Savon Furniture, 5404 Washington Blvd., N., Sarasota, FL - sofa delivered a with large gash on the underside of one of the pillows

Posted on Saturday, December 20th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 8236b694

Company: Savon Furniture, 5404 Washington Blvd., N., Sarasota, FL - sofa delivered a with large gash on the underside of one of the pillows

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November 17, 2005 - Business Reply - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74486#

Subject Company: Savon Furniture

URL: I would like the readers to know that even though this complaint is a few years old Kanes/Savon Furniture has researched this matter. Mrs. Spelleri visited our Sarasota location on July 16, 2003. According to the posting her mother was interested in a specific floor model, which was tagged “AS IS”. Generally, floor samples are discounted because the merchandise is no longer going to be sold by the retailer or manufactured by the supplier. In other cases the furniture may be damaged to some degree and the retailer will discount the cost due to the existing condition. In this case the supplier had discontinued the sleeper, which Mrs. Spelleri wanted to purchase. Our Sarasota location had one sleeper displayed on their floor, which had been sold to another customer earlier that day. Clearly, Mrs. Spelleri wouldn’t be able to get this specific sleeper. The sales associate did some further research and advised the consumer that our Distribution Center had more sleepers. However, it would take approximately 7-10 days to have the sleeper transported to the Sarasota location. Mrs. Spelleri decided to make the purchase and hired an outside delivery service to deliver the sleeper instead of picking the product up. The merchandise was successfully delivered to the residence on August 2, 2003. The consumers posting states that a family member accepted the delivery on behalf of Mrs. Spelleri and noted that the item were “Brand New” still in the factory plastic. All damages must be reported within 72 hours. In this case our company didn’t receive any calls until two months later. At which point it was reported that a pillow had a gash in it. As indicated on the back of sales receipts “Merchandise sold AS IS will not be eligible for exchange, allowance, refund, or service. All AS IS merchandise sold without any express or implied warranties of any type.” I have been in contact with the manufacturer to inquire if replacement parts were still available for this particular sleeper and unfortunately they are not. I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to state our position regarding this matter. Kindest Regards, Shannon L McCarty

Corporate Customer Service Manager

December 19, 2003:

From: M COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_56459# Savon Furniture, 5404 Washington Blvd., N., Sarasota, FL - sofa delivered a with large gash on the underside of one of the pillows

Savon Furniture (a division of Kanes Furniture) is guilty of Bait and Switch.

Hi. The Store Savon Furniture is located at 5405 Washington Blvd. N. in Sarasota, FL. This is how their salespeople pull it off. The unsuspecting customer, in this case an 80 year old woman, my mother, agreed to purchase a floor model sleeper sofa at an "As Is" price. The woman and her companion

(me) inspected the sofa, found it to be satisfactory and agreed to the sale. At that point, the salesperson begins to hem and haw a bit, saying, "Just let me check the availability on that." The customer was sitting on the sofa-

it was clearly available. (Besides, doesn't "AS IS FLOOR MODEL" mean the one on the floor is the one you

get??) After a fifteen minute wait, no doubt timed so long as to make the elderly woman agree to anything because she was tired, the salesperson came back and announced that this particular floor model had just been sold but there were more available. Unfortunately, the woman would have to wait for some reason which neither of us fully understood. The salesperson then gave us a card with the name of the delivery company on it who we were to call for delivery. We called to arrange delivery, and the delivery company called us back later to say that the sofa would not be available for a few weeks.(Again, clearly not the floor model we had

inspected.) So the elderly woman waited. By the time the sofa arrived, over two weeks later, the elderly woman was out of town staying with family, and didn't return for nearly two months. The sofa was accepted by her daughter, who noted it was "brand new", wrapped in sealed plastic. It was put in the woman's apartment. When the woman returned from out of state, she had the opportunity to open the sofa for the first time, and found a large gash on the underside of one of the pillows. Subsequent phone calls to SAVON for repair or replacement were met with the same response : a) This is the floor model- bought AS IS

b) Even if it isn't the floor model, why did you wait two months to open it up? In the first place, the long delay for availability proved it IS NOT the floor model and the floor model HAD NO rip in it. In the second place, the customer has no obligation to provide SAVON with a social calendar as to her whereabouts for two months.

The fact that it remained unopened is enough; she should not have to prove anything. Finally, while the assistant manager was polite and reasonable, the salesperson, Patricia Gorin was very rude, interruptive and accusatory on the phone. I had "gotten through" to the assistant manager, and then was appalled that the assistant manager had the saleswoman call my home. She is the culprit, not the arbitrator to solve the problem! What kind of management hides behind the skirts of the sales staff? Shame on this store for trying to take advantage of the elderly by baiting with good products, and switching to defective! Maria Spelleri on behalf of

Jane Spelleri



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6e196ff2, 2007-11-19, 07:59PM CST

I have been reading this email as I have been researching furniture. I am not sure who these people are, but, who in their right mind would refer to their own mother as an elderly woman. That to me seems quite callous. If I ever referred to my mother as an elderly woman, she, being elderly or not, would probably throw a slipper at me. I am sure there may have been some sort of problem but please, do not try to throw the word "elderly" around as some means to plead your case. Shame on you, customer, for using this term to make the violins hum a little louder on your behalf. Get a grip! And as my mother would say....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Besides, if you were so turned off by the sales staff, why not just leave and check out another store? I'll tell you why! Its probably because this daughter was dragging her mother all over town looking for the cheapest price! Thats what tired her out, not some 15 minutes from a phone call. I am sure, shopping in a furniture store, if she was truly that tired, there must have been plenty of seats to sit on. Am so tired of people having to stretch the truth so they can get their way. Additionally, you will read that the daughter put the wrapped sofa in her mothers home for her to open when she returned back from her trip. She made the elderly woman open and remove the packaging herself? Seems to me, that two months away visiting family, sure gave this "elderly" woman the strength she so desperately needed.

a67f683e, 2007-12-11, 09:05AM CST

I am in a situation with that very same savon right now. I purchased a bedroom set in june, it is now december and i still dont have one of my dressers. they did call me today to tell me they were at my house waiting for me but i wasnt home. they stated they were at a purple house, there arent any purple houses on my street. now they tell me they are going to charge me a redeliver fee. those people in that store have got to be the dumbest people i have ever met i will never shop there again.

Charlotte R., 2012-08-22, 12:23PM CDT

Unfair business practices

I purchased a complete bedroom set from Sav On Furniture on 07/07/2012. Delivery was set for 07/12/2012. When they arrived they only had the rails and the dresser. They told me the head board and foot board was not loaded on the truck. It was scheduled for approx. a week later. The night stands were on back order. Which at purchase, I was told would be delivered on 08/18/2012. After being patient and waiting for over a month. On the 18th by 12:30pm I had not heard from Sav On. So I called and was told it would be the end of the following week.(Aug 23 or 24th) I explained that would not work for me since I have quest arriving and needed to complete the bedroom. I had to go elsewhere to purchase night stands.. I ask for a refund and was told it would be 5-7 business days for processing. Today 08/22/2012 I got a call from Jennifer the accounting manager in the Port Charlotte location telling me that my refund would be in the amount of $333.00 not the $520.00 I paid. She said becuase I received additional discount for purchasing the night stands they would have to deduct that amount. Now to me, I am being punished for their not standing behind their promise to deliver the night stands in a reasonable time. Also, she gave me a choice of waiting for the stands to come in. Which now would be the end of the month. Or not! I feel this is unfair business practices and will never shop at Sav On Furniture. I will also make sure I tell anyone who will listen not to buy from this company.

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