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Posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2001 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Company: Katharine Gibbs School

Location: Park Ave.

Category: Education

To whome it may concern, I am writing this letter of complaint about the Katharine Gibbs School.

I paid for services at KGS, and I have not got half of the services of what I was supposed to get. First, I paid $17,959 for a Computer Technical Program at KGS at 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166. Their telephone number is 212-867-9300. I took out a loan, which eventually must be repaid, but I had the notion that I was going to get a lot of hands on training with professional teachers.

I eventually found out that most of the teachers have their degrees, but most of them are disorganized, non-motivational, non-enthusiastic about the subject. Most teachers are unprepared to class, I bought textbooks, and the teachers do not even use them. The teachers that did not even use the books were Orkala, Pimentel, and many more from the 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, and 4TH semesters. How am I going to learn a subject in a book if I do not have some guidance? If you are wondering if I asked questions I did, and some of the teachers did not even know how to explain the topic to me or other members of the class. Some teachers conduct personal transaction in the classroom, such as getting phone calls in the middle of class from their broker, to find out about their stock. This teacher was Mr. Iqbal. I need to mention this before I go any further because I think it is very important. In the third semester I went to Diane Martin who is the Dean of the Computer Technical Support program, and told her about the teachers and the class time that is being spent on the subjects. She asked me why I did not come to her in the 1ST and 2ND semester.

I told her since I was new in the school I was expecting a change in the next semesters to follow. I got into talking to her about the teachers' performance and she asked me bluntly ""How old are you?" I told her my age then asked her "what does my age have to do with anything?" She answered, "You are not experienced yet to judge a teacher or make any emarks about a teacher till you get older." After that was said and done, the teachers must have received some notice of what was going on. Then one day in Mr. Ezemma Web technologies class on Wednesday March 8, 2001 he gave an assignment to look up on the internet directions on how to create a web page, I was in the process of doing it, when he came over to me yelling "you complain about me not giving you work and you are on the internet", I then told him "You told us to go on the internet and get the directions" he knew he was wrong I then went to Alex who works in the Computer Technical Department and told him my situation, he couldn't do anything about it because Diane Martin was out for the day. Nothing was done or said, no apology was given to me.

As the semester progressed, I did not see any changes in the teachers' professionalism. I returned to Diane Martin and asked her I have other students who are willing to meet with her to tell her of our concerns. We wanted to meet in a group. She told me she would only talk with one student at a time, but we wanted her to come to our classroom so we could address some issues we may have. She then said she would call them up individually. The next time we meet she told me some of the students said I was trying to force them or influence them in saying something bad. When in fact I was just making the students aware of the opportunity of whatever they want to say they can address Diane Martin.

Another thing to mention is the dress code. Tandra Jones who enrolled me into KGS told me it was a casual type school, but when I got there lets just say as weeks went on the professional look was not there. It is mainly a waste of time when it comes down to hands on training because there is practically almost none. The advertisement that I enclosed it is a hands on school for Computer Technical support students. Sure we worked on some computers, but what is it good for if you do not have a proper time schedule for the classes. I noticed on the schedules the classes are not scheduled for longer time for our main classes due to availability. If the school knew this from the beginning, why have a CTS program, which entails a lot of class time.

I have enclosed the written letter of the situation at hand. A signed petition of class members attesting to the situation. Also the class schedules beginning from the first semester showing in highlights the irrelevant class time that is spent in certain classes. The class schedule is my classmate Jimmy Hoang name. The loan information on what the money was spent on. The Computer Technical Support Program course sheet, which has the classes and the amount of credits per class. The certificate program advertising from the internet stating hands-on experience. The Katharine Gibbs School estimate sheet; Enrollment Agreement, and of course the complaint form. I know there is a lot more information that you might need; so all you have to do is call me and let me know and I will attain it for you. The reason I am combating The Katharine Gibbs School is basically to do with TRUST. This school has not done its part in living up to it obligations.

I would like you to help me stop this injustice. I really mean an injustice.


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bde04877, 2008-10-05, 07:56PM CDT

I am Actually student of this school right now and I have a lot to complain about this school too. After compromising my credit and my life to go to this school I can say that this school Sucks a lot. For example, Some of the students who don??t want to realize that they are adults in a School preparing their selves for a REAL JOB (NOT IN REHAB) conform themselves on just showing up once in a while. They don??t let anybody study when they are in lab room??s by recklessly turning the speakers of their computers all the way up and start paying music like if it were a club. I??ve never seen that in my life not even in High school.

The Class material is very lame and the teachers are very negligent. Consequentially I am not learning anything here.

I have a lot more to say

To be continued?

bd1442ae, 2011-02-10, 11:35AM CST

i went to Katharine Gibbs School grad in 2006 for fashion Design & Merchandising, let me just say it was a wast of my time and now i have to pay back a lot of money. when it came time for you to pick a place to inter @ the teacher tell you if which ones he don't think you should pick which was most of them.also then you have to hurry up and pick one so your stuck in a place that has anything to do with the reason you came to the school in the first place.and its been five yrs since i been out of school an not once did anybody in that school call or try to help me find a job in that career.

97900d7c, 2011-03-07, 08:20PM CST


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