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Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 9dce63e7

Company: ACN TV

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ACN Jewelry Television is a privately owned company and has been in business successfully for more than ten years. Currently, we are ranked as the fourth largest home shopping network. In responding to the complaint, Consumer Message #19 for December 16,2003, we have refunded the purchase price of the item and the charge for shipping and handling. Our refund policy for shipping and handling is clearly explained on our invoices. Our invoice clearly states that shipping charges are non-refundable. We do make exceptions to our policy based on the circumstances surrounding each refund.Michael Clark Correspondence Supervisor ACNtv

It was my first purchase so when I spoke to the sales rep he went out of his way to assure me that if I was not satisfied I could return the merchandise within 30 days for a refund. When the item was delivered, it was an inferior piece of junk and nothing like described on TV. I returned the product within 30 days and followed up with a call to customer service. Customer Service informed me that the policy of ACN TV was not to refund shipping charges. The customer service rep also told me that it was company policy NOT to mention the non-refundable shipping charges when the sale is made." She went on to say that "all she could do was input my complaint, there was no option to speak with a supervisor or manager".

I was also told that the mystery people who would review my complaint could not call me back and that I had to periodically call back to customer service to follow up. I then asked for the name of the company president, I was informed "Customer Service is NOT ALLOWED to give out the name of the company president". I asked for a toll free number to contact customer service and was informed that they did not have any toll free service for complaints, just for new orders....!!! BEWARE OF ACN TV They will not disclose who is running the business; they misrepresent merchandise; and intentionally mislead customers regarding refund policy.


34dc4ade, 2008-11-29, 01:52PM CST

Recently I returned an item within the 30 days allowed- and the company never credited me - they told me because it was sized - The company did receive the item back via tracking info - Inv only stated that the sizing charge was not refundable - disputed with my bank who credited me - JTV has tried to force the item back on me 4 times - now I have to fax documents to their CEO F Robert Hall to stop their fraud practice - Beware to consurmers

Aggie P., 2009-10-27, 10:49PM CDT

Well welcome to the crowd. They still do not tell the truth. The still mislead people and will do anything to make that sale!! PEOPLE AVOID SHOPPING AT THIS SITE....JTV.COM/Jewelry Television, ACN TV.....

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