Passport to Wealth - Money, Credit Cards - Passport to Wealth credit card waiting for refund for cancelled account

Posted on Sunday, March 25th, 2001 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Product: credit card

Company: Passport to Wealth

Category: Business, Finances

There was a phone call from Sales representative of 'Passport to Wealth' on January 2nd (around 12th of January 2001) week saying that they going issue a Credit Card for Low APR of 8%. Also they told me that they are going to charge for $389 temporarily and this amount will be refunded in one week. After my acceptance they changed their word and they said they are not going to refund.

Then I cancelled my account on January 31st, 2001 and I asked them to refund my money back into my account. On the same day they told me that my money would be refunded into my account in 30 days which is March 1st, 2001.

Till today they have not refunded my money back. Every time when I call them they are not responding properly. Also they are not allowing me to speak with the sales representative who called me on very first day.

Here the company details


TELEPHONE No: #1 888 844 7283

SALES Rep. : CORINNE I appreciate if you could take an action and get my money back. Thanks


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