Visions - Hitachi Digital HD TV, Visions, Canada TV broke at 32 days, poor service

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 10a5f2c5

Product: 53UWX10B 53 ULTRAVISION Digital HD Widescreen Projection

Company: Visions

Location: CA

Category: TV, Music, Video

D recently bought a 53UWX10B 53" ULTRAVISION Digital HD Widescreen Projection TV here in Canada. Calgary actual through one of your distributors called Visions. Needless to Say i spent $6000 on garbage! I am very displeased with Hitachi and Visions. When i bought the TV i also bought the extended warranty just to be safe. The policy apparently is if something should happen to the TV in 30 days or less, it would be replaced. Well my TV died in 32days on a Saturday November 24th at 10AM, i called Visions they said someone would be their right away, 45 minutes after that call your Hitachi Service company called and SORRY WE CANNOT BE THERE TILL MONDAY!........FINE!!!!! Monday came, your re-soldered certain points on your circuit boards and said everything should be ok! Yeah right, 2 days later the TV turned off on its own, i called Visions again and Talked to a Manager and told me to change some setting under Customize choice in the Menu display. I DID!!!! Now on Sat Dec 1st the TV once again has quit and will not power ON!!!! I can not take this anymore, i have spent a small fortune on your product and received nothing but CRAP! Visions refuses to replace the TV because it was over the 30 days by 2 ***** days. This is the worst service i have ever seen and it should be resolved at once. I know you are in the USA and willl probably not care about little old me here in Canada and you probably think it is your dealers responsibility. YOU ARE WRONG IT IS HITACHI'S RESPONSIBILITY This email most likely will not cause a stir that is why i have chosen to send the exact email to all your competitors, distributors, usergroups and Better Business Venues across North America and my Lawyer. I think i deserve what i paid for and i deserve it in a timely matter. I should not have to run around and beg your Dealer and to replace my TV, after what i have had to put up with i deserve to have my TV replaced with a new one immediately and some kind of compensation..I will settle for just a working 53UWX10B 53" ULTRAVISION Digital HD Widescreen Projection TV. A very disappointed and determined Customer Marlon Lee Him 115 Bridlewood Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T2Y 3T6 PS thanks for nothing Marlon L.

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8735e203, 2008-04-21, 04:19PM CDT

Visions Canada is Bad Bad Bad.

I will never buy anything from them.

Actually, I bought a Samsung Plasma

and bought 3 years extened warrenty

too in 2005. When my TV broke down

in 2008. Visions promised to give me new one but the visions asked me to upgrade the module. I did it and paid the extended warrenty too. 3 days later,

I found the same module that I upgrade

from Best buy was several hundred dollars different. It means that Visions over charged me. When I called

the store and mentioned to them. Visions staff said don't worry. all our ccustomer are price protection. All you nneed to do is file your claim and they wwill mail you a check. I did it and

waited for 3 months and got no reply at

all. Then I wrote and called and finally

I got a reply said you not covered any

price protection because it is not

eligible for extended warrenty customer. I was so mad and actually,

I don't care too much of the money but

the misleading statement of what Visions'

proclaim - 100% customer satisfaction

and price protection guarantee. It is a

lie, it is a trick, don't trust Visions

anymore and don't be another victim!!!!

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