1997 Dodge Stratus, puchased from Superior Acura

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Company: 1997 Dodge Stratus, puchased from Superior Acura

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December 12, 2001:


RE: 1997 Dodge Stratus, puchased from Superior Acura

On April 12, 2001, I purchased a car from Superior Acura. It was a 1997 Dodge Stratus. The car had 69,000 miles on it. It seemed in good condition. I took the car for a test drive with the salesman Tony Kreidenweis. I

noticed that there was a loud rattling noise inside of the car, but could not figure out what was causing it.

Then Mr. Kreidenweis informed me that if I wanted to purchase the car, he would have that taken car of. He then wrote up a Due Bill for me, to take care of the problems with the car. I asked him if there was any way I could get a rental car while my car was being repaired by thier shop.

He informed me that I would be able to. He promised me that the Superior Acura repair shop would fix the problems with my car. I purchased the car under the promise that the repairs I needed done to my car would be taken care of. I needed to set a time that was convenient for both myself and the dealership to repair my car.

About two weeks later, my check engine light came on. I went to the nearest Dodge dealership and got a diagnostic check. It came out that there was a problem with my Exhaust Recirulation Valve. They told me that that was why my car was making odd noises (which is what I pointed out to Mr. Kreidenweis when I purchased the car, in which they said they would repair.) I then set up a time for my car to go to the dealership to be repaired, at no cost to myself. I dropped it off at the dealership. The next day I called to see if there was any progress. They informed me that my car was at Midas, which was a repair shop and told me that they would have the shop give me a call.

I had been told by the dealership that my car would be ready that day. The man that works at the repair shop told me that he was not sure what the problem with the car was, but he thought it may have been the altenator. The altenator had a loose part in it, so he took it off and supposedly repaired it. He then

placed the altenator back onto the car. He informed me that it was a Saturday, and that they would be closing very shortly.

Nobody had come by to pick the car up. I called the dealership and asked them if they were going to pick my car up. Unfortunately the shop had closed and would not be open till that following Monday morning. On Monday morning, the dealership picked up my car and took it to their own repair shop, which I believe is a Goodyear. I called throughout the day to see if they knew what was wrong with my car. Tony informed me that they did not know what the problem was.

I told him of my diagnostic test at the Dodge dealership. The men at the shop told him that they did not figure out what was wrong. They told me that when the Dodge dealership did a diagnostic on my car, they were probalby not being honest. The Acura dealership's repair shop informed Mr. Kreidenweis that they did not put malfunctioning cars into the lot, which would make Superior Acura look bad, and their repair shop also. I also asked Mr. Kreidenweis about the rental car, and he informed me to speak to Keith Collett, the manager of Superior Acura.

I spoke with him, and he told me the dealership did no such thing. He said he did not know why Mr. Kreidenweis would tell me that. I told him my car needed repaired right away. They informed me that they would try to put me in their schedule as soon as they could, but they did not know what they could get the repairs taken care of.

They would tell me one thing, and then do another. I had to have my car for work. I picked it up later that night. I never heard from the dealership again, and I drove it home. I still had problems with the EGR valve, but recently my alternator had a problem. It seems as though when my altenator was removed, it had been bolted in incorrectly. Two of the three bolts that hold it into the car have broken off, and the serpentine belt on my

alternator has also fallen off.

This repair would take hours, because the bolts for some reason have broken off inside of the screw holes, and my altenator is hanging by one bolt. My car is inoperable. My fiance spoke with Keith Collett on several occasions between August 27-August 31. Keith Collett continually told him that my warrenty would cover any damages. The warrenty I purchased through Superior Acura does not cover the EGR valve or the altenator. Keith Collett in no way seemed concerned that I had purchased a car from them with the promise of repair under their own warrenty.

They had never resolved problems that they had promised they would do when I purchased the car. All I ask of them is to please repair the car. I know they told me I could get a rental car, but when I mentioned it to Keith once again, he told me that they could not do that. The reason I went to Superior Acura to buy a car is because I trusted their value, and I believed that what they promised to repair on my car would be taken car of.

All I ask is for concern from them and some cooperation in fixing these problems with my car. I was also told by Tony Kreidenweis that he could have the car detailed, and that I could make my down payment within two weeks. Keith Collett corrected that by telling me it would have to be two days. I am upset that I was told just about anything to purchase this car. I asked questions that would aid in my purchase in buying this car. He gave me the answers I wanted to hear, unfortunately they were never followed through.

Their Address: Superior Acura

Fairfield, OH 45014


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