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Company: FW: How can be this problem resolved? [#115834]

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DeLonghi Deep Fryer - using it barely for a year, the handle bar got broken

DeLonghi customer service

Good morning, Recently I had this inconvenient and unfortunate experience with DeLonghi. It is extremely annoying how they are handling any customer requests. I bought a DeLonghi Deep Fryer and using it barely for a year, the handle bar got broken. I placed an order for part replacement and started the whole servicing process in November, 2003. After several calls, e-mails and struggle after 4 months of out of luck I am really annoyed about this company.

They constantly re-directing me but my machine is still not working and my part order is not fulfilled yet and there is no hope that sooner or later they will fix this machine! I am so upset and I do not know what else I can do to get my machine fixed. I am attaching all my e-mails regarding this issue.

Beside the correspondence I made several phone calls, left phone messages also. The reps of DeLonghi, including the supervisor did not return any of my calls. I have to vent my frustration and hopefully someone will have an answer or suggestion. Thanks, Georgina Good morning,

It looks like that the DeLonghi American Consumer Services representative has not read my e-mails and correspondences at all! In my entire e-mail I never mentioned anything about a filter or ordering it!

I have an order in place, order# 026104 for a handle bar but it has not been fulfilled for more than 4 months.

I think I made it very clear in my previous e-mail that I want to send this broken machine back directly to DeLonghi. The only thing I am asking now is: WHAT IS THE ADDRESS I can send this machine back ?



P.S.: This entire correspondence will be faxed to: (201)909-9863 and mailed to James McCusker, President DeLonghi America Inc.m Park 80 West Plaza One, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Georgina Fekete

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Subject: Re: FW: How can be this problem resolved? [#115834]

Dear Georgina,

Thanks for writing!

We appreciate you taking the time to email us with your questions.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

You can call Small Appliance at 1-888-277-5776 and order

your filters through them.

Please write back if you need further assistance.

Thanks again for contacting Delonghi.

Delonghi American Consumer Services

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Date: 4/6/2004 9:15:36 AM

Subject: FW: How can be this problem resolved?

To Whom it may concern,

I am very upset about this Delonghi -RotoFryer product (see details in the quoted e-mails) and the customer service that I experienced so far. Since late November of 2003 I have been attempting to obtain a replacement

part for the deep fryer I purchased. To date I have not been able to contact a competent person by phone or e-mail who is prepared to respond to my enquiries. I have left several messages with Tom 1-800-865-6330/ ext3108 at the Part Department and also with Natalie ext. 3190, but neither rep. has had the common courtesy to reply to my request. It is now 4 months since I started this process and find this lack of response totally unacceptable.

I tired to research this part also, on line but it looks like the whole country is out of it and everybody seems to be experiencing problems with this DeLonghi company and their products and parts. (see mails below)

I do not understand what is wrong with this company but I guess I will not purchase any item from DeLonghi in the future because it seems like this company does not stand behind their products!

I feel it is important I remind you that by law it is required that spare and replacement parts should be provided even after the company is not manufacturing the product any more.

My deep fryer is still manufactured and it is still available in stores and it is a fairly expensive machine! It is not the customer's fault that the Parts and Servicing Departments ran out of parts and to re-stock with new

parts is taking more than 4 months!

I feel at this point there is no benefit to wait any longer for a replacement part, therefore I intend to send back this machine to DeLonghi directly and free up the counter space in my kitchen since this machine is

useless and makes me angry whenever I just look at it.

Please, provide me an address where this machine can be returned! I hope to provide an address will not take another 4 months!

I would appreciate your immediate attention!

Georgina F

Lee-NH- 03824

Phone: (603) 868-5476


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To: Fekete, Georgina


Subject: RE: How can be this problem resolved?

Thank you for your understanding that since the assistance you require is

not possible from this office, a copy of this e-mail message has been

forwarded with this reply to DeLonghi America.

Kindly re-direct all future communications to DeLonghi America's



OR Toll free: 1-800-322-3848


Consumer Services

DeLonghi Canada

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Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 4:26 PM

To: Lorna Ablett

Cc: Georgina Fekete

Subject: How can be this problem resolved?


I am forwarding my original message and the response I got from Small Appliance Co., in order to resolve my parts order.

However I live in the USA but for USA customers DeLonghi does not have a web-site, at least that I am aware of it. Therefore I was instructed to call the Parts Dept. at 1-800-865-6330.

I followed the instructions accordingly as you can see from my e-mail quoted below but I still do not have a working machine.

If DeLonghi is behind its products a customer should not have to wait for a replacement part for months. If a part is on back order, 2-3 weeks of waiting is acceptable since it can happen that the stock room runs out of

parts. But more than one month of waiting is unacceptable. And also, it is unacceptable to recommend canceling my parts order and throwing away my almost brand new machine which was not even a year old when the handle bar got broken.

Please let me know where can I get further help and what am I supposed to do to resolve this issue in order to be able to use my fairly expensive machine again!


Georgina F

I'm just as disgusted with them as you are. I've had the handles on order since September and still nothing. Supposedly they are making some changes in their service support program but we have yet to see any difference. I would keep on top of them.


David Van A

Smallappliance/Turnpike Appliance

Oceanside N.Y. 11572



This comment was just made at the website:

Name: Georgina F


Lee, NH 03824



HI! I purchased a Delonghi Rotofryer Easy Clean System, Type D895-U /Listed:62C5/Serial#12209120 a year ago. The basket handle got broke in November and since November I am trying to get a replacement part. I have an order#026104 and I keep calling the Parts department since 01-16-04 because the item is still on back order. I called again on 02-10-04 and 02-27-04 and on 03-15-04 and on 03-25-04 but the part is still on back order.Also left several messages to Tom @x3108 and to Nataly@ X3190 but no one returned my

calls. At this time I already run out of the 1 year warranty and I am still not able to use my machine. I am very patient but 3 months already passed again and I still do not have any hope that this part will arrive any soon.

This machine was not a cheap investment and I would like to have this issue resolved by now.

Please let me know what am I suppose to do! I even went back to the store Kitchen Etc., where I originally purchased this machine. But unfortunately they do not handle these type of part replacements.

Please let me know what else can I do and when can I use my machine again.This is not a cheap machine to throw away after using it for barely a year long!


Georgina F


F, Georgina

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