Dish Network - remote control stopped working - shipped receiver instead - trouble with customer service

Posted on Sunday, December 15th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by cfb6b39a

Company: Dish Network - remote control stopped working - shipped receiver instead - trouble with customer service

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RE: Dish Network - remote control stopped working - shipped receiver instead - trouble with customer service

December 13, 2002

Sanya Cartwright


Dept. 0063

Palantine, IL 60055 Dear Ms. Cartwright : During the WEEK OF NOVEMBER 18TH (can’t remember the exact date), I called DISH NETWORK to report that my REMOTE CONTROL was not working and after a few instructions via representative, it was still inoperable so I was informed that I would receive a new REMOTE CONTROL and upon receipt of it, I should return the old one via UPS, giving me a Return #. Upon opening the box on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30th, found out that it was a new RECEIVER, not a REMOTE CONTROL. I then called the company again and was instructed to install the new RECEIVER which they gave me instructions for doing and afterwards I was only able to get the MUSIC CHANNELS - was informed by representative to wait 20 minutes and the normal programming should return. After 20 minutes had passed and I didn’t get the other stations, I called again and went through all of the instructions again but still nothing.

After being left ON HOLD for 10 minutes, she returned and told me that I had to get a new cable wire which I could PU myself or have a serviceman come out and install. At this point, I was really upset and told her to connect me so I could set up the appointment. After explaining the problem to the representative who was going to set up appointment, he gave me more instructions and told me to cut the tv off for 20 minutes and I should have normal programming.

After the 20 minutes, everything returned to normal - after spending almost an hour on the phone with the representatives. He, then, told me to return the RECEIVER to them and he would sent me a new REMOTE CONTROL, giving me another Return #. MONDAY, DECEMBER 2nd, I returned the RECEIVER to them via UPS (having to lug it on a crowded subway to a UPS location). On WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, I received ANOTHER RECEIVER in the mail but no REMOTE CONTROL. At this point, I was too upset and called them again and spoke to two people who assured me that I would receive a new REMOTE CONTROL in 3-4 days - after staying on the phone for another 15 minutes. On Friday, DECEMBER 6th, I couldn’t get any reception at all so called and explained the problem again. After staying on the phone with the representatives for almost two hours (one of them left me holding on the phone for 30 minutes and disconnected me so I had to call them again), I was told that there was something wrong with my cable wire and they would set up an appointment for someone to come out on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9th to fix it. On SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8th, decided to hook up the new RECEIVER to see if I would be able to get anything and stayed on the phone with the representative for another hour.

On SUNDAY, December 8th, a serviceman came out and said there was nothing wrong with the cable but I needed a new SWITCH on the roof and set up appointment for someone to come out TODAY, DECEMBER 10TH to install the NEW SWITCH. I just received a call from the serviceman at my house stating that there was nothing wrong with my set and that I had no SWITCH on my roof. Also, I finally received the NEW REMOTE CONTROL on yesterday but at this point, I’m really fed up with your company. IT SEEMS AS IF YOUR PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING!!!! This letter was typed last week but decided to wait and see the outcome of the situation before I mail it - yesterday, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12th, I received another REMOTE CONTROL and a SWITCH from your company - NOW I HAVE TO BE INCONVENIENCED AGAIN AND LUG THIS DOWNTOWN TO A UPS LOCATION TO RETURN TO YOU. I just wanted to let you know how frustrating and time-consuming this problem has become. I’m wasting so much of my time lugging these RECEIVERS to the UPS location which is not too kosher on a crowded subway during rush hour and staying on the phone for hours trying to straighten out the problem.For the past three weeks, I’ve been inconvenienced without a REMOTE CONTROL, having to get out of bed and change channels via hand, and not being able to see what a program is about via this method. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR EMPLOYEES - DON’T THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING??? IF THEY DO THIS TO ALL OF YOUR CUSTOMERS, LOOK AT THE MONEY YOU’RE LOSING ANNUALLY!!! With all of the aggravation I’ve gone through these past few weeks, I feel that I should have some type of CREDIT on my bill next month for the inconvenience I’ve gone through. Sincerely,

Louise Rice


f76e3d3f, 2009-02-12, 12:32AM CST

So sorry to hear about your horror story, but I must say that I started laughing out loud near the end of it. I'd explain my horror story as well, but I feel that I've already wasted too much of my life with them. Honestly, I thank you for sharing your story!

df589185, 2010-05-28, 12:28PM CDT

Quit typing in ALL CAPS!!!!

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