Super Models International - Super Models International - This was going to far. After we disagreed on the trip she went on to tell us we should pay for acting classes which she taught which was another $600

Posted on Thursday, August 19th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 4910643f

Company: Super Models International

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We have a problem that we would like to get out to the public, so that no one else will have to experience what we have. In September of 2003 I (Brooke F) sent out several pictures of our 3 yr old idendtial twin daughters to modeling agentcies. Ranging from California, New York and local agentcies. I received a phone call about 3 wks after sending out the pictures from a local so called agency here in Carmel Indiana.

The lady I spoke with was Ro Petiner of Super Models International. She went on to tell me that she received the pictures of our twins and that she would like to meet them and discuss modeling them with us. Needless to say, we met with her that next evening. Strange we had to meet her in the lobby of the Marriot Courthouse hotel on Allisonville Rd in Castleton IN.

We met and she went on to tell us that there was a demand for twins in the business, and that she had been in business for over 10 yrs and she has landed work for several children and that she promised work for the girls by Christmas of 2003. I asked her why we were meeting at a hotel and she told us that she works out of her home and she does not like to bring strange people into her home. Well, we were convinced. She went on to tell us we needed to set up a photo shoot to get some professional pictures of the girls to make a portfolio to send to differ angentcies.

This was to cost us $500 for this shoot because the photographer was coming from CA and he photgraphed the stars and he was quit expensive. We agreed and paid the $500. The photo shoot took place about 4 wks later at a hotel room at Doubletree Hotel on Meridian in Carmel IN. When we received the pictures back they were in the form of slides. Ms Petiner went on to tell us we needed to send the to Los Angeles, CA to have them developed to a certain size that only this photographer could do. This was to cost another $250.

We did not have the pictures developed. About 4 wks later Ro called me and asked if it would be ok if we published a picture of the girls in a fashion book that was to be published to over 3,000 agentcies across the world. I agreed. The next day she calls me back to tell me that it was going to cost us $300 to publish the picture. She said she spoke with her accountant and he advised her to charge this amount for publication. I met with her and paid Ms Petiner $300 cash for this picture to be published. After that she tried to get us to plan a trip to Chicago with the girls to visit differ modeling agentcies there. This was to cost us $400 for her conseling fees.

This was going to far. After we disagreed on the trip she went on to tell us we should pay for acting classes which she taught which was another $600. NO WAY! Now after almost a year, there is no proof of this publication in the fashion book. I cannot get Ms Petiner to return my phone calls or letters. I have left her several messages on her machine, and no response.

I contacted the Better Business Bearu and submitted a report on this matter, demanding a refund from her, and they cannot even reach her for a response. I want to get this to the public, because my family was scammed and we want people to know that Ro Petiner of Super Models International in Carmel, IN is NOT legit. I want a full refund of $300 from her. Better Bussiness has an unsatisfying complaint record on this business. I want to go public with this matter.

Brooke F

Indpls, IN



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5d4f14c5, 2008-01-14, 11:28AM CST

I know how you feel we to were taken from Ro Pettiner, she has not returned e-mails or phone calls. She charged us so much more for pictures than the photographer cost! She pockets the rest of the money. She never gave us the pictures, or comp cards we paid for. She owes us 1800.00 for two photo shoots and one set of comp cards. I checked with large and small other mother agents they all said you pay the photographer directly, it does not come thru the manager. Ro Pettiner said this is how I do it here and this is how it is done. WHERE??? It is not common practice how she runs her business, it is unprofessional and unethical practices. I hope no one else gets taken from her like we have. We also went to the Better Business Bureau, and I hope we get our money back! I also hired an attorney.

0746282b, 2008-06-30, 11:29PM CDT

yes im going through that right now..please repsond to me as soon as possible i have some questions

cd7be623, 2008-07-14, 08:19PM CDT

I went to a modeling convention with Ro back in 1994. I got one call back, but she really kind of lost track of me, after we got back to Indiana. She really didn't try to get us jobs at Super! Models International. The agency is mostly to get people to go to modeling conventions. I feel that if you really want to make it in the business, try to search web sites like,, or try to get involved with legit agency that are SAG franchised. This year, I had a small role in the upcoming "Mental Scars" and I did a extra gig in Louisville, KY last week and I am shooting another small role in "My Name is Jerry" with Doug Jones of "Hell Boy" fame. I hope the best for Ro, but she is not really a agent. She needs to let potential client know what her company is about and go from there. The best way to make it in the business, is to network, study, submit from the internet, and you'll do fine. Set your mind to it.

90205650, 2009-11-17, 01:46PM CST

wow this is funny, because i was just about to go to an interveiw with her tommorow and my mother told me it might be a hoax and so i looked this place up well thankyou so much for your comment because if i would have went it wouldve been a waste.


wendy =)

6dba367d, 2010-01-24, 05:17PM CST

Oh my gosh! I just met with her last Saturday and my fiance and I thought she sounded so professional and legit! We gave her a down payment of $100 and we are supposed to pay her 650$ THIS Saturday! Thank the lord I read this, thank you SO MUCH!! I hope we can get our money back as well...

14ff885b, 2010-08-08, 09:25AM CDT

Thank you for this! SO glad i found your complaint on here! I was thinking of contacting this business but def won't know!!!

I am curious if you ever found a legit local business??

bea1c202, 2011-01-03, 01:58PM CST

Your all WRONG, Totally WRONG about Ro!!!!!!!

She IS legit!!! She has helped me for years!!

She is very busy like anyone professional is

you people should be glad she is taking huge


to help your sorry A%## out!!!! I dont see any of you

with Wilhelmenia, she's the one who paid her dues

to break in the industry...this busines isnt wal-mart

where you walk in and walk out with a sack of

products and thats it...NO!!! If you want to get with

the big time it take realationships -contacts, thats

what you should have been shooting for with her

not here's my money make me a star..if it was that

easy alot more people would be famous!

So what I say to all of you, is this business is not for

you try something else dont look for your little

money back you should be glad Ro isnt sueing

you for money you actually owe her for her time

that you wasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Justin G., 2013-02-08, 05:04PM CST

I was with Ro and supermodels International in 94 until 1999. I did the convintion with her and several other Indiana Models in Hilton Head south Carolina. Long story but I did very well with her and eventually ended uop in LA. We did part ways due to otther much larger agencys in LA that wanted me excusivly and I still at times wished Id stayed w RO as a go between. It is expensive but as a person having been in the entertainment field for many years I can say that Ro introduces you to all of these people and opertunitys and it's up to the model to capitalize on these opertunities. In hilten head at The convintion I took all but 1 of the major male model awards and met w other agents that eventually booked me work on both The east and west coast. If not for Ro who knows what Id have done. My point being you pay the money in a small market like Indiana. do the classes, The convention and GO FOR IT! Sometimes luck does come into play but if you have somthing to work with be uit a child, teen or adult you should find your way into the bizz. Ro and I didnt always agree but like any agent or maneger there will always be dissagreements fromn time to time. Ro was very nurturing and very helpful..If anything I probably screwed her over as I signed with a much larger agent but Ro was a big part of my succsess and The experiance I had at the convintion was Amazing. Best of luck to you all....Justin T.Gerken

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