Citicapital - Citicapital - receiving car loan late payment notices, despite making payments on time - haven't received new payment book, reflecting increased loan payments due to increase in vehicle tax

Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 35bde7d3

Company: Citicapital

Category: Other

I started receiving late notices on June 25, 2003, stating the company (Citicapital) hadn't received my payments. I spoke with a Mr. Sanford Drexler, who looked up my account and said everything was current, don't worry about any other notices.

I have received past due letters on the average of one to two a month since August 2003 (the latest being dated November 25, 2003). I called the company and spoke with Mr. George Roberts who found a posting error made by Citicapitol.

Mr. Roberts advised me the posting error would have to be corrected in Texas. He referred me to a Mr. Dan Franchase, who he said would get the discrepancy corrected. I spoke with Mr. Franchase and requested that I receive something in writing showing the discrepancy has been corrected and the late fees removed. To this date I haven't received anything. I was also advised that taxes had increased on my vehicle and I should have been sent a new payment book, which I never received.

The last time I spoke with Mr. Franchase, He couldn't give me a straight answer who was responsible for notifying me of a tax increase on the vehicle so I could make the correct payments. It shouldn't take SIX MONTHS to correct a posting error. This will definitely be the last time I lease or finance a vehicle from Citicapitol. Their customer service is terrible. Consumers beware!


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