Ebay.com - eBay.com - BMW M3 salvage purchase lost 1,000 deposit

Posted on Monday, December 3rd, 2001 at 12:00am CST by fe8fe63d

Company: Ebay.com

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Dear Sir/Madem: On 11/5/01 I wired funds in the amount of $1000 to Mr. George Thomas’ (car dealer) business account as a deposit for a salvage titled 1999 BMW M3 automobile VIN# WBSBG9330XEY80296 that he was selling on EBAY (his member ID is: deals*on*wheels, the item# is 597519377). Since this car had a salvage

title all lenders that I contacted had policies restricting the financing of such cars.

On 11/8/01 I told Mr. Thomas that I would be unable to complete the transaction and he said, "It's no problem at all. I have many people waiting to purchase this car". He then said he would be returning my $1000 deposit and that he would mail it on 11/9/01.

Needless to say I have not received a single cent of my money back. I have made several attempts to contact him via phone and email. On 11/15/01 he left one phone message in which he states that he can only return $800 dollars because of the listing fees, phone calls, and time spent involved with this transaction. He also sent me an email on 11/17/01 in which he again states he will be mailing

cashiers check via FED EX and that I should let him know when I receive it.

I have not received anything and since that day I have been unable to communicate with him at all. I have left messages at his place of business but he does not return my calls or emails anymore. I ask for your assistance in this matter as I live in NY and cannot resolve it any other way. This is blatant fraud and theft and this guy should not even have a dealer’s license or be able to transact business.

I have kept all correspondence between myself and Mr. Thomas and proof of wire transfer if you need it. Once again I kindly ask for your assistance in resolving this matter as it has caused great stress on my family and me. You can contact me at work Mon-Fri from 7:00AM-5: 30PM EST. at (914) 273-4488 EXT.332. Thank you in advance. My contact info: Sean B.


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