Domino's Pizza - Store #4441 Dover, DE - I felt that corporate should be made aware of the poor service

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Company: Domino's Pizza - Store #4441 Dover, DE - I felt that corporate should be made aware of the poor service

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Domino's Pizza - Store #4441 Dover, DE - I felt that corporate should be made aware of the poor service

Domino's Pizza - Store #4441 Dover, DE 19901

Domino's Pizza

22 Lebanon Rd

Dover, DE 19901-6248

Phone: 302-697-8888

Store number: 4441

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Domino's Customer Service.

Dear Customer Service, I am writing this letter in regard to an order I made on August 14, 2004 for my daughter's first birthday party. Seven days prior to the party, I called my local Domino's store and asked how much advance notice they would need to make an order of ten pizzas. I was told it would take thirty minutes. I found this to be a very conservative estimate, so on the day of the party I ordered the pizzas at 2:30 pm -- one hour before the party of thirty people was scheduled to eat. When I called, I spoke to a very pleasant girl on the phone. I made an order of 4 medium pepperoni pizzas, 4 medium cheese pizzas, and 2 medium sausage pizzas. I asked if these pizzas qualified for the 5-5-5 deal and she said that they did. Then I gave my name, address, and telephone number. She gave no indication that any of those three things were unclear, and informed me that the pizzas would arrive in about one hour. By 4:00 pm the pizzas had still not arrived. I called the store to ask if they would be delivered shortly. I was informed that the address I had given did not exist, and the pizzas were back in the store. She asked for my address again, and said that she would send them out as soon as possible. When I asked if she could possibly reheat them before sending them she said that they had been under the warmers and should still be hot. By 4:45 pm we still had no pizza and a room full of very hungry and restless people. This time my husband called to check on the pizzas. He was told that the delivery man was still out on other orders and hadn't picked our pizzas up from the store yet. They would send them as soon as he got back. They also asked for our address for the third time. The pizzas finally showed up at 5:30 pm. I signed the receipt for $50 and the delivery man was gone before I could check the pizzas. As expected, after being under warmers for two hours, they were dried out and were not at all appetizing. My mother called the store this time and informed the manager that the pizzas we had received were unacceptable and we would like new ones delivered immediately. When she asked if we would be compensated for this fiasco, the manager told her that we would receive a coupon for a free 1 topping pizza. She was reluctant to even issue the coupon for the free pizza, and rudely informed my mother that it was our fault that we had given the wrong address; NOT theirs. We did not find this to be acceptable compensation for our trouble, but they would offer nothing more. At 6:00 (after half of the guests had left) the replacement pizzas showed up. They were very hot and very satisfactory. Then, the delivery man handed me ANOTHER bill for $50. We were expected to pay for the first ten pizzas, which we were planning on sending back to the store with the delivery man, AND the second ten pizzas. I refused. He called the store and spoke to his manager, and then my mother got on the phone with the manager again. After what bordered on an argument, the manager told the delivery man to give us the pizzas. She was obviously not pleased about it and very rude. We have ordered from Domino's in the past and never had a problem like this one. Service like that is unacceptable at any time, but the fact that it was my daughter's birthday party made it feel ten times worse. I will not be ordering from that location again, so the certificate the mailed us (which arrived in a much more timely fashion than the pizzas that caused the problem) will be of no use to us. I felt that corporate should be made aware of the poor service being given in their name. Thank you for reading. Reece B

Reece B

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