Honda - 1996 Honda Accord - in June, 2003, suddenly had trouble staring car - starter replaced by Honda dealer - problem wasn't fixed - battery replaced by Sears - problem solved - Honda dealer misdiagnosed problem

Posted on Wednesday, December 10th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Product: 1996 Accord

Company: Honda

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Honda May be the best automobile on the market for the money -- but the Dealership Service Department leaves much to be desired. I bought a new Honda Accord in May of 1996. Had all the servicing done by this same service department. They even changed my windshield wiper blades and notified me to replace a tire that had a gouge in it. In April 2003 I had a 30,000 mile check up. Everything was fine. In June 2003, I suddenly had trouble starting my car. I would let it sit a few minutes and try again. It would start with no problem. I immediately took my car in to the service department and told them of my problem. The service attendant checked my car and then came into the waiting room to tell me that the car needed a new starter. I questioned this solution but said that if they were certain that would fix the problem, to go ahead and replace the starter. When I was handed the invoice, I paid the bill and left. The next day I made three short trips. On the last trip from the grocery store, I again had the same problem. It was Saturday so could get no one in the Service Department. I told my problem to the Sales Person at the Dealership. He suggested I leave my car so that the Service Department could work it in on Monday. He gave me a loaner for the next two days. On Monday afternoon, by phone, I was told by the Service Department that I needed a new battery. Needless to say, I was very frustrated and wanted to pick up my car and get it out of their hands. I asked the Service Manger if Honda didn't have batteries in stock. He said that they did but offered no reason why ther Service Department had not offered to replace the battery in their shop. After picking up my car, I drove about 1/2 mile down the road to Sears (as they had suggested and where my husband had purchased batteries) and had the battery replaced.I have had no trouble since. Because I believe that the Service Daprtment should have suggested a battery replacement (they knew that I had the original 7 year old battery in the car) and tried that before replaceing the starter, I wrote to the Honda Area or Zone Office. I was informed that Honda no longer has Zone or Area Offices. I next went to the Better Business and eventually ended up in arbitration with the Honda Dealership. I lost!! The Service Manager stated that I should have taken my care elsewhere for a second opinion. As soon as I stated I would consent to a new starter, I was obligaged to pay for it. The Service Manager stated that the Service Technician had an unblemished record and he saw no reason to question the decision made by the Technician. I am an 81 yar old widow whose husband was a mechanic and always took care of our cars. The Dealerhip Service Department stated that they did not tell me the battery needed replacement on my first trip because they believed that I would not authorize a new starter and a new battery at the same time because of the cost. I probably would have taken my car elsewhere for a second opinion if this suggestion had been made on my first trip with this starting problem. I do not have family here and had to trust the Dealership. Will I buy another Honda -- probably . Will I have it serviced by a Honda Dealership --NO!!!

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fcab7a3a, 2007-10-25, 08:40AM CDT

Most car dealers are crooks. The service depqartment has become a profit center.

NEVER NEER NEVER use the dealer service department for anything other than warranty repairs

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