Jacque's Apparel - Jacques Appreal - In 2001 I purchesed a showmanship jacket from Jacque. I paid $258 plus shipping. After recieving the jacket I saw that is was very poorly made and asked to return it and have it fixed

Posted on Saturday, April 24th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 4e8cfc68

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I have a problem


I just found this and I would like to know how long it has been up. I am Jacque Ray of Jacque's Apparel. Before a company allows someone to slander another company they need to find out the entire story.

Jacque's Apparel does have polices that we abide by and work with each of our customers. These polices are posted on my web site www.jacquesapparel.com This customer kept this jacket for over a year. When a customer is past a time limit it is at our discretion on how we will work with them. If, that customer starts to get a fowl mouth or a temper we then start to take action in prepping for a law suite. When that customer is distraught and rude we can and sometime do refuse to work with them and refer them to our lawyer. Now, beside all of this Jacque's Apparel still tried to work with this customer. Upon her request after having this jacket for over a year she wanted a new jacket, not her money back. After the fits and obscenities she through the jacket was sent back via US mail.

I feel that you should have at least given me the chance to post my side of this when it was written. Now that you have the whole story, please do the right thing and post my side. Thank you, for your time.

Thank You,

Jacque Ray

Jacque's Apparel

April 23, 2004:

Custom showmanship Jacket from Jacques Appreal

Jacques Appreal makes custom horse show clothes. In 2001 I purchesed a showmanship jacket from Jacque. I paid $258 plus shipping. After recieving the jacket I saw that is was very poorly made and asked to return it and have it fixed. Jacque said that was ok and I shipped her the jacket. When she sent it back the jacket had not changed, in fact the seams didn't even line up.

I called Jacque and asked her to make me a new jacket. She said she would, all I had to do was send her the original. So I shipped the jacket back to her. She then e-mailed me to saw that if I wanted the new jacket it was going to cost $500. I told her I wouldn't pay that and asked for my money back from the original jacket. During this time she had my jacket on her web site for sale for $280!

After asking for the money back she sent an e-mail that stated she would give me $100 after she sold the jacket, and if I wanted my money back I would have to take her to court!

Needless to say in 2004 I have recieved NO money from Jacque and she still has my original jacket, unless she sold it for the second time.

I'm don't know what can be done, but I would like to warn all those horse people that are buying over the phone or internet, because people like this don't just do this once, they do it again and again.

Helpless in Tucson

Kristi W

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4e8cfc68, 2008-01-02, 06:37PM CST

Well it has been a couple of years but I found this reply. I'm the customer Kristi. There was no "FITS AND OBSENITIES". I asked if she would fix it, knowing it was a year later. She said she would. The fact that she kept the jacket, then sold it and never gave me a dime of my money back, seems wrong. I'm very glad that they finally responded. I would love for them to explain why they kept the jacket and my $258. I've had e-mails from people considering using Jacques Apparel and have decided against it. This is the WHOLE store. It is now 2008 and I have still have no jacket and no money (not even the half they promised). Oh it's not SLANDER if it's true.

272e4c21, 2008-11-05, 08:37AM CST

I had the SAME thing happen to me with Jacques apparel! I had a custom showmanship outfit made from $800.00 and custom chaps for $400.When it arrived it looked terrible! It didn't fit, there were glue marks on it, there weren't crystals in places where I had indicated I wanted them, the seams didn't match up. I hated it! And to add to it, the chaps were sewn inside out(they were supposed to be smooth) and had a HUGE flaw in the leather. She refused to refund me but said she would fix it, well I got it back THE DAY OF MY CLASS at the Congress and it finaly fit but she never replaced the crystals, took off the glue marks or fixed the seam.How cheap. Beware! Know what your getting before you pay for a expensive immitation!

4e8cfc68, 2012-12-06, 06:09PM CST

I am sorry to see that Jacque is still up to her old games. There are some many great clothing companies out there and Jacques Apparel is NOT one of them!! Jacque has cheated a lot of hard working people out of their money.

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