1999 VW Jetta GL - had to replace engine mount - twice

Posted on Tuesday, April 6th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by fc3f2e4f

Company: 1999 VW Jetta GL - had to replace engine mount - twice

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1999 VW Jetta GL - had to replace engine mount - twice

VW 1999 Jetta GL Engine Mount

I was not satisfied when I had to replace my engine mount on my 1999 Jetta GL, not once but twice. It wasn't until the second time I repalced the engine mount that I started to contact VW and ask questions. I then

discovered the horrible customer service in their organization. I felt everyone I spoke with did everything in their power NOT to help or assist me in my plight. I spoke with so many different representatives.

When they did call me back, if I didn't answer the phone I'd return the call to find yet I had to speak to another representative. I never received any resolution. I then discovered the engine mount of the model prior to mine was recalled. I asked VW if it was possible I somehow recieved the 'bad' part in my car and I was never given an answer to that question either.

I was seeking reimbursement for the money I paid to repair my car. The worst part of the whole ordeal was never to speak to anyone with an answer. I feel all the training the customer service department receive is to dodge all and any questions when a financial claim such as mine is presented. I had heard all very good things about VW and this situation has been a big dissapointment. I know better now and next time I buy a car I won't make the same mistake again and think of VW.

Karl W

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