Mt. Vernon Coin Company - Mt. Vernon Coin Company, Annapolis, MD - - coin order - coins were listed as Premium Brilliant Uncirculated - 5 or 6 of the coins where not BU but look to be circulated and nothing like they advertised Premium

Posted on Saturday, April 3rd, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 2123dbf6

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complaint response from MVCC

In reference to Mr. Jeffrey Bicht of April, 2004: The timeframe in shipping Mr. Jeffrey Bicht’s order was a little longer than normal. Since we were temporarily out of stock on two items, we waited until we had them available to ship the order complete. Mr. Bicht indicated to us that he was pleased with a few but not all of the coins and as is our policy, Mr. Bicht was offered a full refund. He declined our offer.

Sincerely, Mr. William Henderson

Account Manager

April 2, 2004 - Consumer Message:

Please list my complaint

Mt. Vernon Coin Company

45 Old Solomons Island Rd.

Suite 106

Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Phone Number 1-800-368-2314 On or around 1/29/2004 I placed an order with the above company on the Internet from there web site. All the coins where listed as Premium Brilliant Uncirculated. Their web site says orders shipped normally in 7 to 10 days. Being I was going out of town on 2/18/2004 I figured I would have plenty of time for the coins to be here before I left. I sent them emails two times trying to find out about this order and they never got back in touch with me. While I was out of town the order came in all most a month after I placed the order and since I was not here to check it before my child put them in our coin folders.

First 5 or 6 of the coins where not BU but look to be circulated and nothing like they advertised Premium! They all so sent me one wrong coin which may have been a $3 coin in place of the $11 coin I paid for. They have a return police but since they would not return my email or call me as they had my phone number and took so long to ship them and I was out of town the time to send them back ran out. If I new they would take so long to ship or would have given me the curtsey to return my email I would have told them to hold the order till I arrived back home or cancel it! I even emailed them about the problem but once again did not get back to me! I will be taking this up with other means all so! I paid with Paypal (which I will never deal with again) and since they took so long to get me my order the time ran out to file a complaint with them. With Paypal you only have 30 days after you send payment and I did not receive the coins till after the 30 days ran out! Wonder if they take this long on all orders paid by Paypal so you have no recourse with Paypal and so the can get rid of there poorer grade coins at the premium price? After filling complaints I did receive an email from Robert Hambleton asking what he could do to try and make it right. I emailed him back and once again they are not very good at returning emails. Out of emailing them 5to 7 times they have only returned my email twice and in the emails there is nothing more then the run around. Why do they have an email address for you to email them if they are not going to return them or is it that they do not know how? Jeffrey E. B

Macon, GA

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32b9dfe1, 2011-02-01, 09:50AM CST

Bought set of Mercury dimes with holder.

Dimes arrived loose no holder. e-mailed

MTV coins three times on this matter no response from them.

Thomas L. S

G.R., MI

f9b7c014, 2011-04-03, 07:58AM CDT

This company is a complete scam. They sell cleaned coins as uncirculated. Do not do any business with them.

They should be shut down and prosecuted.

They're defacing the currency and commit

wholesale fraud on a daily basis.

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