Patriot Home Defense System - Patriot Home Defense System - We were called to set up an appointment to get our free gift for answering a survey about allergies.

Posted on Tuesday, August 24th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by c376572f

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I thought the complaint was against our firm in Modesto, since it referred to The Allergy Center which is our company name. I am surprised to learn that another Patriot distributor is using the same name. I will however provide you a 3 day 2 night vacation certificate since you never received one from Mr. Vanhorn. Please provide your mailing address and I will send one out immediatley. Thank You,

Steven L. Souders, CEO

The Allergy Center, Inc. P.S. I will also include a DVD for you to see, showing filtration testing. It includes both the Meile and Patriot and you can see for yourself. complaint link:

July 28, 2005 - Business Reply - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_68027#


I do not know what the exact situation was regarding your demonstration of the Patriot Home Defense System. But, I do know that it does not sound accurate. If you had a complaint our phone number would have been all over the paperwork that would have been left with you and it would have been very

easy to contact us, as far as writing the manufacturer without a response, I find that hard to believe. Finally with regards to your trip certificate, unless you were a friend or relative of the representative there would not have been a signature line on the trip certificate. We deal in satisfied customers, please send us what ever form you had and we will replace it with a valid certificate for your 3day 2night stay as agreed. I am sorry you were not impressed with the Patriot Home Defense System. It truly is the finest piece of cleaning equiptment available on the market today. The System is manufactured by the ex-president of the company that Manufactured the Tri-Star, so it is basically a revamped and improved version of that machine with many features that take it well beyond the realm of any ordinary

vacuum. The units extraordinary ability to maintain it's power allows it to outclean any other vacuum, it's unique Airflow designed tools increases the airflow of the unit (and it's airflow that creates dirtflow), the units filtration system is Military level featuring the only High Alpha HEPA Filtration system on the market which is tested and certified to provide this level of filtration (not one vaccum on the market besides this unit has been able to prove that they can even obtain the HEPA level - even though

many machines have their so-called generic HEPA filters. Their is a difference in claiming you can do it, and proving you can do it). The Patriots body is built out of Noryl "a high impact material similiar to

bullet proof glass", Die Cast Aluminum, Steel, and rubber. Only four pieces on the body are plastic, and it is backed by a 35 year warranty! The units are currently in use by the US Army, Lawrence Livermore Labs - Site 300, the US Postal Service, as well as a host of other businesses, and the company has over 35,000 handwritten testimonials from consumers stating the unit to be superior over any vacuum they have ever used. Is it expensive? YES. We all know the old saying "You get what you pay for". And obviously the unit is not for everyone. Our address in Modesto is 145 Woodrow Ave. #F upstairs, please feel free to drop by and exchange your travel certificate or please mail it to me at: P.O. Box 4595, Sonora, CA 95370, and I will exchange it. Sincerely, Steven L. Souders, CEO

The Allergy Center, Inc. link to complaint

August 7, 2005 - Consumer Follow-up Message:

I forward you this correspondence between myself and Mr. Steven Souders. First, I would like to make clear that it is NOT his firm whom my complaint was against. THEN, I would like to report that Mr. Souders has gone above and beyond anything he might have been required to do by giving me information about the vacuum, and by sending me a travel certificate that is usable. Also, as noted in my letter to him both his letterhead and his travel certificate have the Better Business Bureau Logo. Once again, it was NOT his company in question yet he has taken steps to resolve the complaint anyway. This is true customer service.

August 23, 2004 - Consumer Message:

Patriot Home Defense System

We were called to set up an appointment to get our free gift for answering a survey about allergies. We did set up the appointment, although we didn't actually remember taking the survey. On the appointed day, a gentleman showed up at our house to give us our free gift and show us his allergy solution. First he gave us the brochure for a "free" vacation, more about that later. Then he said he had an air filter that could solve our allergy problems. But might not work in our house because we kept the windows open a good portion of the time. He supposedly had something "about the size of a watermelon" that would solve our problems. First of all, he pulls out the body of this air filter and shows us how it can filter the air in one room. Well, you don't want to hear it all. It turns out that he was selling the "PATRIOT HOME DEFENSE SYSTEM" which turns out to be a new iteration, with the same selling tactics, of the air-storm, which turned out to be a new iteration of the tri-star, with the same selling tactics. All over-priced and mis-represented. What is really sad is that it appears to be a good vacuum cleaner getting a bad name because of the tactics used in sales. I wrote to the company [which has no price listed on their web site] but did not hear anything from them. I contacted BBB. I also wrote to the person who had been trying to sell this to us returning the free vacation paper to him as since he hadn't signed it, it wasn't any good to us. However, the letter came back with NO FORWARD ORDER ON FILE. UNABLE TO FORWARD. Barbara N Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: //


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f67bdaa1, 2008-08-27, 02:53PM CDT

As Someone Who Knows:

I read the complaints and comments of concern and disgust indicated on this page against the Patriot Home Defense System, its distributors, and ownership with full agreement. I was once employed by the company and found myself supremely disgusted by the tactics and various points of manipulation I was being instructed to use during the appointments made for me to meet with unsuspecting homeowners tenants. I was instructed to capitalize on the people's sense of safety and health. If a person declined to purchase the unit, I was to call back into the office and verbally berate the them the home owners as they stood there with their mouths open and in total shock. Naturally, I refused to comply with this practice and was berated myself upon my arrival to the office. I REFUSE to speak against someone who chooses to decline purchasing an expensive piece of equipment because their budget does not permit the expense. This is not a populat philosophy that is encouraged. We were taught to disregard ALL mention of "fixed income" or "can't afford" and told to essentially push these poor people into the proverbial corner by badgering them about not caring for their loved ones health or their children's well-being. Who could resist the threat or implication that they did not care for their children enough to "sacrifice this one time" and purchase this life-saving machine? These tactics sickened me. I held true to my values and left the company post haste. Under no circumstances will I berate or badger people into purchasing something that they either can not afford or do not really need. If all you can afford is an Electrolux, by the damn Electrolux!

Further, the call center folks who made the appointments for the sales crew to go to told lies to the person on the phone. They would look at me in total confusion when I would show up with this box in hand and appear quite a bit older than they had expected. They were told that I was this 18 year old aspiring college student working to put myself througth college. False on all counts and I couldn't pull off 18 if I tried!!! Then they would get angry (rightfully so!!) when they obviously put two-and-two together and assertain my true motive for sitting in their living room! I am a competetive thai boxer and a tremendous athlete! Some of these people got so ticked off at me causing me to simply turn around and walk right back out the door!

About the President and the Upper Leadership:

I completely agree with the others who say that they are good people. They are responsive to consumer concerns and do take complaints seriously. I am an owner of one of the units! I love my Patriot and bought it not out of fear, but because I could afford it and I liked what it was capable of! Kuddos, Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Suggestion: Reign in the trainers! During my training sessions (when I was being taught the sales pitch), the trainer was a slimey man who felt nothing of lying to the potential consumer and almost forcing guilt as an attempt to make a buck! He endeavored to instruct us on -- as he called it -- "necessary deception." His philosophy? It is easier to sell an expensive product when the consumer is truly scared of their current living situation. I no longer work for the company. I can't if I am not able to believe in the process and felt disgusted with myself while at work...

Fantastic product, great president and upper leadership, crappy trainers (at least the handful I have run into along the way)!


346d7336, 2009-10-26, 11:18AM CDT

Unfortunately, I was desperate for a vacuum that would help with all the animals I have and purchaced the Patriot. Now I feel cheated because the sales person told me the shampooing aspect of the sale - five free shampoos, one a year - would remove stains and not leave any residue behind. He lied to us - there are still stains all over our carpets and I am still sucking up the shampoo left behind. I also have contacted BBB, but have no case, as the cost of the machine is so high we cannot keep up with payments. Even the president of the company told me my issue is not with him because he didn't sell me the vacuum, but with the finance company.

????????? My understanding is that a president of a company should have some kind of control as to the mediation and resolution of problems such as these.

I am at a loss - it sickens me that I have to keep this product that was sold to me under false pretences - and it's so expensive it is pushing us further in debt. The whole situation makes me wary now of all sales people - it saddens me to think that the person that sold us the Patriot has such a low moral code that he didn't care how badly it would affect us financially - just that he gets his commission.

346d7336, 2009-10-26, 12:00PM CDT

Unfortunately, we were deperate to have a vacuum to help with all the animals we have so we got a Patriot. The sales person told me we would have five free shampooings - one a year - after I asked, he assured me the shampoo would take out the stains in our carpets and would not leave residue behind. He lied - all the stains are still there and I am still picking up the shampoo stuck in our carpets. My question is this - Why accept the shampooing procedure if all it's going to do is deposit a sawdust-like powder into the carpets? My husband and I feel cheated and powerless by this company. Even the president of the company, a Mr. Harold Schoettler, said he cannot help us because he didn't sell us the vacuum.

??????????? I thought presidents of companies are supposed to have some mediation and resolution control over a problem like ours. It saddens me to think that the sales person, a Mr. Kevin Harvey, has such a low moral code that he didn't care what the payments would do to us financially, just that he got his commission from the sale. He lied to me to get us to purchase a Patriot - I signed a contract with them under false pretences. Yet because we are unable to keep up with the payments we have no case against them as, according to a KCRA Channel 3 volunteer for the consumer program, we have not fulfilled our obligation to the finacial company. I strongly urge anyone looking to purchace a Patriot to seek other vendors as this company - formerly Tri-Star - allows it's representatives to use underhanded tactics to take the money of unsuspecting consumers, then when called on it, takes on the air of innocence.

215f3ff9, 2009-12-10, 09:31AM CST

The Patriot Comapny is not the Tristar company, so please do not confuse the to. And it is the company who teaches these kind of sales tactics. All these people care about is if they line their pockets with money. In fact the sales man who sold you the Patriot is probley not even selling them anymore. So watch out for these peolpe.

e419bff7, 2010-10-06, 11:08PM CDT

I too have been subjected to their sneaky sales pitch. I bought one of these vacuums, referred 3 people that also bought this vacuum, and I never received a "free vacation" nor anything else.

Even better...the man that sold me my vacuum stated, that these vacuums didn't need bags -- only a filter; which you can "throw in the washer," or "rinse-off," when need be. (What a lie)! Not only do they require bags -- expensive ones -- but he didn't even give me the 3 free bags, that came with the machine.

What I did do, was call the company to report this. They did send me the bags, plus 3 more for free.

Although, I did get a phone call about a month ago with the same: "Are you sitting down? because you've just won a free vacation....What is the year of your newest vehicle?...What kind of vacuum do you own?....You just have to let us demo our product..."

The negatives: the warranty is a sham. They won't come out and "service" your machine as promised. The bags are a rip-off. The sales people... the nearest anology for them would be "politicians."

The positives: The vacuum works great and it's easy to clean. Tri-Star bags work in this vacuum -- they are cheaper, and do a better job than the recommended bags.

If this company wanted to make money, they should let their product sale itself. (Oh, and stop with the stupid scrub-uniforms -- they don't help).

Johnny F., 2013-04-09, 08:39AM CDT

Again, all vacuum cleaner companies will get complaints. There are good and bad in all. The patriot is good, the tri star is a good one and the vortech is another good one. Just don't buy from a door to door salesperson. If you are patient, all these vac's show up for sale on Ebay and craigslist for one reason or another, Then top dollar for a mint condition unit with all attachments will be 400.00 tops. Remember, cost on any of the above is under 300 brand new!!

Johnny F., 2013-04-11, 05:36PM CDT

I agree about the in home wannabe sales people. For the most part they are amateur at the art of selling, and more into slam dunking older people into paying way too much for the system. I say, keep your eyes open and if it's a Patriot system you want, you will find one for a lot less money. I have a 2012 Patriot hybrid model on the way, and got a great price on it. these babies are built so well that they will last for years. Simple maintenance and there ya go. Patriot are one of the (if not the very) best home cleaning systems out there and made in the USA. That was important to me as well. Stay clean people.

Johnny F., 2013-04-21, 06:37AM CDT

Okay, I just received my Patriot Hybrid last night. The night before I vacuumed the house with my (newer) Kirby and did a thorough job, man was I shocked to see what the Kirby left behind. A bag full....that's no lie! The Patriot just rocks the dirt, dust, dog hair and anything else that gets in it's way. With no Hepa filter on the back (I'll be getting one of those soon) the air coming out the backside still smells so clean. This is an amazing vacuum and I'd urge anyone to get one. Don't be fooled by sellers claiming they have the best, The Patriot is the best. And no..I do not work for the company or have any friends there. I do have a new admiration for all in the company however, and look forward to using this vacuum for years to come!

e2715477, 2013-06-24, 12:44AM CDT

My 82 year old mother was just duped into buying a 1500.00 hybrid patriot vaccumm. She lives on a fixed income and your sales tactics suck. I don't care how good your vacs are. I showed her on the calculator that if she made pay.cents for 3 years at your 22%interest she would pay almost 2300.00 not the 500.00 interest the salesman had put on the paperwork. You also relieved her of a brand new Kirby. Shame on you because karma is a ***** and what gos around comes around.

59c227c5, 2013-11-09, 02:05PM CST

Bulky and hard to maneuver, not made for elderly, overpriced product, deceitful business practice. Will lie to get you through the door, will inflate and deflate prices to achieve sales. As close to a used car salesman as they come.

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