Sprint PCS - phone service cut off for non-payment - upset with customer service

Posted on Friday, December 27th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 9d037484

Company: Sprint PCS - phone service cut off for non-payment - upset with customer service

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RE: Sprint PCS - phone service cut off for non-payment - upset with customer service

I have been a Sprint customer for more than one year and renewed my plan even though the service wasn't that good enough to be renewed. You must be thinking why would I renew my service if I didn't have any satisfaction at all! Well, I have my reasons to stick with the service. First, I have given the number in my resume and submitted that to many companies which used to call me. I felt that it was important that I stick to the same number as I was looking for recruitment.

Then again I had to stick with the service as it offered nationwide long distance and the plan was acceptable with 350 daytime minutes and 2150 night and weekend minutes for 34.99 which I switched to 350 daytime and 3650 night and weekend minutes. Sounds like a good deal isn't it! Yeah it sounded like a good deal to me too! And they gave me $200 credit limit sayin that I can use it for as much time as I want.

Now where does the discontent arise? First, I was in school and I used to spend most of the time in the computer lab doing my work. When I enter the building the phone starts saying "Looking for service...." and the slashes by the antenna decrease and then only the antenna stays. Then it keeps on saying the same" Looking for service..." and keeps beeping all the time telling me and the students in the lab that my phone sucks. Well, you can attribute it to the phone piece.Let me tell you, in the beginning I had this Sanyo piece and that did the same and then I had the LG piece which did the same.

Well, you can say I bought two shitty pieces. I encouraged my friend also to go for Sprint service and he had this Samsung piece which was considered one of the best! Well, that did the same and he used to give me these looks whenever it does that and I used to feel guilty for referring this service to him. Then when we used to call these customer representatives they were the worst if u pick from any lot including those of some shitty products. They don't have answers to your questions and they say, I don't have any answer for your question and then when we ask whom should we contact for proper response they don't have an answer for that. What do you call these people then?

Now the second reason, this phone of mine service provided by Sprint PCS won't receive signal sometimes even when I'm in my living room with the whole antenna pulled out. Can you imagine that! First it used to do that when I used to talk from my bedroom, but then even when I'm in my living room it used to do that. Goes into analog roaming mode. In between a serious conversation the phone loses the signal,what should I say! I'm looking for jobs to provide me livelihood and I'm in between an interview then the signal fades out. What should I do! This happened to my friend, who was looking for jobs too and he keeps complaining to me. What should I tell him? The ironic part is that,I don't have an answer,even the Sprint cust representative can't answer my questions. Worst is still to come.

The other day I was going to this interview which was like 1 hour drive from my apartment and I was on my way and on this freeway that my car broke down. I still had one and half hour time to attend the interview! Then I try to call my friend to come and pick me up who was like 15 minutes away from the place I was stuck and call a towing service to tow my truck. My phone kept ringing and it says that I have to pay my bill and my service has been disconnected and gives me the option, to press one to pay the bill. It was really hard to comprehend as I was trying to get this job and the Human Resources department of this firm was favorable to me and I had cleared the technical at the first level and was going for the second round of the interview which being the final one. I tried to call the customer service and they tell me that it'll take 12 hours to re-activate my phone.

Then I waited so that someone would give me a ride and invain,as people started trusting less each other these days.I had to walk like 2-21/2 miles to reach a gas station near an exit and then use the pay phone to call them and in the mean time my interview time was over and the technical guy was really pissed off and called of the interview and said that they hired someone! Imagine the pain one goes through when you are confident of getting the job. Well one will say that you didn't pay the bills they disconnected the service,fair and square! I'll tell ya what happened. When I got the Sprinct service they gave me a $200 credit limit which I didn't even request for.

Then again I call the Sprint cust rep and she tells me that I can wait till I accumulate a bill upto $ 200 to pay my bill as I was given that much credit. Well I didn't pay the bill for 4 months assuming this and they didn't disconnect my service in the past as I reached $ 192.00 of my total $200.00. I paid the bill then and the chapter was closed then. This time, the phone was disconnected and I wasn't even warned any way(by mail/e-mail/phone/ text messaging) that my phone would be disconnected in the next few days if I didn't pay the bill. Why would I mess up with my interviews and stuff when I know that I need this phone badly as it's the number that was with most of the recruiters or recruiting firms.

I couldn't sleep that night and called the customer service again and she says to me that the credit is for a particular billing period only. Am I crazy! why would they give credit for one billing period only when they know that I have like 4000 monthly minutes for $40.00 in my plan and then why would I go for and talk like a crazy sob for $200 worth minutes. What do they think! I won't sleep and I keep talkin and talkin on this phone! Won't I have any other work to do!

Then and there I stopped using Sprint and they called me couple of times for collecting the bill! Why should I call them and talk to them? Why have they given me credit and why would they disconnect the service! I wasn't even warned before this was done to me! What should I say? I don't get a proper response from their customer rep when I try to resolve this issue! They talk as if they are not concerned abt this and they are concerned in collecting the bills,that's it. Well, I'll pay them their bills, with interest. Will they compensate me for causing so much emotional distress and causing me to lose a job? Will they pay me for pulling back a crucial step of my life? Will they! They don't.

They just say we are not responsible for that and the actions are a result of you not paying the bills! That's their argument. I request you not to take Sprint PCS service even though it has a nation wide coverage. There are discrepencies in the billing and the way they charge you for service you don't even request for is ridiculuous. I removed this wireless web service from my phone and they said it won't appear in my next bill and the next bill I check it's still there!

You can argue with a reasonable person. What do u argue with a hothead like this SPRINT PCS custmoer service!

Just wanted to let my pain out. I made atleast 6-7 people take Sprint PCS service and now I'm into making people quit Sprint PCS service


Shivanand Reddy Patlolla.

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1a084be2, 2008-01-07, 01:25PM CST

The following is the letter I'm sending to arbitrationfor Sprint:

During the month of May I called in to Sprint to cancel my cell phone services. On May 15th a customer representative offered me a special discounted plan to keep me in a Sprint account and renew my services for another 2 years. The plan entitled 4500 anytime minutes, 2 additional lines on the account, nights and weekend minutes starting at 7PM, unlimited text massaging, and unlimited Vision plan for the price of $95 plus tax. The representative told me that since I had been a good customer for the past 7 years and had never missed paying a bill, she could give me this plan on a discounted rate. Believing I was going to be with sprint for a long term, I purchased a $59.99, $129.99, and a $579.99 phones. I would not have obviously purchased these phones if I had not been given this plan.

On top of that when I purchased the phones I paid full price because another representative(Williams:WVA2750) promised that I would get 2 rebates for the treo as well as rebates for the other phones and credits on the account which would refund my initial invest of the full price.

In July I noticed that the plan actually was not for $95 plus tax; instead the total bill came to close to double that amount. When I called to check on my issue, each and every customer service representative told me that I needed to talk to the original representative and that they would email/ leave her a message to contact me about the issue and that I would be contacted with in 72 hours. I have yet to receive a returned call on the subject. This has happened for more than 10 times. Initially I didnt even start counting; when I didnt receive calls back, I started keeping track of how many time I called in. This is not an over estimated number. Some of those times the representative actually said that they would contact the manager of the original customer service representative for better results. To this day I have not received a call from the original representative, her manager, or another associate who can help fix the issue.

Every time I talk to a customer service representative they state that the original representative never typed up the exact fee amount in her notes; leaving me to be open to regular charges. This is an obvious misdirection to the contract that I agreed to. When the official Sprint contract came in the mail it did not have any information on the amount being billed for my account. So I did not realize I was being charged a different amount than I was promised until I received the first bill. I have been trying to contact Sprint since then, June, to fix this issue.

There are even more discrepancies than what I have stated above. These discrepancies were actually picked up by other representatives when I called in to fix my initial issue. When I called in to fix the issues, the representatives would say that the notes states that I was promised free Vision package, yet on the plan I was assigned I was being charged for the Vision package. On the notes its states that the additional 3rd lines fee would be waived but the contract I was assigned I am being charged even for this. On the notes it said that I would get 2 rebates for my full price purchase of the Treo phone. Yet I only received 1 and when I call the rebate center they say that is not available.

I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get hold of customer service representatives to fix my issues. It has been a part-time job to talk to sprint to take care of this issue. I have been a good customer and Sprint has treated me well until May of 2007 when I was given a plan I did not agree with. When going for help, I get lost in the hourse of wait time and thousands of customer service representatives; explaining to each of them what my issue is just to hear that they can not help and will have the initial representative call me back.

There is yet another issue with in this mix of confusion. When I bought my Treo 755, I had to get another model because the initial one was labeled defective by a Sprint store. Sprint sent me another phone and I returned the original. The next month the charges for another phone appeared on my account. When I called about this, the representative said that since they havent received it yet they would have to charge the account until they receive it. After giving them the tracking number they realized that the phone did arrive in the warehouse but my account was not credited yet. They gave me a temporary credit until the warehouse would clear the phone. This process of me calling to check if the phone was turned in and receiving a temporary credit because the phone wasnt yet turned in but the phone is still in the warehouse happened for several months until September when I forgot to call and Sprint disconnected my service. After realizing their mistake the customer service representative cleared up the issue and gave me 3 months of free service because of this hassle. I could not even take advantage of this because I had to cancel my service to stop the overages being charged on my account spawning from the service plan I did not agree on. Be very clear that they offered this 3 months of free service because of the mistake with the warehouse and nothing additional to that.

This is my problem. Im not sure what you can do to help me resolve this other than taking this in to arbitration. I have canceled my Sprint service just to stop the over charging. Now I want to clear up this matter. I am a good customer that pays his bills, I have no other choice but to bring this issue to arbitration.

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