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Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by f55e9bd9

Company: Academic Assessment Associates International (AAAI)

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My daughter paid the company $1,000.00 to transcribe credit from a foreign language school (Torre di Bobelle) in Rome to college credit that Texas State University would accept (Texas State U. had no Italian programs at the time she went to Rome). Initially it appeared that AAAI was very attentive and kept close record of her studies (weekly checks). However, when she returned to Texas State U. (Jan., 2004) AAAI never processed the credit.

We made numerous phone calls and had much email contact. The woman who runs the AAAI office would say the problems were out of her control - that it was the Professor (Dr. Hepburn) who was the hold up and she had no way to get in touch with him, she had to wait for him to call. "Dr. Hepburn" was summer faculty at Middle Sex County College, so I contacted them ( since he would not return my calls) and was informed that he was not a Dr.(as stated on the AAAI website), he was Mr. Eric Hepburn. He did call me at the request of his dean. He assured me that he had done his part and the holdup was with a Dr. Lopez Isa with a language consortium.

I contacted him and he said the transfer was in the works. By this time it was too late for my daughter to apply for May 2004 graduation due to her missing foreign language credit. I checked on his information that the transfer was happening by contacting the college he said it would tranfer through. I spoke with the director of academic services at Broom Community College and was told there was no record of her credits. A week later, I called Dr. Isa and was informed that "I had screwed things up by calling the community college and so would not get the credit". It turns out that Dr. Isa had falsified the dates that my daughter was in language school, so that he could submit the credit through this college while he was there doing summer work.

The college knew it was false info when he submitted it because the director had just heard my whole story from me and knew when she was in Rome. I have attempted to get our money returned. No one will return my calls. I contacted a lawyer and was encouraged to contact the Office of the Attorney General in Texas, who suggested contacting the Federal Trade Commission, BBB and an online complaint service. I hope others can avoid the loss of money and deceipt that we have had.


Carol T,

Kerrville Texas



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