2000 suzuki v6 - WRIGHT SUZUKI WEXFORD P.A.

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Company: 2000 suzuki v6 - WRIGHT SUZUKI WEXFORD P.A.

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2000 suzuki v6 - WRIGHT SUZUKI WEXFORD P.A.

2000 suzuki v6

WRIGHT SUZUKI WEXFORD P.A. hello and thanks for having this website!

Numerous times we asked the dealer about trhe fact that the car was having accelaration problems- they always came back with "you girls" kind of attitude and that everything was ok. well latest problem is that I wanted to order a keyless entry remote and they said that if i wanted to obtain another remote for my 2000 V6 Grand vitara, i would have to by a whole new alarm system.

I immediately called SUZUKI national headquarters and found that WRIGHT Suzuki was taking me for

an idiot. I have filed a complaint with Suzuki America. My second problem is that i had my car totally checked 6 months ago just before my warranty ran out and the car was supposed to have been

ok even though we were having acceleration problems ( reca,l fixed the first problem).

6 months later we are having acceleration problem and the muffler was making some strange noise. Moon Suzuki then priced the part and labor @ $549.56 when I asked what the problem was and they stated that a pipe that connects to the cat. converter was rusted!!!

How come Wright Suzuki did not see it before the warranty ran out????????? I'm discusted that in 6 months the whole pipe needs to change and why isn't it covered- My mechanic told me to talk to thgem because Suzuki ignored the problem - not Us!!!! Amy l a Suzuki owner

well Thanks for hearing me out.

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