AllState - All State - I had a rear ending last summer with an All State Insured. The collision did not have much car damage, however, I sustained $2200 in medical bills and they are refusing to pay anymore than $1900 towards the bill. They did pay the $400 damage t

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 4b93b813

Company: AllState

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I was immediately treated at the emergency room , x rays for my back and neck and sustained soft tissue damage. I was treated by a chiropractor , Dr. McGinn for my back.

Now, she got the ticket, totally at fault.

When All State's adjuster first called me, he was verbally abusive and started yelling at me. I know that this can be a tactic, but it is unacceptable. His name is James Walker. I later contacted his supervisor when I was ready to settle and get this done.

Her name is Laura Jones. Still no satisfaction. So, I proceeded to contact All State at their main office in Ill. I spoke to the President's representative that informed me that if I did not get an attorney or talk to the press that they would pay my full medical $2200, but otherwise they would only offer the $1900.

Now, this to me sounds like hush money.

One year later and this is still not settled. My insurance, Farmers should be reimbursed for the payment of my medical and I expect compensation for me.

Can you help?

Marie D


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