Automotive - Toyota - 2000 Camry transmission leaking at 20,000 miles

Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2001 at 1:46pm CST by 0e66489e

Company: Automotive - Toyota - 2000 Camry transmission leaking at 20,000 miles

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_____________________ I bougth a 2000 Camry. At 10K, the air filter was dirty. At 20K, the transmission was leaking, the brake pad was almost worn out. I never wear out brake pad in 20K, usually 40K or more. I suspect this car was refurbished. It was used for testing or whatever, then it was refurbished for sale as new car. I called TOyota service center regarding my concern, particularly worn brake pad. In the beginning, the customer service person suggests that it was the new brake material. When I asked when the material was introduced, it turned out to be 10 years ago. Then the customer service person suggests it's my driving. From my experience, the customer service's job is to point fingers at customers or to give misleading information. My suggestion to all drivers. STOP BUYING TOYOTA. A company which trashes loyal customers, does not want our business. If you have problems with Toyota cars, don't call customer service center. You will feel more frustrated. Go to court or file a formal dispute process. In Toyota Manual, there is a dispute procedure through objective third party. This is what I am going to do.


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