Services, Health Clubs - Planet Fitness, Turnersville, NJ 30 days notice required for contract termination, providing there are no arrears

Posted on Tuesday, March 27th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Company: Services, Health Clubs - Planet Fitness, Turnersville, NJ 30 days notice required for contract termination, providing there are no arrears

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Company name other: Planet Fitness

Brand name: Health club membership Complaint time stamp: 03/25/2001

Subject: Dishonesty Body: Although my wife no longer desires to be a member of Planet Fitness, they continue to bill us every month, and charge late fees.

This is because they convinced her to sign an open-ended contract, which can only be terminated with 30 days notice, provided you are not "in arrears".

I offered to make arrangements to pay off my bill, which now totals over $600.00 and counting, but the owner arrogantly refused to make any concessions about terminating the contract.

I feel that my wife was not dealt with honestly by the sales rep, and signed the open-ended contract under pressure, without it being made clear what she was signing.

What want: I want the contract terminated ASAP without any more late fees or monthly charges, in exchange for a certified agreement to pay our full balance.

Businessaddress 1: 501 Route 168

Businessaddress 2:

Business city: Turnersville

Business state: NJ

Business zip: 08012

Business country: USA

Bus phone: 856-401-1885


b9f7659e, 2007-11-28, 03:19PM CST

I work at a Planet Fitness. The monthly billing/draft has nothing to do with usage, in other words how many times a member uses the club. I work at a NC one, and the open-ended agreement can be ended at any time, without any kind of buyout fee, provided the member does not have an outstanding balance. If your "bill" now counts over $600, this means that for some reason the drafts are bouncing back to the facility, either because your billing info is out of date, the account is closed, insufficient funds, etc. It is not their fault. PF is NOT into high-pressure sales, and/or if your wife didn't read the agreement, then that is her own fault. The agreement is very simple and straight-forward.

The agreements cannot be cancelled over the phone. You may either send a certified letter stating that you wish to cancel, or go into the club and cancel, but no, they will not usually cancel your membership if you have an outstanding balance. If your so-called "bill" is mounting, then that means your account is not even being drafted, so you are not paying anything anyway, so just don't even worry about it. They will not report you to a collection agency.

f80eb4e0, 2008-10-09, 12:46PM CDT

Contact your State's attorney general & file a complaint immediately. Planet Fitness should have "frozen" the account so that it cannot continue to accrue a balance.

As for the Planet Fitness employee, get real. PF advertises no "long-term" contracts, demands to have access to a credit card or bank account, yet will not accept legal tender (cash), & has a difficult method to cancel.

Bottom line, no company should demand access to a credit card or bank account as a requirement of membership.

Have the Attorney General handle it. If more people report the matter, it can get handled.

Hope you like your new job.

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