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Posted on Tuesday, August 17th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by b81f19a0

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hello and thanks for having this website!

Numerous times we asked the dealer about trhe fact that the car was having acceleration problems- they always came back with "you girls" kind of attitude and that everything was ok. well latest problem is that I wanted to order a keyless entry remote and they said that if i wanted to obtain another remote for my 2000 V6 Grand vitara, i would have to by a whole new alarm system.

I immediately called SUZUKI national headquarters and found that WRIGHT Suzuki was taking me for an idiot. I have filed a complaint with Suzuki America. My second problem is that i had my car totally checked 6 months ago just before my warranty ran out and the car was supposed to have been ok even though we were having acceleration problems ( reca,l fixed the first problem).

6 months later we are having acceleration problem and the muffler was making some strange noise. Moon Suzuki then priced the part and labor @ $549.56 when I asked what the problem was and they stated that a pipe that connects to the cat. converter was rusted!!!

How come Wright Suzuki did not see it before the warranty ran out????????? I'm discusted that in 6 months the whole pipe needs to change and why isn't it covered- My mechanic told me to talk to thgem because Suzuki ignored the problem - not Us!!!! Amy l a Suzuki owner

well Thanks for hearing me out.


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