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Posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2001 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Company: Staten Island Cable Customer Service

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Hi All, I was scheduled 1PM-5PM for a Staten Island digital cable install on March 21, 2001 for (*deleted address*) on Staten Island. Thus of this I took the day off from work and waited inside the newly constructed house beginning at 8:45AM. The following events occurred:

1. With the rain coming down I called Customer Support at 718-816-8686 around 3:30PM and asked for an update. I was informed the cable installer called my parent’s phone number around 1:30PM to get directions, as he did not know where 43 Laguna Lane was. Unfortunately, I was told by Customer Support, no one picked up the phone. What I'd like to know is if the driver does not know the location, can't he/she call central office to get the cross street? There are at least three houses in the complex that are clients of Staten Island Cable. Are there no records of their cross streets? I might not be the smartest person in the world, but it sounds to me someone dropped the ball. 2. At this point I informed Customer Support that Laguna Lane was at the intersection of Richmond Terrace/ Van Pelt Ave. I also provided the support person my pager number. I asked the support person what I should do next. Wait or go home? The support person informed me I must wait, as she will update the cable installer.

3. Around 5:00PM, I called 718-816-8686 again to Customer Support and asked for an update. Should I wait or go home, as the weather was bad. Customer Support told me to wait another three hours from 5PM-8PM!

4. Like an idiot, I waited and called 718-816-8686 around 7:30PM. This time I spoke to a customer support person named Elisabeth and voiced my displeasure with the level of service I was receiving. She told me to call her back as she needed to investigate the matter.

5. At 8:00PM I called Elisabeth back and she informed me the driver was not coming due to bad weather. I informed Elisabeth that this was very upsetting as I’ve been calling constantly throughout the day and was repeatedly told to be patient and wait. Elisabeth's response was: Look outside your window. The weather is bad. Why don't you look outside your window?; Words can not describe my emotions at this point in time.

6. I kindly asked Elisabeth why no one had updated me throughout this process. I had provided my parent’s phone number and my own pager number earlier. Elisabeth said she had no record of my pager in the system. I again provided Elisabeth with my pager number. At this point I gave up and hung up the phone as my level of frustration had reached a crescendo.

7. My fiancee then called Customer Support and asked to speak to a supervisor. After some time she finally managed to speak to Diane Campbell at 718-390-7086. My fiancee asked why no one at Customer Support managed to call my parent’s number. Diane said that her Customer Support people told her my parent’s number was a non-working number. My fiancee told Diane the customer support person lied as parents were home all day. Furthermore, my Fiancee recommended Diane should call my parent's number to confirm for herself.

8. I was later told to speak to Diane Campbell directly. I did and informed her about my not so positive experience with the service level provided by Staten Island Cable. Diane’s only response was the driver did not know the cross street for (*deleted address*) and I should provide her with the cross street. I again provided my cross street as I had done earlier in the day. Further, she asked for a number where she could reach me. I provided to Diane the same numbers as I’ve provided to all the Customer Support people throughout the day.

9. Next Diane asked me if I would like to schedule for another install. I paused and put aside my frustration. I scheduled for Friday from 8:30AM-12:30PM. No semblance of an apology was ever offered to me regarding the absolute lack of professionalism displayed by anyone innCustomer Service. Is this the way Staten Island cable treats return clients? I'd hate to know how new customers are treated. Customer level support is about addressing and meeting the needs of clients. Client level support is what drives the service level industry. Staten Island Cable is no different. I hope my negative experience will somehow remind Staten Island Cable to undertake new measures in customer relations. Regards, David


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