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Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by bfdddd3f

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From: Bud Gustavsen [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_22829#]

RE: Mattress Stores - The Mattress Firm, Dallas, TX - Sealy Mattress

My wife and I were sold a SEALY MATTRESS that cost 1000 dollars by THE

MATTRESS FIRM in Dallas. One of the springs came loose from inside

within 60 days after delivery. We called THE MATTRESS FIRM about the

problem. We filled out the correct paperwork for the replacement. But

when the swap was to take place, they would not accept the mattress

because it had a stain. We had the mattress (white) for under 90 days.

What does a spring have to do with a stain...duh!! Where we are today is

that now the warranty is voided and we are stuck with a 1000 dollar

mattress and a bad spring. What do we do now? As usual the consumer

takes a fall for a defect that happened at the factory or improper

handling from the store. Who knows.

What to do, do NOT buy the product or the buy from the SELLER. You will

possibly be facing the same thing. Bud Gustavsen



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146accc4, 2007-11-05, 01:59PM CST

Yes Mattress Giant did this to me, I even had the bed professionally cleaned, so then they finally took it back and when they did they drug it out of the back of my truck and stained it right there on the loading dock!

I want to know why it matters if it is stained? Are they reselling these mattresses to unwitting people? Why should it matter if you got it dirty dragging it into your house? Unless they are reselling them? Isn't that illegal to resell them?

e5785d33, 2008-05-23, 02:47PM CDT

Purchased from Mattress Firm in Austin, TX. We had stains but got them out. Then they saw a pen sized hole tear. It's not Mattress Firm who gave us the problem; it's the manufacturers so my husband took pix and drove down the the department. They are supposedly going to replace it tonight, but we'll see. I plan on writing the CEO of Sealy if I can locate that information. Here's a link regarding my mattress.

9a372b60, 2008-06-14, 04:28AM CDT

As a professional involved in the mattress industry, I have become aware that if you take this matter to small claims court, you will win your case because it is a manufacturer's defect. As you state, the stain has nothing to do with a factory defect. You can have a great mattress and if you put a stain on it then its your choice to sleep on it that way. But a factory defect is a total separate situation that must be fixed by the manufacturer.

You should sue both the retailer and manufacturer.

9a372b60, 2008-06-14, 04:41AM CDT

As a professional in the mattress industry, i can shed some light on this practice.

Retailers are allowed to re-sale returned mattresses that are not defective as RETURNED goods at discounted prices. They can not be advertised as NEW because obviously they are not although they are usually disinfected at the store or warehouse prior to being resold.

Again, if you have a factory defect you should be able to have it replaced becasue in this case that mattress can not be resold anyways because it is defective. Retailers will refuse to replace a defective mattress when there's a stain because they do not quite understand the legal language that has been set up by the company's legal department (you would figure the company would make this clear to their staff to avoid such behaviour of not replacing your defective mattress) but this conveniently overseen situation saves thousands if not millions of dollars to the retailer by denying you your right to have a defective product replaced.

If you have a factory defective product you should be able to get a replacement even with a stain on it. If you do not, file a lawsuit in small claims court. you WILL win your case as this has happen in the past and the courts have sided with the consumer because as you stated "what does a stain have to do with the factory defect?"

The only time when a stain does affect your product is when you are simply doing an exchange. This means there's nothing wrong with the mattress, it is only not comfortable enough for you for whatever reason. The mattress then can be exchange unless there is a stain because obviously it's hard to resale a product that has been "damaged".

c59a0691, 2010-10-09, 08:34PM CDT

Bottom line..DON't WET the bed! Urine will cause the fibers in the bed to compress and almost bond together. Now, since a retailer is NOT going to sniff/taste/touch the stain to find out what it is...they revert to YOU DIDN'T TAKE GOOD CARE OF THE BED...HENCE A DIP.

Just deal with the fact that you might have to buy a bed (something you use everyday) more than once every 15 ass.

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