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Posted on Friday, March 23rd, 2001 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

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AT&T Broadband Digital Cable When I moved to my new apartment in January, I figured I might try to go "new-fangled" and have AT&T Digital Cable installed. When I called and made my order for the installation of the best and most expensive package that they have (The Platinum Package), it seemed so easy and like I would not have any problems. WRONG!!! This has been nothing but a problem from day 1. To start off with, when they came to install, neither myself nor my husband could get off work to be at our house to let the technician in. So, we recruited a friend of ours to let the technician in. I admit that was my mistake. I should have been there myself! To my dismay, when I came home from work that night my house was a wreck. The technician had left wrappers and screws and bolts and cut up wire all over my living room and bedroom. He did not even clean up after himself! Granted, my friend should have supervised the situation, but he is not a person to pay attention to detail. It is the technician's responsibility to clean up after himself, isn't it? Does he leave a mess like this in every house he installs cable in? Well, the mess was cleaned up and I found bigger problems to worry about. I was not told until 2 weeks ago (2 months after this whole thing began) that the telephone jack and the cable jack have to be on the same wall within 3-10 feet of each other. If your jacks do not fit this criteria, you have to purchase a "wireless phone jack" (whatever the hell that is) from Radio Shack. So, when the technician was messing up my house, he tacks up the wire from the phone jack to the cable jack around the wall so it is out of the way and somewhat discreet. This is perfectly fine with me! I have no problem with him tacking up the wire. However, I think it was nearing his lunch time or something when it came time for him to install in my bedroom. The wire was lying in the middle of the floor, not even plugged in! Words cannot described how angry I was. Needless to say, I was immediately on the phone with AT&T. All they said they could do was file a complaint. I figured this would be alright, stupidly thinking that this is the only problem that I would incur. So, that first night I go to turn on my brand new cable and....Guess What? No MOVIE CHANNELS! The whole reason I get cable! I call, they schedule an appointment, and a service technician comes to my house the following Saturday...By the way, I was assured that during this service visit the cord that is running throught the middle of my bedroom would be tacked up. Well, the technician comes right on time, jiggles a few wires, and informs me that there is nothing that he can do about the cord, that I have to do it myself. My movie channels were working now, so I thought that I would call and complain once again about the wire. Maybe I should re-phrase that...I THOUGHT my movie channels were working! Not 30 minutes after he left did the movie channels quit working. Well, being the handy-man that he is, my husband figured out the technique for jiggling the wires and fixed it himself. Now, these are just a few of the major problems! I have literally been on the phone at least twice a week to AT&T Broadband for various problems... All of the cable is out, the converter needs to be reprogrammed, my bill is TRIPLE the amount it is supposed to be (payments not being posted), the remotes are not working and they need to be reprogrammed, etc, etc, etc. It has been an absolute NIGHTMARE! The reason for going to all this trouble to write a complaint? I am so aggravated and angry at the whole situation that this somewhat helps me aleve some of my tension. My advice to everyone is DO NOT GET AT&T DIGITAL BROADBAND!!! They do not know how to treat their customers, their employees all have different things to say, and there never seems to be a "supervisor" available to speak to when you need them! Thank you for your time! I hope I can stop anyone who is thinking about becoming an AT&T Broadband customer from getting into the same situation I am in. Rebecca


f120f5fc, 2007-10-17, 11:59AM CDT

Sounds like our cable company around here (Time Warner) me and my mom had broadband internet and the problem we had was alot of times the cable went out and i was on the phone with time warner alot and they told me they were working in the area well it was like that every other day, they also tried tripling our bill too and sometimes the bill wasnt posted. I wouldnt be suprised if at&t and time warner are working together

0ee2326d, 2008-10-10, 08:37AM CDT

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Rebecca for sharing your experience. I've been tossing the idea of going AT&T digital for some time now. However, we have had so many problems with our DSL over the past several months that I am no contemplating switching to Vonage for the phone and commputer service, and switching from DirectTV to someone less expensive.

If anyone has an answer to this ?? please feel free to respond.

I have the "Complete Choice" package on my home phone which includes 3way calling, caller ID etc... I was told that it also allows me to make unlimited LONG DISTANCE phone calls.

It's 32.00 per month. What puzzles me is that I noticed on my last statement that I am being charged 32.00 and on the next page (long distance info) it shows Unlimited Long Distance...24.99

I have called AT&T numerous times for an explanation, I myself being on the phone with them at least 1X per week.

I explained to them that we use or cell phones for any long distance calls and that I did NOT need that particular service, I also asked that we have JUST a line to receive and call out with NO perks and also to just be able to use the DSL. Their answer was that my bill would actually be more.

It would cost me $49.99 a month for one line, and they would have to charge me double the price for the DSL because they would have to charge for each computer????????? That would cost about $60.00 what the hell is that all about???????? Does this sound familiar to anyone else out there?

I'm actually thinking now about cancelling EVERYTHING and saving myself the money and aggravation!

Thank you for your time.

PattiAnn Laffin

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