E-FORCE - E-FORCE - I buy a new racquet from my club (Sorrento Valley Racquetball and Fitness Center, San Diego) about once every two years. Last October, 2003, I bought a new $200 racquetball racquet - a Bedlam Stun 170 - with a large-size grip. It had a one-year

Posted on Friday, August 20th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 47563966

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In August 2004, the racquet cracked. I called the E-Force office and was told to bring my racquet to their San Diego headquarters with my receipt (I live in San Diego). I drove to their office and showed them my broken racquet. I made it a point to point out that the racquet had a large-size grip and that I wanted a large-size grip on the replacement racquet. They said they did not have a racquet in stock. They kept my racquet and may receipt and told me to come back again in about a week. I came back the next week and they gave me a racquet, but it had a small grip. I caught the error before I drove away, went back into their office, and explained the problem. They gave me another racquet, and I took it home without checking the grip. After playing with the racquet, I suspected that this racquet also had a small grip, not a large grip. The bottom of the racquet had weird writing stamped on it, where you could not tell what size the grip was. But after playing with it, it felt too small and I was sure it was a small grip. So I asked John, the owner of our club, for his opinion and he said, sure enough, it was a small grip. I called E-Force again. They told me to come back next week. I came back the next week, expecting to be able to exchange the racquet. When I came back, I gave them my racquet. I expected to get a racquet with a large-size grip. After waiting in their reception area about 15 minutes, they came back and told me that their management had inspected the racquet, found that the racquet had been used, therefore they could not give me a replacement racquet! I told them I would not have expected E-Force to treat a customer like this. Their management conferred and decided to go ahead and give me a new racquet. But not today. I had to come back again next week. I asked why they could not give me the racquet now. After all, the purpose of today's trip back to their office was for the purpose of exchanging my racquet. They told me no, they had not intended to exchange my racquet. They had me come back only so that they could look at it. So now, I will have to go back again. Will they give me a racquet? If so, I will have to give them credit, finally, for standing behind their warranty. But I am so disgusted with the way I am being treated that I almost don't want to go back. I suppose I will, because these racquets are so darned expensive. E-Force seems to want to put their customers through hell before they will live up to their warranty. The company is:


San Diego , CA 92126

David W. W


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