AOL - AOL for Broadband and Time Warner Cable - free 60 day trial period - after only 45 days of fee service charges appeared on my card

Posted on Saturday, April 24th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 3eca3557

Company: AOL

Location: PO Box 17175

Category: Internet Services

Several Months ago I was contacted by Time Warner Cable offering a free 60 day trial period of broadband internet service through Time Warner Cable and America Online. I accepted the offer. The Cable company sent someone out to install the line and activate the service. What they did not tell me until after it was installed was that they had to have my credit card number in order to activate the service. After only 45 days of fee service charges appeared on my card.

A phone call to AOL told me that while the broadband cable service is free for 60 days the AOL was only free for 45 days. One is no good with out the other. After 3 month of paid service @ aprox $56.00 per month I decided to cancel the service. Easier said than done. I called Time Warner and asked that the service

be canceled.

I was told I had to bring in all the equipment before they could do that. I turned in all the equipment and got a receipt. I waa told it was all taken care of at that point. Well I was charged on my credit card for another full month. I called AOL and they said my account was still active because they were never notified that the account should be closed.

Is it true that Time Warner Cable and AOL own each other? They would not refund my money from the day I turned in my equipment but told me they would close the account effective as of the day I called them. This would allow me a refund of approx. $11.00 instead of the $56.00. They said I would be getting a cancel confirmation letter in the mail with a confirmation number. I got a letter in the mail 12 days later thanking me for agreeing to continue my subscription to AOL! I have gotten no refund on my card! I have called AOL but get no where.

They just talk in circles. I have asked for a supervisor but they will not let me speak to one. I need to stop these charges to my card and get the money they took from me back.

Sincerely Janet S


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