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March 16, 2006 - Business Reply

Hello, im the owner of South Bay Appliance and a customer made me aware this am that i had a complaint on file with your company so i came online to look into it.

It took me a while to find out who this customer was i had to call there home warranty company and got the information. This was quite sometime back and im amazed your company will post without contacting the business to get there side of the story, but in any case i was reading all the legal stuff on your website and i will be glad to go to court to get this deleted online. South Bay Appliance has been in business since 1992 and i have never once had something like this happen, if you can help me by telling me what i need to do in the courts to get this removed it would be appreciated as South Bay Appliance works for very high end appliance lines and id hate for the consumers to be getting this false information.....

almost forgot to mention, this customer never filed a complaint with my insurance company the referigerator was never removed, the only problem was the coils were so filthy the referigerator could not breathe so it was not working correctly there was no reason to pull this machine out when the coils get cleaned they get cleaned from the front of the unit in looking at the invoice, the job wasnt even covered because the referigerator was so filthy and it was not normal wear and tear so Abel just instructed them how to clean it as your consumer says in her email to you, and yes she was right i assume after they cleaned there floor 2 weeks later and saw a scratch they decided it was my company that caused this so you can post this on there post if you would like until i can get these lies deleted.

Thanks again.


South Bay Appliance

March 16, 2006 - Consumer Follow-up Message - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_66362# Re:

To whom it may concern: My name is Joe, and I am providing a brief response to the Business response to our complain of April 2004 (South Bay Applicance).

Amanda and I still stand by our original message we posted to With Danny, the manager of South Bay Appliance wanting to delete as he calls, "these lies", I want to reinforce our stance on the matter. Our complaint about Abel (their workman) didn't extend past the point where he scratched our floor. In fact, we appreciated his help regarding the troubleshooting of our refrigerator problem at the time, although the fact that we were attacked in such a hostile fashion later ("...the coils were so filthy the referigerator (sic) could not breathe") made this situation completely unacceptable. Our COMPLETE dissatisfaction concerning South Bay Applicance and Danny, the manager, arose from his (and their phone operator's) absolute lack of professionalism in handling matters after the fact. As a record of their incompetence and rudeness, we retained a copy of a completely erroneous and blatantly fictional letter they sent to our home owner's association, First American. Thus, we and First American have THEIR completely unfounded statements and hearsay on record. It is obvious from Danny's posting that this attitude and these types of statements continue even to this day. We truly appreciate and completely support, and want to ensure that we are fully and fairly representing our experience with South Bay Appliance of San Jose, CA.

Best regards, Joe

March 16, 2006 - Consumer Follow-up Message - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_25903#

Regarding this matter, we have the letter to prove that we indeed did file a complaint with our insurance company and that our claim was denied WITH a letter from Southbay Appliance. That was the procedure our insurance company told us to do. As for filing a complaint to THEIR insurance company, I assume our insurance company would take care of it. Southbay Appliance is full of lies and they couldn't even get the timeline or story straight regarding the event. BTW. The same letter of complaint was sent to BBB and other Calif. agencies. As a customer, I believe we have a right to complain about bad business experiences.

April 14, 2004 - Consumer Message:

Southbay Appliance, San Jose, CA

Re: Complaint Against Southbay Appliance, 56 S. Autumn Street, San Jose, CA 95110 Through our homeowner’s insurance, Southbay Appliance was contracted to come to our condo to look at our leaking refrigerator. Abel, from Southbay Appliance, was sent to our home to inspect the refrigerator. He pulled out the refrigerator to check the back and noted that the coils underneath the refrigerator were dirty, and hence, prevented the refrigerator from functioning properly. He then showed one of our roommates how to clean the coil as our roommate stood over his shoulder to watch.

He then pushed the refrigerator back against the wall, scratching our hardwood floor. When we filed a complaint to our homeowner’s insurance two weeks later, Southbay Appliance denied the claim. Furthermore, in a letter to our homeowner’s insurance, Southbay Appliance implied that because of our delay in filing the claim for the damage, it must mean that the damage was already there and we were looking for a scapegoat. This was not the case at all. We noticed the scratch on our hardwood floor four days after they came for

service when we were cleaning out the refrigerator coil ourselves.

Though not initially easily visible, it became clear when we bent down to clean the coils. We also noticed that the lights and the mechanism that delivers the cold air inside the refrigerator that was working before suddenly stopped working consistently after Southbay Appliance’s visit. As a result, we wanted to get the lights and cooling mechanism problem fixed as quickly as possible although the scratches were still a serious concern, hence, we called our homeowner’s insurance for another service call as well as

informing them of our concerns with Southbay’s visit, particularly with the scratches they made on our floor.

Our homeowner’s insurance informed us that we needed to contact Southbay directly, so we did. We were met with inconsistent stories from Abel, their technician.

He first denied pulling out the refrigerator, even though our roommate witnessed this on the day of the service call, and he told our second roommate over the phone at the time of the visit that he “had to move out the fridge to clean the back.” After our questioning this discrepancy, he “recalled” having to pull the refrigerator forward and pushing it back. Southbay Appliance then argued that we must have caused the scratches by

pulling out the refrigerator to clean the coils when in reality, there was no need to pull out the refrigerator when we simply cleaned the coils in the front of the refrigerator with a coil brush. In response to this rebuttal,

Southbay Appliance proceeded to blame our second repairman for causing the damage. However, we had already spoken with our homeowner’s insurance representative concerning the scratches and the need for further repair prior to the second repair visit.

We would like to formally file this letter as a complaint against Southbay Appliance for their poor business practices, their rude treatment and blatant lies concerning their visit and the subsequent damage they caused to our home due to gross negligence, and lastly, their utter slander concerning our home’s condition in a claim denial letter addressed to our homeowner’s insurance company. Sincerely,

Joe and Amanda


66d56530, 2009-12-16, 02:01PM CST

This is the worst repair shop you'll ever find. Their service is beyond being worst. Takes forever to get parts (6 weeks is not too long for them) and they even don't let you know the estimated time frame or updates. You have to make many calls to get an update. They never return your call promptly. Never deal with this guys.? I had two repairs done by South Bay Appliances and in both repairs they never updated me on the process or tried to get the parts fast or return my calls promptly.

66d56530, 2009-12-16, 02:07PM CST

This is the worst repair shop you'll ever find. Their service is beyond being worst. Takes forever to get parts (6 weeks is not too long for them) and they even don't let you know the estimated time frame or updates. You have to make many calls to get an update. They never return your call promptly. Never deal with this guys.? I purchased GE service contract as well. I had 2 repairs done by South Bay Appliance and had long waits (my latest one is over 18 weeks)

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