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Posted on Friday, April 2nd, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 45321ed5

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I was disturbed yesterday to get my credit card statement. I had an over the limit fee that was accessed.

I got my computer in June of 2003. In late June I had signed up for AOL which I was given 2 months free, until

I pointed out to them that my Dell computer had a 6 month free gift. So I had to send the info to get these on my account. So AOL did post the 6 months free. But I had also joined the plan for Call Alert which was free for 1 year as an introductory offer.

But my credit card was charged for this, so I called and they told me that for the inconvenience that I was to be credited 2 free months for my trouble. Well then I can't remember for what but AOl also gave me another month free for another inconvenience. So this is a total of 10 months free, because the original 2 months didn't count since I had the 6 months free from dell. Atleast this is what I was told by the customer service specialist and also by the representative last night. When I was given the 2 months, it was given to me as a AOL rewards.

The lady sent me a confirmation e-mail and gave me instructions on how to do this. When I received the e-mail I submitted the information as it was on the e-mail. I am not sure if I received a confirmation or not. But then I was sent another e-mail months later to redeem these again. So I submitted once again. Then on November 13th I received a letter from AOL regarding the 1 month free. So I once again submitted this. I was told and understood, that I wouldn't get a bill until April of this year.

But as of yesterday, my credit card account was billed in Jan, Feb & March. When I spoke to the representative about this, they said that I had not redeemed my awards. I of course didn't agree with this, because knowing that I had done or as he said (attempted) to do this, that AOL showed that it was never done.

So now there is 3 charges on my bill for "unclaimed rewards" and I was told that I would be fine until April. I have an over the limit fee on my credit card of 29.95. and I was also told that now my rewards are expired. and that they are still showing that there is a month that has not been redeemed. Which this must be the one for November 13th.

So my question is, what am I supposed to look for to show proof of me doing the awards points. I know that I did this several times. That is why I don't understand this. Did I do something wrong, because I did everything that the e-mail and letter told me to do.

So I have papers everywhere from -when I received my computer, when I spoke to AOL the first time of set up, and somewhere I have other documents. So before I go searching I need to know what I am to look for. I have never had problems with AOL before when I lived in Florida. And I am happy to have local service to receive AOL. So I just want to find what I need to get my 3 months credited back to my card. I am fully aware that I am to be billed starting April..

I would appreciate any response from you, and hopefully it is different than the one I had last night, because I must say he was rude. But I am sure he was as confused as I was.

Thank you.


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