NCO Financial Services - harassing phone calls

Posted on Saturday, May 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 306730df

Company: NCO Financial Services - harassing phone calls

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NCO Financial Services - harassing phone calls

NCO Financial Services


After getting harassing phone calls from NCO Financial Services, I did a web search and your site popped up. You might find this interesting.

Various people have been calling my mother's phone number and leaving messages for me on her answering machine once or more times per day EVERY DAY. All they leave is their name, phone number and extension. Out of curiosity I called that number (800-227-4000) and the machine identified them as NCO Financial Services. Evidently they have done this before and my mother called and talked to them. She believes this is in regard to my student loan. To know why this is soooo wrong, you would have to know the history of this bill.

I was approached by a person with a flyer in 1988. The flyer claimed that if I went to that school that upon graduation they would place me in an office job for $12 per hour. That was much more than minimum wage or welfare. I got the maximum grant allowed and took out a student loan. After graduating with honors I couldn't get job placement in an entry level job that paid $8 per hour. The perspective employer told me my certificate was worthless.

The student loan people started trying to collect not long after that. The original amount was over $2000. Over the years they transferred ownership of my loan several times and periodically harassed me for payment. I found out that according to federal law I qualified for a waiver for several reasons. I was lured to the school with false promises, therefore, I was tricked into signing for the loan by fraudulent means. The fraud being that they promised education, certification, job placement, and a high wage. I got nothing. The school closed down. I was on welfare, sick and becoming disabled. I wasn't working.

Yet, they continued to harass me. Eventually someone calling themselves the Department of Education and Justice started with proceedings. They claimed to have taken me to court in another state and wanted nearly three times the original amount of the loan. Evidently this is the federal guaranteed part. Whenever I talked to an individual about my situation, they agreed that the loan should be forgiven for the reasons I've already stated. Yet, although they all claimed to see what they could do, big brother won out in the end.

In the mid '90's, I finally had a job and an apartment. I was working nights at a Shell station for minimum wage. Not a glorious or even safe job, but I was trying my best. My car broke down so I was walking to work in the dark. I owed a deposit on my utilities that I had to pay or they'd be shut off. But that was okay, because I was about to get a tax return that was big enough to fix the car and pay the deposit. The tax return never came. I never got a tax return again. The IRS was now acting as bill collector and treating me like a tax evader. They took enough to cover more than the principle with interest, but they called it all interest and continued to bill me until the amount owed was more than doubled again. That means if I paid it today I would have paid four times the original loan for a school I attended in 1988 that defrauded me, undereducated me, didn't place me in any job, and later closed down.

I made the mistake of writing a nasty letter to the Department of Education and Justice, telling them how they'd ruined my financial life and so forth. After that, I couldn't get any government services for quite some time. I am referring to social services, drivers license, state ID, appointments in county medical facilities, and so on. Every time my name or social security number was put into a government computer there were false accusations, confusion, misleading information and chaos. I eventually called these people to talk about it. I called not only to see if I could have the loan considered paid for what they IRS already collected, but to apologize for what I said in the letter.

They claimed to have no file on me and didn't know what I was talking about. Yet, they made several comments that included personal information about me they could only have if they did have a file on me. So I restated my apology and tried to smooth things over with them. They refused to reduce the loan to the amount paid. They continued to claim they only took interest and that I still owed the principle. They also tried to make it sound like they could leave this on my credit for as long as they wanted AND that they were not responsible for it being on my credit. However, after that I was able to get ID and there was less confusing information in the government computers about me. I still can't get SSI or other social services however, and I believe this event played a part.

Another problem I had was that the loan continued to show up on my credit report. I thought debts could only be on my credit report for 7-10 years, and that if I disputed the debt and showed proof that it was fraudulent, they would take it off. But they don't follow the rules and essentially do whatever the hell they want. I am pretty sure it is still on my credit 16 years later. If it was a legitimate bill for a real school that didn't rip me off and I was a successful person because of them, I could understand. But they took advantage of an unhealthy single mother on welfare and essentially ruined my financial life and still flaunt it by harassing me and my family and putting it on my credit report.

Is there any thing you can do or someone you can direct me to who can help me with this problem? If so, I would appreciate it. If not, thank you at least for exposing part of the problem and for taking the time to read my story.

Coleen K

San Lorenzo, CA

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82e1db62, 2007-11-21, 04:33PM CST

I too have been recieving harassing and offenive pre-recorded messages from NCO Financial, and I have written them with no luck, and they refuse to comply with my request to cease and desist, what can be done in my case? AT&T who took over Cingular wireless has set NCO upon me, but I explained to NCO that AT&T had errantly charged me after my contract with Cingular had expired and I had stopped using my cell phone. Apparently AT&T, the corporate giant that it is, still feels that it should charge me three times the amount that Cingular did just to disassociate myself from their service. This is most unfair and I refuse to pay it, and yet it looks and reflects unfavorably on my credit history. This is how unfair credit reporting and the FICO system has become.

708c290f, 2008-03-22, 10:06AM CDT

NCO needs to be put out of business. Their harassing phone calls should conclude in someone shutting them down with a lawsuit.

af4b95c9, 2008-07-13, 04:57PM CDT

This company is doing a similar thing to me. I disconnected service from Verizon back in December 2007 because they were continuously overcharging me every month for services and every month I would have to call them and sit on the phone for at least 1-2 hours to get it resolved. I told them in November, after a 2 1/2 long conversation and 4 different reps, that the next phone call I am forced to make will be to disconnect service. I was promised it was all taken care of. Sure enough, the December bill came out and it was again all screwed up. I did as I said, and cancelled my services. At that time my account had a balance including charges for a modem I had returned. I told them once those credits were applied and bill was corrected that I will gladly pay them what I actually owe and not a penny more. Well, that never happened. Instead, February 2008 rolled around and I received a letter from NCO Financial Services. Since I changed my number they cannot call me but I did reply to them letting them know that the charges from Verizon are incorrect and once that is taken care of I will pay the bill. Still nothing happened. So, in March they started calling and sending mail to random relatives in Arizona. Note I DO NOT live in AZ and have not since 2001, nor were those relatives indicated anywhere on my account with Verizon so how they were able to find them is a mystery. I believe they are just randomly searching for people with my last name and then calling or sending them my bills. I have tried to contact this company several times since this started back in March and left numerous messages but they still continue to harass innocent people which I believe is illegal, is it not? I took it step further as well and made a complaint against Verizon on the BBB website with all of this information and so far I have not heard a word back. I have yet to be able to even locate NCO Financial Services on the BBB site.

81128783, 2008-08-14, 09:34PM CDT

This message is for anyone being harrassed by NCO. Contact Warren & Vullings, LLP @ 215-745-9800. They are a lawfirm in Philadelphia who sue NCO Financial for violations of the FDCPA. NCO Financial Systems corporate office is in Horsham PA.

You can also go to (Warren & Vullings, LLP) and submit an online complaint against them. IT WORKS! People not only get the harrassment to stop but also get a little compensation for the frustration of dealing with NCO.

7de24a5c, 2008-08-14, 09:37PM CDT

This message is for anyone being harrassed by NCO. Contact Warren & Vullings, LLP @ 215-745-9800. They are a lawfirm in Philadelphia who sue NCO Financial for violations of the FDCPA. NCO Financial Systems corporate office is in Horsham PA.

You can also go to (Warren & Vullings, LLP) and submit an online complaint against them. IT WORKS! People not only get the harrassment to stop but also get a little compensation for the frustration of dealing with NCO.

a951f450, 2008-11-24, 12:59AM CST

I to have been harassed by NCO Financial Systems and am in the process of beginning litigation but for anyone who needs the contact info of these credit sharks in suits, here it is:

United States

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.

507 Prudential Road

Horsham, PA 19044

(800) 220-2274

(215) 441-3000

(800) 550-9619 ?? Consumer Hotline

(866) 269-8669 ?? Consumer Hotline Fax


NCO Financial Services Inc.

75 Port Royal East, Suite 240

Montreal, Quebec H3L 3T1

General Inquiries: (514) 385-4444

Sales: (905) 819-4270

United Kingdom

NCO Europe Ltd.

Old Docks House

Watery Lane

Preston, England PR2 1AU

01772 765000

Please feel free to harass them as much as they harass you.

a3386d93, 2008-12-03, 02:06PM CST

I just got a call on my cell phone from NCO Financial Services asking for my ex-husband. I wonder how they got my cell phone number. He said he didn't give it out to anyone. I called the number back, 866-849-2438, to find out what the company is and what it's about but the woman didn't want to talk to me unless I gave her my phone number, which I didn't.

59ab3c54, 2008-12-07, 08:18PM CST

how about this one...

they called at 8PM on sunday, I tried to call back and find out what they wanted and they aren't even open!

3d835431, 2008-12-22, 03:26PM CST

I am too getting calls from NCO they keeping calling and leave no name just a toll free number to call and a Ref.#. I just wish they would stop harassing me.

8d8a2cd8, 2009-01-27, 01:58PM CST

I have been getting harassing phone calls, for my not even concerning me. But they sure got nasty with me. In particular a woman...(I don't know if I should say her name).. D.H. are her initals .... at NCO Finacial services, had called and gotten nasty with me. Today I lost it.... and got ugly back. I want these people to stop calling my home. They can send a letter ...but I don't want another day of being ticked off by these people. I was told many years back..when I, myself had some hospital bills I was trying to pay on. A man called and I told him I just didn't want any nasty calls. He proceded to tell me there was NO reason anyone should be nasty. I have a condtion were stress can bring on ...well bascially it can trigger me to get very sick. I don't need them to cause my illness to kick in or be upset be them another day.I need to add.... I called the company back .... and told them not to call my house again and that this D.H. person was a very nasty woman.


e09ecea3, 2009-06-15, 09:26PM CDT

NCO has been calling me everyday for well over 6 months sometimes they call a couple times a day. It's always a recording telling me to call them back. When you call they put you on hold forever until you finally give up and hang up. I have never received a paper bill from them so I have no idea why they're calling.

1f8ab092, 2009-06-22, 12:11PM CDT

They've been calling our house about 5 times a day. Whenever we pick up no one is there.. it's dead silent.. then we hear a few clicks.. and that's it. So I called them back, really pissed off, and some man answered that didn't speak english too well and asked me for various information. I told him I didn't know who they were calling for but I whenever we pick up, no one is ever there. He just said "I'm sorry." and hung up on me. Rude Mother Fucker. I'm going to have the number blocked. They can send paper if they want to get a hold of anyone in my house.

15501e31, 2009-06-30, 02:57PM CDT

NCO calls me because years ago I didnt pay my bills.

To the poster - GEEZ your life is a sob story and it sounds like most of it is your fault. Stop pointing fingers at everyone else and own up to your mistakes!

36e15796, 2009-11-28, 12:08PM CST

My son that is in college started getting these calls from NCO and he doesn't even have a credit card to his name and his parents are paying all of his bills. He called the company and told them to quit calling his cell phone number. since he has a prepaid plan, everytime they call it is wasting his money and minutes.

I finally got on the phone today and called this number 1-877-373-5807. Evidently they have several different numbers. When the girl answered, I immediately asked her where this company was located. She said Hersham, PA, I first thought she said Hershey, PA. She then began asking me for personal information about my son and I would n't tell her anything. She asked me for his address. So I turned it around and told her to tell the address she was showing-it wasn't even my son's address. She then asked me for my sons name. I did the same thing and asked her what name she was looking for-it wasn't even my son. I was really pissed then. So she told me who she was looking for and asked me if I knew them. I told her it wasn't my job to know what that company was looking for and if they couldn't do their job, then they needed to get out of the business. I informed her that since the company was in PA and we live in NC, then they were committing a Federal Crime by crossing state lines with this mess and NC has do not call laws now. If they continue to call my son's cell number, I am filing a complaint with the State Attorneys office in NC, as well as an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

I think this company is operating in a shady manner since they are going to great lengths to conceal their phone number as well as their exact location.

Hope this helps anyone who is being harrassed by this company.

4e142dec, 2009-12-26, 08:28AM CST

To who ever posted my site in - Thanks we do handle claims against NCO and other agencies and lawyers who violate collection laws. We help consumers all over the country.

Bruce K. Warren, Esq.

Warren & Vullings, LLP

22dfb16f, 2010-01-15, 01:48PM CST

NCO is chasing me for Direct TV, Who reqested I return my satellite reciever box to them in a pre-paid shipping box that THEY sent to me. I packed the reciever the next day and sent it back. Their service was intolerable/Crappy and I un subscribed with a vengance. They then sent me a bill for that reciever to the sum of $423.00'S. then i WAS CONTACTED BY nco DEMANDING THESE FUNDS i SUPPOSEDLY OWED. I sent a letter disputting this debt. I get Harrassing phone calls all the time... TODAY 1/15/10 NCO called me at 5:30AM! mtn time.....I called their office which stated thats impossible. Hmmm, the time and date called are on my phone,DISPUTE THAT! I am very affluent in the FairTrade and Practices act since I am a reposessor/skiptracer by profession. I ask all who read this to contact your Congressperson in your area and complain about NCO and their FRAUD business and SCAM...These are a bunch of New Jersey Black folk preying on people that know NO better than submit to these THEIVS!

20476437, 2010-07-03, 07:58PM CDT

NCO Financial has been calling daily with a recorded message saying to call them back. When you do, you get another recorded message saying their office is closed and their mail box is full. They call at all hours of the day and on weekends. They don't leave a name associated with the supposed debt, and I have no debts that would be in collection, so it's probably a wrong number and I can't talk to a real person or leave a message to tell them.

d53e8ecb, 2010-07-27, 08:42AM CDT

What difference does it make what color they are. I know plenty of white folk who are bogus harrassers as well. That comment was unprofessional.

0a68cf04, 2010-07-31, 10:55AM CDT

receiving constant no answer, unknown calls from nco they wont talk to you about debt or tell you the debt they get enjoyment out of harrassing if any class action suit is filed against nco financial services i would like to take part. I allready filed a complaint with the FTC FOR ALL THAT IS WORTH

25a01a4c, 2010-08-10, 08:21PM CDT

these people call my number more than 100 times in a seven day period. So far they have called more than 1000 times, and use different numbers to throw me off. They are calling for my son who does not live with me. I finally unpluged my phone and watch the caller ID. If it some one I wish to speak to, I plug it back in, then unplug when I am done. You would think that after that many times they would give up. I don't know where my son is at, so I would be of no help to them. I know you can't help, but maybe if everyone would unplug the phone and never answer, they will stop.

b9beef47, 2010-08-24, 02:46PM CDT

Thanks guys you gave me the link to the law firm and I just filled out there form and pre auth to go ahead with any legal actions. Not sure if they will with me being in oregon and all but its worth a shot.

I've been getting 3-4 calls a day from NCO but today I recieved 5 all from 8 am to 12 noon and that did it for me. Each time I was friendly and each time the rep would make a note on my acct that I am unemployed seeking employment and that they had already called me...

One lady miss said my last name and I kindly corrected her so then she started calling me MR First name... Than ended the call by miss saying my last name even worse than the first time... Yes I owe captial one 800 dollars, YES 400 of it is mark up late fees but geez I'm spending at least 5-8 hours daily looking for work every day what more can I do? I've already sold my HD tv and surround sound and canceled cable tv.. Im not going to sell my kidneys...

e2f6be2a, 2010-09-02, 12:25PM CDT

NCO is going after my wife for 21 doller late payment on her paypal account. The calls start at 8am to 10 at night every hour to half hour. 98% of the time they say nothing. Long story short I called and was told it was for her and we mailed the payment already. Not 10 minutes later they called again saying nothing so I called back and asked them for a superviosor. The girl said they were on the 26th floor and what was she suppose to do. Again I told her to get me a supervisor and was told she was pregnat and was not walking that far. I at that point told her I didn't care and to get me one because this was harrassment and I was going to sue and get more then the stupid 21.00 my wife owed. She comes back with that won't happen and told me they don't call that many times in a day. I finally told her fine have the police come look at my caller id and i'll send them a copy of my phone bill with a letter from my lawyer and hung up. I am now in the process of sueing them for harrassment. Collection agencies can not call you that many times a day or on sunday

af1a0549, 2011-01-19, 12:05PM CST

These guys have been calling my phone at work for the last 3 years. They ask for someone that has never worked here. My company has had this number for at least 5 years, so they probably have a wrong number. Every time I talk to them, they tell me that they will remove the number from their system. But then I get a call the next day...

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