AOL - AOL - cancelled dialup Internet service but continued to be charged for 11 months so far - also received unauthorized charge from AOL Shop Direct

Posted on Friday, December 20th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 63159765

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AOL - cancelled dialup Internet service but continued to be charged for 11 months so far - also received unauthorized charge from AOL Shop Direct Well, here's another AOL complaint...I've been reading them on various web sites this evening. Late in January of this year I moved from the state of Massachusetts to my home state in the mid west. I notified AOL to disconnect my service effective February 1st. Since I now live in a small town where the AOL has no local access numbers, I've received internet service from a local provider ever since I've been here. My AOL service was being paid for with a debit card which allowed AOL to automatically deduct the monthly service fee of $23.90 from my account. I have maintained my Massachusetts bank account and aside from writing a couple of checks each month, I use the card for withdrawals from ATM machines, or for direct purchases. Unfortunately, I haven't been real careful about keeping track of the balance.....I mean, I'm the only one who has a card to that account, and I'm the only one who has the PIN, so I wasn't worried about someone else using it. Still, several times I've been sort of vaguely aware that there was a little less money in my account than I expected. Last month I decided I should see if I was just imagining it, so the first of the month I called the 800 number for the bank, and wrote down the balance the automated teller gave me. This month I have faithfully saved every receipt for withdrawals and purchases and subtracted them from the balance the bank gave me at the first of the month.

Today, I called the 800 number to get the balance, and it didn't agree with what I thought it should be, so I called back and accessed the part that tells me my last deposit and last ten transactions. I wrote them down, and compared them to the record I kept, and guess what. There was a transaction for $23.90, and my balance was exactly $23.90 more than the banks balance, and that just happens to be the amount of the monthly service charge for AOL. Since I've uninstalled AOL from my computer and was unable to find a customer service number online, I sent an email to my daughter in Arizona who also uses AOL, and she sent me the customer service number. She also did something I hadn't thought to do. She sent an email to my old AOL email address, and it DIDN'T bounce back, so it's clear they've never closed my account. And that means that AOL owes me $262.90 in charges on an account that I ordered closed and believed had been closed. This also means that they've been charging for an account that their own equipment should be telling them has not been used for nearly 11 months. I know they are a huge corporation, but somebody at AOL should be paying attention to these overcharges. I've been reading about overcharges and that AOL has refused in some cases to refund the money.

I had one other problem with them about a year ago after they charged $70 to my account for Shop Direct after I told them I didn't want it. It took several phone calls and about two months, but eventually they did re-deposit the money in my account, so I guess I'd recommend to people who haven't been refunded the unfair persistent, and demand a refund.

They have no right to take money from your account or charge to your credit card when you've told them you don't want their service. And this nonsense of claiming they didn't get the order or phone call you made (as several of the complaints I've read have stated) is nonsense. This is the first and LAST time I will ever approve a direct withdrawal from a bank account for any purchase or service.

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a87b485a, 2009-01-23, 02:03PM CST

I have used Broadband AOL for two years now. But, every so often my old dial up connrction shows up.

How do I disconnect from it and just use the new one I have now?

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