BSNL, Chaitanya, India -phone service down for 15 days

Posted on Wednesday, January 1st, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 8aca9c7f

Company: BSNL, Chaitanya, India -phone service down for 15 days

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RE: BSNL, Chaitanya, India -phone service down for 15 days


I would be grateful if my telkephone No. 2521474 can be braught back to life which is lying ibn Coma since

last 15 days. A complaint to sergeons at BSNL was logded wide their complaint No. Y-797 which seems to

have fallen on deaf years.

On personal inquiry about not responding to the complaints lodged by me, the responsible persons at

BSNL loved to shift their burdone by saying its due to the digging by the Reliance persons (incidently the

persons claiming to Make Every Indians Dream come true by connecting every Indian thru Telephones...)

Anyway, I personally feel that in view of their aggressive digging and longer terms of Dead Telepohones, do not result into a dead BSNL as we shall have better offers from the Cable Cutters...

May good sence prevail upon the persons and they realize what they are destined for if the customer is

not treated properly.

Thanks for providing a platform for redressal of our problems.

Thanks Again,

Suresh Malhotra

Bungalow No. 3


Clarke Town Nagpur.


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