Sears - Sears Replacement Windows - My complaint is about the Sears Replacement Windows. My husband and I have all Sears Appliances and we thought that Sears Windows would be a good place to start. Trusting in the Sears name, it has left us upset in this area

Posted on Sunday, August 15th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 9f519a62

Product: Replacement Windows

Company: Sears

Location: EMPORIA, VA, US

Category: Home, Garden

My complaint is about the Sears Replacement Windows. My husband and I have all Sears Appliances and we thought that Sears Windows would be a good place to start. Trusting in the Sears name, it has left us upset in this area.

WE live in a single wide mobile home, and it being hard to find windows that fit the sizes of a mobile home our trust went to Sears.

So even though the price was higher we were looking for the great quality that Sears has been known to put out through the years in their other products.

The contractors came out to measure the windows which we only wanted two done at the time. The two windows we chose to have done happen to be the back windows with air conditioners in them. About two weeks later they called us telling us that we had a problem. The window with the biggest window wasn't going to fit in the new window. That we needed to buy a smaller air conditioner or move it to another window. Well I'm here to tell you, my husband and I are furious. Why didn't the contractor tell us this at the beginning. Talking about having the run around, we have called and called and very few calls have we had returned. We were promised to know something by the closing time on 8/13/04. We only wanted two windows done at the time and it being there mistake.

We feel that they should have been able to tell us this ahead of time. The manager explained that this had happened before and they got the customers to buy another air conditioner. Well that wouldn't be so bad but we just purchased our air conditioner last year and it is the size that is needed for our comfort. With the windows costing so much, why should we have to buy another air conditioner at a smaller size and cut us down on our comfort. We should have been told about this before so we could have figured some other way to deal with this.

So I'm very dissatisfied about the service of Sears Home Improvement Products has given us. We are supposedly still in the works on this job. A contract was signed but we were not told about the problem, so we are very dissatisfied especially since they have dealt with this before and why should we have to put out more money. We have had them to offer a free window if we allow them to cut the window siding thinner if the manager would o.k. it. but we haven't heard a thing. Like I said, they said that they "WOULD LET US KNOW BEFORE CLOSING TODAY" Guess what, NO word.

Does anyone know of a window place for mobile homes. Thank you for your space and time on


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ac211833, 2008-01-10, 06:37PM CST

We replaced windows this past summer through Sears. AFTER the installation our warranty came in the mail. It was NOT at all what we expected. When the sales rep came to our home he told us there was far more coverage than there actually is. My advise to anyone looking into purchasing from Sears is: read everything first, insist on seeing the written warranty and don't sign anything without reading it first. AND look elsewhere for windows!

We ended up with poor quality instillation - even having to replace window blinds for 4 of the 6 windows because their measurements were off! In November one window started leaking and we are still trying to work through the warranty issues to get the window replaced. It seems that Sears is good at telling people they back up their products with a 100% guarantee, but if they are confronted with an issue it takes a very long time to get the service you paid for. Good luck with Sears "letting you know before closing" - we have had to call them back and remind them that they were going to get back to us. And this has happened not once, but several times in the past 3 months!This is bad business and bad customer service.

020a0e5c, 2008-04-04, 01:05PM CDT

You may want to try world of windows. World of Windows offers a wide range of replacement windows, and for mobile homes also. From our experience, and we shopped around alot, world of windows has the best product and price. about 1/3 less expensive than sears and others. give them a call, their number is on their website:

4d6ce847, 2009-09-28, 10:32AM CDT

My husband and I had windows installed 2 years ago not aware that they never caulked the windows on the outside. One day while deep cleaning I noticed water damage around one of the windows, from the top of the window jam to the floor. I looked thru the house and saw that 4 other windows had damage. We called Sears and they said they aren't responsible for caulking, it costs more and "we were told that it was our responsibility to caulk them". We were NEVER told this nor ever received a pamphlet on this.

For them to come out it was going to be $100. They came out and observed the damage to one window and caulked one window and told us to send photos of the damage. The guy said he would have them do the whole house for the $100 cost and be done with it.

Today a lady from Richmond said it wasn't there responsibility and they were not going to do anything!!! The paper work they had said the contractor gave us the phamphlet and that was that.

If you could see the BIG gaps in the windows they left. The windows were sealed when they took them out and who would not expect them to be resealed. We now have water damage due to the shoty workmanship and window installation.

c08f4c0a, 2012-10-29, 10:56AM CDT

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0799d6d8, 2014-08-31, 05:09PM CDT

Whatever you do, don't buy replacement windows from Sears. We spent $5000 a few years back for five windows. They busted a window sill putting them in--several the seals have leaked and they're streaked on the inside. Just today we lowered one to clean it and the locking mechanism fell out--we have to hold the window up with sticks. At the purchase time we were told they had a free lifetime warranty and free shipping if we needed a replacement. That is not the case--they charge to come out and look at the window, than YOU have to drive to the factory and pick up the replacement.If I see a Sears truck in my area I will stop where ever they are working and warn my neighbor.Sears may give you a number to call, but it leads to a dead end.

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