Jiffy Lube, Rockville, MD - misinstallation of oil filter caused engine seizure

Posted on Friday, December 21st, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 1ec6eae8

Company: Jiffy Lube, Rockville, MD - misinstallation of oil filter caused engine seizure

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December 19, 2001:


RE: Jiffy Lube, Rockville, MD - misinstallation of oil filter caused engine seizure

On 10/29/01, I had an oil change service done by Jiffy Lube located at 5535 Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD, which resulted in severe engine damage (seized engine) due to their misinstallation of the oil filter. Jiffy Lube

agreed to have the engine replaced and during the repair, which took over 1 and a half months, they agreed to provide a rental car.

I was told by the general manager of the store that I could rent an economy car. Enterprise rental provided me with a pickup truck at the same rate as an economy. Then early November, I received a phone call from Tony in Houston, TX (Jiffy Lube Rep.) saying they only cover up to $25/day (agreement with Enterprise) for rental vehicles and told me that the pickup truck was a $33/day rate (regular consumer economy rate).

He asked me to return the vehicle and get a different smaller car to receive the $25 rate from that day on and that Jiffy Lube will cover the full cost of the pickup truck rental from 10/30 to the date I returned it, since I already had the car during that period.

Then finally after the engine was replaced in my car, which was completed on 12/11/01, I returned the rental back to Enterprise but was surprised to find a $100.23 charge on my credit card. It turns out that Jiffy Lube did NOT cover the extra amount for the 1st week or so of the pickup truck rental when they clearly stated that it would be covered.

I was told by the general manager that any economy car would be covered and that is exactly what I had obtained. I called Tony back and he was now telling me a different story. He said that Jiffy Lube would only cover the $25/day cost and could not cover the extra cost.

The mistake was on their part and I am now stuck with a $100.23 bill. I also spent vacation hours taking care of this careless error by Jiffy Lube and not even a formal apology was given. On top of this 1.5 month long inconvenience, I was charged $80 for a new water pump which Jiffy Lube stated was a maintenance item and so not part of the engine repair. In my belief, Jiffy Lube is HORRIBLY unethical.

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9008e8dc, 2007-12-16, 12:03AM CST

I hear you. In my opinion they are very arrogant, I've been there a few times, they were consistently rude and I do not trust the quality of their service. I will never go to that location or any other Jiffy-Lube for that matter ever again!

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