born shoe company - born shoe company - i was a huge fan of born shoes. purchased over 30 pairs. over the past few months, i have had 5 pair fall apart. the seam that connects the sole to the shoe cracks

Posted on Thursday, August 19th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by fa3a7b08

Company: born shoe company

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the seam that connects the sole to the shoe cracks. it seems to be plastic and non-repairable. i contacted born shoes, returned the shoes and was informed the shoes would be returned to me. one pair was brand new.

i was informed of the company policy that the shoes have a one year guarantee from manufacture defect. having so many pairs of shoes, i have had these shoes for a number of years with a lot of life left in them. i have had a pair of cole hann's for 15 years that i could wear for another 10, great investment. just beware, the 80-90 dollars spent on a pair of born's will last a year.

after that, you can toss them in the trash. the company representatives do an outstanding job of upholding the company policy without any consideration to individual needs or investments in born shoes. thank you for allowing me to pass this information on to consumers and women and men that love shoes.



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cfe28e3e, 2008-02-27, 12:25PM CST

Interesting, I have heard nothing but good things about Born shoes and recently (Oct 31 07) purchased a pair. By the third week in Jan. 08 the heal had cracked and the bottom of one was worn away. I have many other "good" shoes, ecco, clarks, Jospeh Siebel etc and NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. I contacted Born via email, and it's been a couple weeks with no reply, uhm after reading your email; I wonder what is happening to the company and their quality, and WHY THEY HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY EMAIL111

fe4f181a, 2008-05-12, 10:45AM CDT

I too WAS a fan of Born shoes, but have had the same thing happen to me that has happened to other purchasers of these shoes. I've had a pair for a couple of years, but had hardly ever worn them, because they are a bit clunky and aren't appropriate to wear with my everyday work clothes. They actually still looked like new until I decided to wear them the other day. I couldn't believe how they fell apart while I was walking in them. Not only did they come apart where the leather strip attaches the top of the shoe to the sole - that strip broke away in pieces, but the sole that still has virtually no wear started cracking in multiple places at one time all across the width of the shoes. I was stunned as well as embarrassed. They literally fell apart around my feet in a matter of minutes. When I showed my friend what I was seeing, she said, "Don't tell me, they are Born shoes". When I confirmed that they were, she said she had purchased several pair of Born shoes herself, and that all of them had fallen apart on her. My reason for purchasing these shoes was because I liked the appearance and thought they looked very durable and well constructed for my outdoor lifestyle. After hearing her story about the multiple pairs that she bought and had this happen to, as well as the one on your site from someone who had purchased five pairs, I'll never purchase another pair of Born shoes, and I will certainly tell my friends and family about our experiences when the topic of shoes comes up. My friend said her mistake was buying several pair at the same time rather than just one pair. I can't believe how much Born charges for shoes that deteriorate so easily. So much for pride in workmanship! We certainly didn't get our money's worth. What an insult!!

f9b37061, 2008-06-12, 11:01AM CDT

Hi all, I too have been a big BORN fan and I have worn their shoes for work purposes. I work indoors and I move very little but much to my surprise, these nice Born shoes that I purchased cracked from one end of the sole to the other. I checked the other shoe and it has started to do the same thing. I called Born and they said, it was a bad LOT and they would replace them. I received a new pair and within SIX months they had done the same exact thing!! I actually was looking for their website and contact information when I stumbled across this website. Thanks for letting me share!

a9d9cc1d, 2008-06-30, 05:34PM CDT

I purchased a pair of

Born Graig Flip flops for my son-inlaw and the strap that goes in between his toes is so far back that his heel almost hangs over the back. I am sending them back for the next size up! I personally love the my woman's shoes, but the fit for my son-in-law sucks. I normally buy him ECCO's dress shoes, but I raved about Born and now I have to eat my words. I'll probably have to return the 2d pair also. Did Born not measure the length of the flip flop that the strap was too far back? Who do is talk/write to about their quality control?????

Digusted as this was a father day gift!

a811a5af, 2008-08-02, 05:19PM CDT


I purchased a pair of Born Montara Clogs in April from Macys in Manhattan while I was visiting family. They were very comfortable from the beginning. Recently, I just thought they were getting loose or wobbly with wear. But when I looked closely the one clog had a very deep crack all the way across the sole next to the heel and the other shoe had the beginning of a crack. I did go to their website and wrote them about it. They want me to mail the shoes to them and they will replace them if they deem that it is not wear. I really dont like any of the other designs they have so I will probably end up with the same style. I will have to be really careful not to flex the heels too much. But I will probably not buy from Born anymore in the future, because this is just too time consuming. My shoes were made in China. They seemed to be interested in where they were made. I have only had them 3 months and only where them about twice a week.

ac93ccff, 2008-08-31, 02:46PM CDT

I bought a pair of clogs and one shoe has a narrower in=step, therefore I cannot put it on. Who do I contact to get a replacement?

4386a501, 2008-10-15, 07:45PM CDT

Your comment was very helpful. I guess I won't waste my time trying to get any restitution from the born company. My husband purchase two pairs of sandles, which one pair he never wore and also a pair of shoes. All three pair have come apart at the seam that attaches the upper leather to the soles. They looked stitched but surprise, they are not. He too was a fan of the shoes; however, he will never come back.

c39a5363, 2009-06-24, 02:12PM CDT

My fav shoes, until now. Same problem as every one else. the shoe cracked by the stitching to the sole and the bottom of shoe cracked too. Only had them 3 weeks. Very disappointed. Complained to Borne several weeks ago and the worse part is no responce from them. So sad. Quality is every thing.

6a3f3e5b, 2009-12-23, 03:07PM CST

Dec. 23,2009

I TOO am having the same thing happen 2 prs.(same shoe different color, paid an obscene amount for) and to have them litterally fall apart while I was wearing them, take the one off and then looked at the other,3/4 split accross on the sole as well as all stitching rotted??? Or miss all together.

56db9d87, 2009-12-28, 01:11AM CST

I too own a pair of Born shoes and thought they were supposed to be very well constructed. However, I was at a family reunion, wearing my almost brand new Born shoes, and noticed what I thought was something on my shoe. Upon further inspection, it was a crack across the bottom of my shoe where it had split in two. Then upon an even closer look, I noticed the entire top half of the leather shoe had separated from the bottom of my shoe. So, I checked out my other shoe and noticed it too had completely separated the top from the bottom part of my shoe. It was quite embarrassing as I didn't happen to have an extra pair of shoes to change into. This was my first and also my last pair of Born shoes. I also see these were manufactured in China.

14ac7fb4, 2010-01-18, 02:40PM CST

I too had 3 pair of Born shoes to fall apart just walking in the grocery store, mall, etc. I had hardly worn them but had them for a while as I have so many shoes. They still looked bran-new. The soles cracked and came apart where the soles are sewed on. I contacted the company and of course they only stand behind them one year. Maybe we all need to sue Born company. There is definetaly some bad materials going on here. I have never had any other brand to fall apart.

63842d58, 2010-06-06, 07:24AM CDT

I have a huge problem here, too.

I used to LOVE Born shoes, theyfit me so well. Recently, I bought a pair of black sandals. I noticed, that the were made in Chana, too. The sales person assured me, that they are good quality. I've worn shoes to a party, and after when I took them off i was so emberrassed to see black shoe imprints on my feet.It's a sign of bad quality shoes and I had returned them to the store.They said that the shoes were deffective, and refunded me my money. But, I feel so sad. Has this brand gone BAD?

4adf1533, 2010-09-13, 08:15PM CDT

Same thing....Need I say more????? A Everson,Erwin,SD

5223d987, 2010-10-19, 10:38AM CDT

everything ive read about born is true i have the same problems.its funny how i cant reach born shoe for a reply

e60b4272, 2010-11-02, 09:31PM CDT

Wow! Wish I had read this sooner. I have a relatively new pair of Born Concept shoes with the same problem - the sole cracked completely open just about where the "ball" of your foot is - just a totally complete split all the way across the shoe. It split all the way to the inside liner of the shoe. I, too, have previously been so pleased with my Born shoes. The fit is great for me. However, they are too expensive to last less than a year! Will not purchase any more Born shoes!

e4887da0, 2010-12-18, 06:46PM CST

You're all singing my same song; from being a BORN snob, buying several pair at a time, to the soles of both shoes completely cracking from side to side. And yes the same information received from their Customer Service Representative. Left a voice message for the Representatives Supervisor for a call back regarding issue. This all makes me so sad. Truly DID love these shoes. Not sure where I go from here for future shoe purchases.

9acccd7b, 2011-04-22, 01:56PM CDT

Just to let you know, I returned my pair of sole-cracked Borns (bought about 7 months ago) to my point of purchase, Macy's, and they gave me store credit. So I recommend that folks return their Borns to the stores where they bought them, rather than trying to work with the manufacturer directly. Good luck to everyone who has Borns that are falling apart! Ugh!

bf639095, 2011-10-30, 07:36AM CDT

had the exact same problem - 3 pairs of Born shoes, 3 pairs of shoes with a cracked sole running completely across the bottom of the shoe. I bought them all at a discount place, so it's not even about the money - it's clearly a product defect.

Not only that, but I bought these shoes in different years, and they're different styles, so the excuse that it's a "bad lot" is complete bunk. They were great knock around shoes for the few months they lasted, but I've just thrown out my last pair, and will probably never buy another.

I think the problem is that whatever they make their soles out of is actually too 'hard', and the second any pressure is exerted, they just crack under it rather than having give (like normal rubber or even leather). I had the misfortune of discovering my latest cracked sole during the big rain/snowstorm yesterday, when my foot ended up completely soaked through - got home and there it was.

a3fb0cfa, 2011-11-14, 09:58PM CST

I have had my Born boots for a year and I have no problems at all. They are still comfortable and they leather has gotten worn and darker from wear, but I like that. I wear them almost daily, even in summer. I got mine for $99 at Stein Mart..they retail for $279.

7b9525aa, 2011-11-29, 11:18AM CST

I was looking for info to contact the company, but after reading the comments here it would probably be a waste of my time. I am a retired teacher - wore Born shoes for years and loved them! I had a pair that I had worn very little; they were oxfords that laced up and too clunky to wear most of the time but good for casual wear with jeans. The tread on the bottom looks like new. I bet I hadn't worn them over a dozen times. I put them on to wear yesterday because it was cold and rainy; the soles pulled away from the shoes when I stepped out of my SUV in the bank parking lot. I was just sick; I'd never had anything but praise for Born until now - had never heard of anyone having this problem before. But evidently this has happened to many people.

fd58fff4, 2012-01-27, 06:49PM CST

I just tossed my second pair of Borns in the trash since they can't be repaired. The shoe repairman said they are "junk". I also had the same experience with poor customer service. I won't waste my time or money on Born shoes again.

f45fa8ce, 2012-09-18, 06:52PM CDT

Same luck as everyone else, three pair have fallen apart while I was wearing them, with no shoes to change into. Had to go around in my socks all day today. I used to love them, no more Borns for me. Shame on them for not standing behind their shoes.

s t., 2012-10-29, 01:08PM CDT

SAME SAME SAME. I used to be a huge fan due to the quality and absolute comfort. However, I recently bought a pair of the same style I've bought in the past and noticed that Born has replaced what used to be actual suede with microfiber fake suede. I mean look, we buy Born for the quality. Maybe they think that their customers will not notice that they are using cheap-ass materials. And maybe we won't - the first time. But I will not be buying another pair. Screw all these China-made low-quality for high-quality price. So tired of seeing made in China on everything I buy. I would willingly pair more for better quality items. Frustrating.

janne m., 2012-10-29, 02:56PM CDT

I have the same issue, except I am unable to send back, since these were purchased on recourse, born stated that they were too old to warrant and I was just stuck. I spend a lot on shoes and born has been a favorite. but looks like I am headed to only purchase others at this point.

Rob B., 2012-11-29, 08:47PM CST

Oh boy. I'm not happy to find this site. I went online tonight to locate warranty information concerning a pair of Born shoes my wife has that have had the sole split sideways. She has worn Born brand shoes for many many years and was a long time customer. This pair is just over a year old with little wear. The uppers are in near perfect shape. Finding this many complaints and the non-response to their now-poorly-made product tells me we are out of luck...and lots of money. Why would a top end company self destruct like this? It has to be greed at the top level of management. With so many long time customers now leaving the brand, you'd think someone would wake up before the company goes belly up. I only wear quality flip flops and my favorite brand is Okabashi. I had a pair that came apart in less than a year. I found the company website that said they had a two year no questions asked return policy. They aren't cheap, so I sent them back and in a week had a brand new pair, no questions asked. They are $25 flip flops. That is the way to run a company and keep brand loyalty. Born, you've shot yourself in the foot and I expect to read one day soon that you're gone!

f6d32e20, 2012-12-17, 09:55PM CST

I just got back from Dillard's. I went to buy a new pair of Born shoes to replace my old ones. What I noticed right away was the quality of the leather, the thickness, the stitching, and even the cushion inside looked so cheap compared to the 5 year old Born shoes that I walked in wearing. Upon closer inspection I found out why...

"Made in China"

If mine were made in China, then the chinese man that made mine deserves an award, and his coworkers in charge of the newer stuff are terrible.

I went to buy the Harrison shoe by Born. It looks nothing like what's on the website...the color is completely off as it is a plain and ugly chocolate color and the leather is very thin and feels plansticy...the inside of the boot has very little cushion. I'm still in disbelief. Chesnut in person looks way different. I plan to continue looking for this elusive Harrison boot that actually looks like the one shown on their website.

Steve H., 2013-01-02, 12:45PM CST

These shoes are ridiculous! I had three pairs over the past 5 years and each pair quickly (< 1yr) develops split soles. I repair cracks with Freesole or Shoe Goo to get a few months extra use out of these expensive (over-priced) shoes. They look cool and are initially comfortable but definitely have issues with quality. I moved to Keene and Timberland Pro Five-Stars for comfort and wear. (No connection with either brand).

c1427290, 2013-01-22, 01:11PM CST

I have 2 pairs of Born shoes. The black rubber bottoms/soles on both pairs fell apart as I was wearing them. Theses shoes looked brand new and had been barely worn when this happened. It is as if they "self destruct" at a given time! I contacted Born and they were unsympathetic. The shoes are more than one year old so all they would offer was 1/2 off new shoes. Why would anyone buy Born unless they don't mind having to replace them after a year or so! I nearly fell down when one of the pairs fell apart! My advice: don't buy Born but if you do make sure you have a spare pair of shoes with you - you never know when they will fall apart! NOTE: I had some Clarks that cracked after owning them for 11 years! Clarks gave me FREE replacement shoes of my choice! Now that is GREAT customer service. I love Clarks.

Jess, 2013-01-29, 08:57PM CST

So sad to find this site. I bought my BOC Peggy style shoes less than a month ago and they have cracked on shoes in the ball of the foot. I donor have the receipt. Argh! I thought I could contact customer service but from the other posts it seems like a waste of time. :-(

Sophia, 2013-02-22, 09:41PM CST

SHAME ON BOC!!! I have been wearing BOC shoes for 8 years and purchased two pairs (black and brown) of the Peggy clog, because they were so comfortable. I've had both pairs for less than two years and I was shocked when I recently discovered that the soles on both pairs split horizontally in the same place!!! Because this was so obviously caused by a manufacturer defect, I did not look for my receipts (probably filed away somewhere) but instead emailed BOC on 2/9 and 2/14 and of course have not heard back. I sent them photos of both pairs showing where the soles split as well as details of the shoes themselves that prove that other than the defect, they are in excellent condition. I take good care of my footwear and buy good quality shoes. BOC never bothered to reply to my messages and based on the complaints above, I will not even bother to look for my receipts and contact them. It's clear that they have abysmal customer service, and I will not only stop buying their shoes but also make sure that I pass on the word to everyone I know, including a friend who has a retail outlet that carries BOC. This is extremely disappointing.

wjh2013, 2013-02-25, 01:54PM CST

This is crazy! I had the same experience and thought I would see if I was the only one. I have had my clogs for over 6 years, but same thing- minimal wear on the sole or leather upper. LOVE LOVE LOVED these shoes. I'd say I only wear them once a month. Put them on the other night and thought I'd stepped in something. Lifted my foot up and the sole had broken away from the leather of the shoe. Upon closer inspection, one huge crack in half of the sole and the entire stitching had dissolved. I looked at the other shoe and it was the exact same thing. I am so disappointed because I really have liked the quality of Born. Will certainly think twice in the future. :(

9031b4ab, 2013-04-02, 06:31PM CDT

I have a pair of brown oxfords that are about two years old. The tops still look great and they were the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn (except for my Asics!).

BOTH soles cracked all the way through, side to side, right under the "ball" of my foot. BOTH of them!!

From the surface that touches the sidewalk, to the surface that connects to the inner fabric parts of the inner sole. If the two halves weren't glues/sown to the uppers, they's fall off, that's how thorough the crack is.

I am very disappointed and will not by Born again.

780f39e3, 2013-04-28, 04:46AM CDT

O" My God!!! Almost too embarrassed to tell my story but here goes... my friends call my barn shoes my ugly shoes and always laugh at me for how much I purchase them for but I always tell them how comfortable they are but I got into with one of my roommates and thought she cut my shoes they look like someone had slice them perfectly around the threading of each she promised me she would never do anything like that knowing how

comfortable they were and how much I paid

for them so I could imagine what could of

happened to them so I took my most

comfortable expensive shoes to a professional

shoe repair shop you couldn't imagine how

embarrassed shocked and pissed I was

standing there with my friend who I have

accused of slicing my most favorite

comfortable ugly shoes. When as soon as I

took them out he said Bornes I said yes and of

course his story was just like ours so I contact

them and of course its been a few months

and I haven't heard anything from them so I

tried calling again and couldn't find any

numbe so this is how I found the web site.

This isn't fair for any of us there's 32

comments well with mine 33 but this isn't fair

especially for the lady who bought five pairs

OMG!!! So please if anyone knows of a good

lawyer who can help all of us su the company

for all the embarrassment false advertisement

and money back and stop them from taking peoples money it would be great thanks and sorry that we all have the same story that ended so sadly about a company thats selling bad shoes to great customers! Its so sad because they were so comfortable but the manufactory was so cheap!!!

ce15b48a, 2013-08-26, 11:18AM CDT

My husband also has found out that the soles on Born shoes don't last very long. He put his shoes on for church yesterday and the sole on one shoe was almost completely loose from the sewn part on the top. He only wears them for good and probably only 10-12 times per year at the most. They aren't even worn on the bottom of the sole. We looked at the other shoe and it is also falling apart. I sent an email and pictures off to the Born Company, but after reading the other posts, I'm sure I won't be hearing anything back from them. Very disappointed and won't be buying any Born shoes in the future.

janne m., 2013-08-26, 11:48AM CDT

You know what is really sad is that none of us have had any luck with Born responding or making this right for any of us that are fans. Doesn't say much for the company....

e02d6417, 2013-08-29, 05:59PM CDT

I just had a pair of born shoes fall apart, worn 15 times over 6 or so years, the tread pattern on sole was pristine yet cracks developed and sole "fell off" while walking !! I have many many shoes, i rotate and treat my shoes well, but after less that 15 uses, whilst walking in to see a patient of mine the sole falls off, im stuck at work all day with rubber crumbling, and white felt poking out.

To their credit when i called customer service said they would collect the old ones and go ahead and pick another pair out.

This was the resolution i was hoping for i just hope the company follows thru, and sends me the new pair .

d8c9f639, 2013-10-10, 05:31PM CDT

I found a pair of NEW, unworn Born clogs at a second hand store and thought -- "Score!", as I had always heard that Born shoes were of excellent quality. The first day I wore them, the sole cracked and started to peel from the leather upper. They are so comfortable, so I'm really sad about this--I'm glad I only paid $3.99 for them--I'd be really angry if I paid full price. I will NEVER buy a pair of their shoes, new/used/etc, and have told all of my co-workers not to buy their shoes. Bad form, and bad business!

c039cd5e, 2013-10-23, 02:54PM CDT

d8c9f639 that is my story, almost word for word (except I paid $10.99).


79407f04, 2013-10-26, 08:10AM CDT

Happy I only paid four dollars for my Born loafers, which appeared to be nearly new, because when I came back from my walk today, both of the soles were missing. In the course of less than two miles, the soles cracked, broken into pieces and fell off both shoes. There I was walking home in 40 degree weather, with only a thin liner separating my feet from the pavement. Certainly wouldn't consider buying another pair, new or used.

184019f5, 2013-11-04, 04:44PM CST

Around 2003, I went to a shoe store in Camarillo, CA. I never heard of Born shoes -- but wound up buying 2 pairs of their leather shoes. One pair was brown clogs - and another pair was dark green shoes (where u put the penny in the slot). Both pairs of shoes had solid heels/soles. I have 70 pairs of shoes and didn't wear these 2 pairs often - they were in perfect condition. Two years ago, the soles ripped away from the top of the green pair. Last week, the same thing happened to the brown pair. WOW. So glad I was at home at the time both pairs disintegrated. Imagine if I was far from home. NO MORE BORN shoes for me.

1012db1c, 2013-12-08, 12:21PM CST

Looks like nothing has changed since the beginning of these reviews. I am glad I read them and saved the shipping on returning them to BOC. Same problem...soles cracked. They should be responsible for the defects - not the stores or online companies we buy from. It is their product. Shame on them. Sharing this on social media to make am impact.

d8d785ec, 2013-12-10, 08:49PM CST

Just discovered today that the sole on one of my Born clogs cracked side-to-side all the way through. I've only had for about a year and half. How in the world!? The soles are 3/4" thick. This is nuts. I have never had that happen to a pair of shoes. So glad I paid a chunk of change for these....NOT. I won't make that mistake again.

133b5fed, 2013-12-11, 12:38PM CST

I too have a pair of Born shoes ( > $100) that the soles disintegrated on despite the fact that there was little or no discernible wear. I have had the shoes for several years but only wear them occasionally.

Apparently, they don't care to stand behind their products. Other posts here say that they claim a 1 year guarantee; that is ridiculous. A product like an expensive shoe carries the implication that they should last longer than a year.

I sent emails and photos to BORN "Customer NO service" and didn't even receive a reply.

I will never buy a Born shoe again and I vigorously advise all to do the same.


8a24f66b, 2014-03-11, 12:58PM CDT

I definitely think a Class Action Law Suit would benefit some law firm. I am outraged by this issue! I have $200.00 worth of shoes that disintegrated after being worn very few times. I have lots of shoes, so I don't wear any of them very frequently. It is my hobby you might say! I have been purchasing BORN shoes for many years, and they have been consistently great. The newer shoes appear to have a major defect in both the materials used to manufacture them and the construction process itself. They appear to be shoes, but they are not. They are faux shoes! Is there any chance that there a lot of KNOCK-OFF shoes on the market?? I get my shoes at Nordstrom, and I trust their buyers to be careful; they know what they are doing! I am going to contact the Born company to see if they have come to their senses and will stand by their product. I will NEVER buy another pair. Jane Husman, Santa Clara, CA

Anita L., 2014-04-21, 06:18PM CDT

I have had two of Bjorn shoes that have literally come apart while wearing them. Don't have any kind of receipt but neither were worn very often and of course, pretty expensive. Please include me in whatever class action suit. I simply just want my money back.

9fea0418, 2014-04-25, 09:25AM CDT

I have purchased about 7 pair over the years and all but the 3 pair of sandals split across the soles. Only 1 pair was boc. The first pair which had me sold on the brand were a few years old with allot of wear...before it happened so I felt I got my use out of them. The sandals have held up well...but the black sole loafer types are what continually fell apart... I got less time with each the point I was afraid to wear them. I wrote them ...telling them I have bought my last pair. Best for us to keep sharing our experience so no one else gets burned or born changes their formula. The rubber they use must have a shelf life... So if you wear them all the time or rarely...they are "done" within in a year, IMO.

sam a., 2014-06-02, 01:06PM CDT

garbage..which is ashamed because they are possibly the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn..but I am not going to get ripped off for nearly $100 a pair and have them fall apart like Walmart Starter shoes (which I might ad are just as comfortable and lasted longer for a sixth of the price...shame..profit over the long run, born will not survive because business is built and sustained and grown on return business

d7a6f14e, 2014-06-07, 01:49PM CDT

I just sent a note to Born customer service telling of how I put on a pair of their shoes that I do not wear that often---but still look brand new, and was shocked to find the soles disintegrating as I walked around my house. I thought someone had tracked dirt in on their shoes---only to find out it was MY shoes, crumbling as I walked! Then I discovered this page, and find out I have quite a bit of company. This is horrible! As others have stated, I expect my shoes to last a long long time if they are well cared for. 1 year warranty is ridiculous.

Geniver S., 2014-07-06, 03:17AM CDT

I am very surprised to read all these negative comments about Born shoes disintegrating as one walks.

I thought I was the only one who had this experience. Just bought a pair of sandals for the summer and put it on for the first time. Whiling sitting in my friends living room I felt the shoe suddenly loose on my feet. Looked down and it was falling apart

The Bottoms broke into two & the soles were totally off the uppers.

There is definitely subpar materials involved here. Both inferior soles and glue!

Born should be listening to its customers because they are usually diehards. I. E. They own multiple pairs, returning customers. Currently I own, oxfords, clogs, winter boots, snow boots. I mean we have a variety of their products.

I WILL not be buying another pair period!

9d9da8f1, 2014-07-08, 03:02PM CDT

Yeah, me too...

Anybody know of a reputable company that resoles Born shoes?

67739bd6, 2014-07-08, 07:48PM CDT

Add me to the list of loyal Born wearers that are completely disappointed with the quality of construction. I have probably 25 pairs of Borns in varying ages and styles and virtually all them are in some stage of sole failure. I too thought I was alone in my situation but apparently we're all in the same position. A few years back I was successful in getting Born to replace a pair of shoes that was defective but it was NOT an easy thing. I just started dialing random telephone numbers in the range that I found from their website and lucked into finding someone to assist. At that time I didn't see the pattern so I don't have that person's name/phone and the website is very moot on contact information for issues. Class action may be the only remedy for past purchases. For me, I'm in search of a new 'brand' that is as comfortable and has the quality of construction. Maybe I'll try Clark's next. :-) --- Nettie in Nebraska

d18054bb, 2014-08-05, 12:42PM CDT

Me too. I have an old pair that is high quality, but two pairs I bought from Ebay did the thing where they look brand new but the soles started falling apart as I walked in them. I was loooking online hoping for some guidelines on how to tell if a particular Ebay pair is the 'good' quality or the 'bad' quality -- but it appears it's not just an Ebay problem, and difficult to tell.

I love my old Born shoes so much I'm going to go to a department store and see if I can tell whether it's the new crappy soles or the quality soles of my old pair. Also at a department store I have a better chance of returning them.

Department stores will stop carrying them if they don't fix their quality problem..

sievon, 2014-09-21, 11:55AM CDT

Oh my, scary to see so many complaints about Born shoes. I recently bought two pairs, haven't worn yet. What bothered me was their customer service. When I wanted to change order right after placing the first order, they told me they couldn't do it. And after TWO days they shipped the shoes I didn't want to me anyway, despite my cancellation email. I have the impression that this company respects their own lousy internal process than customers' needs. They have no respect for environment, carbon foot print such issues. Now after seeing you guys' postings, I seriously doubt their product quality as well! We'll see.

Jules B., 2014-10-08, 01:19PM CDT

Here's my response to Born after I complained about defective product.


Wow. Really disappointing response. "Do you have a receipt??

How about this for a customer service response:

I?m sorry that you are disappointed in our product. It is important to us that our customers remain pleased and retain confidence in us. Please send us a picture so we can see what the problem is.

Or how about this:

Because the product is old we can?t give you a refund but we recognize that the product is defective and would like to replace the shoes.

Come on. At least you could offer a discount or some type of credit on a new pair since the soles of your shoes were clearly defective.

I most definitely do not have a receipt. As you painstakingly point out, these are ?old". I would like to meet the person who has a receipt from 2006. Actually, I probably wouldn?t. All that aside, I am extremely disappointed by your response. As you can see in the pictures below, the shoes are in very good condition. I believe I mentioned that. You can see that the break in the sole is clearly a defect in the product. As a consumer who spends money on quality products, I expect those products to last. These didn?t. And I?m pretty sure that based on this response, I won?t ever buy this brand of shoe again. I will be sure, however, to let everyone know that the Target leather boots (surprise - they do have leather items once in a while!) that I bought on a lark about 12 years ago are in better shape than these: They have soles! What a concept. I wear them around the yard a lot doing work. I?ve probably only worn the Born shoes about two dozen times. Maybe. So even if they are old, they were very well taken care of. Now those Target boots: I never expected them to last more than a year. Funny that. I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $100+ for these shoes and I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 for the Target boots. Do you like the comparison? I am fairly certain that i wouldn?t were I you or the owner of Born. I?d be pretty offended. But clearly you don?t have a right to be offended because you do not stand behind the workmanship or quality of your product.

And here?s the rub: I?m not a person who expects anything from companies. I expect and accept that there are risks as a consumer. And sometimes you take your lumps. But I thought of you as a progressive company. You might be more concerned about whether I?ll buy another pair and doing whatever you can to make sure that I continue to purchase from you for the next 40 or so years of my life.

You just lost a customer. I currently own 5 pairs of Born shoes. They?re all going to Goodwill today. Well - only 4 pair. And I?ll be sure to share this story with everyone I know.

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40f950f2, 2014-10-17, 12:04AM CDT

Wow. Just wow. I've owned several pairs of Borns--none new--and have loved them all. Until today, when my brand-new-to-me mules, that looked almost new, fell apart after wearing for about 45 minutes--30 minutes of which I was sitting in a car. I was on my way to an out of town appointment--without another pair of shoes--so I had to trudge into two shoe stores to find something to wear for the rest of the day. Embarassing to walk into a store with one shoe de-soled and the other not...and then to have the other sole fall off walking back through the parking lot. So in the next store I wore two soleless shoes to shop for something to wear.

It dawned on me after reading these responses that my first, favorite pair of Borns, after a few years of use, cracked across the sole at the ball of the foot. I chalked it up to being well worn.

I won't be buying any more Borns, and I will definitely warn my friends and family against buying Borns.

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