received but heard nothing else from AmEx until a few months later when they contacted me to say that they had closed my account because of severe delinquency and that I owed them $$$. The past due amount was the disputed amount + delinquency fees. Anyway, I am in the complaint/response cycle with AmEx again. Only now, each of my letters are sent to them certified/ return receipt. Sometimes they respond saying that they are investigating and that I don't need to pay during this process, sometimes they don't respond at all. No matter what, they have continued to bill me and add delinquency charges. Now, this is on my credit report. The original bill was over $4,000, of which I disputed ~$150. So I had

paid AmEx ~$4,000, omitting the $150. I'd used the card for corporate travel for years before this

incident, and used it again for corporate travel after the incident with no other billing issues. And I have

always paid-in-full, so I figured this was a one-time issue that they would clear up for a decent customer. This has not been the case. I have already forwarded AmEx copies of the original receipt from the vendor, in addition to AmEx' original invoice to me, and a copy of my cancelled check. I know that if I paid the $150, the item would remain on my credit report for 7 years + AmEx would have the right to charge me late fees. If I have to hire a lawyer to resolve this, I will seek not just the correction of my balance and credit

reports, but also compensation for my expenses including but not limited to legal fees, costs of

credit reports, certified/ return receipt mail, and lost earnings since this situation is now disrupting

my business. I would like immediate resolution from American Express, or I will be taking legal action.

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0e542e56, 2009-09-05, 10:54PM CDT

I am an attorney and have a client who has a similar problem with American Express. I would greatly appreciate a chance to correspond with you about your problem.

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