1995 Honda Odyssey - Moon Roof Rust - Manufacturer Defect

Posted on Monday, April 5th, 2004 at 1:00am CDT by 0dfb5813

Company: 1995 Honda Odyssey - Moon Roof Rust - Manufacturer Defect

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1995 Honda Odyssey - Moon Roof Rust - Manufacturer Defect

1995 Honda Odyssey - Moon Roof Rust - Manufacturer Defect

Hello All,

I am having rust problems with my 1995 Honda odyssey on the moon roof. The problem is a result of a manufacturer defect. There is no other rust on the vehicle. Mark (parts dept) Coggin Honda viewed the problem and agreed that the rubber seal around the outer edge of roof traps water allowing no escape.

The result has evidently been a SLOW rusting out of the outer edge of roof that meets the seal. At this point, the rust has spread to be visible when looking at the roof. I refuse at this point to suffer financially for a manufacturer defect. My ultimate goal is to get the parts FREE.

I may end up finding a way to rally all 95 odyssey owners to inspect their vehicles for this problem. Maybe there is some agency that could review parts orders around US for the sale of these items to see if many others have had the same problem.

I think Honda could ultimately be forced into a recall. Mark (Coggin Honda Parts) referred me to Honda Motor Co for resolution. Gabby @ Honda Motor Co (800) 999-1009(1919 Torrance Blvd, 500-2N-7D, Torrence CA 90501, gave the problem zero consideration because vehicle is nine years old. I want to pursue the matter in any and every which way I can.

My initial request was for I Honda Motor Co supply me the roof & seal free of charge. I advised I would have the moon roof painted and installed. Please also advise of every agency that I can report Honda to until parts are in my hand free of charge as requested. Also, can I take them to small claims court locally? My contact information is available upon request.



Tom & Ruth B

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