1800flowers.com - 1800flowers.com - unprofessional service experience - florist refused to attempt to redeliver flowers

Posted on Thursday, December 19th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 6414fc2a

Company: 1800flowers.com

Category: Online Shopping

I ordered GET WELL flowers from 1800flowers.com for a very special lady I have been going out with. It is a long distance relationship. She is sick with the FLU. When the florist tried to deliver the flowers, she was unavailable. She calls the florist when she heard the voice-mail / answering machine message. The florist refused to redeliver the flowers and told her to pick them up herself.

Now remember these are (1) GET WELL flowers, and (2) she is sick with the FLU. Now it doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to know that it is not right, courteous or professional to tell the recipient to pick up their own flowers let alone a sick recipient to pick up GET WELL flowers. I think that it is extremely rude and cruel!!! This type of behavior is not excusable!!! Moreover, the florist's shop was not located near where she resides and it was raining.

I didn't pay for her to pick up her own GET WELL flowers herself. This is like if I had given her money to go get her own GET WELL flowers. No one in their right mind would actually subject someone, especially someone they love, to an ordeal like the aforementioned situation. Well, apparently the 1800flowers.com florist doesn't think it is out of the ordinary to do so. And to make matters worse, they were pretty rude to her when she picked up her own GET WELL flowers.

She drove up there alone in the rain in her sick condition. They filled up the vase with water, so she asked if they can help her get some box or container so she can transport the GET WELL flowers home. She didn't want to tip the vase and spill the water in her car. They were not very pleasant to her. I will never order flowers from them ever again.


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