Security Systems - ADT ADT did not activate home moniting for 6 months, with a new service, but still billed for those months

Posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2001 at 12:13am CST by a66de67a

Company: Security Systems - ADT ADT did not activate home moniting for 6 months, with a new service, but still billed for those months

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An awful ADT experience


From: Laura Kane

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_____________________ I signed up for home security monitoring with ADT last September. I had several

rude and puzzling interactions with the central office but assumed my system

was working well as it had been tested by an ADT installer. In March after the alarm

was tripped and I got no response from their operators, I called ADT to find the

source of the problem. They had somehow forgotten to turn my monitoring

on in their computers!!! Six months of $40/mo bills and no protection! And I had

left my house for several extended trips.

I expected an error like this to generate some apology from ADT. But I had a

difficult time getting anyone to address my problem. I had to make many phone

calls to get the problem corrected, and I had several hours of waiting, dropped

calls and promises that someone would get back to me (they didn't). With the

exception of a lovely service man who came out to check my system, I had very

poor responses to my complaints. I think I am now getting a refund, but I still

haven't gotten an apology.


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bab51619, 2008-07-25, 01:33PM CDT

Terrible company-Beware! I signed a contract 9 months in advance and paid 50% up front when I renovated my house. They botched my job so badly-wires coming out of the floor and other wires stuck in the walls and not accessible after the drywall went in. I hired another wonderful company to do the work and ADT never returned my deposit money ffter months of sending letters and calling. Finally, I got the deposit back from my credit card company and now ADT can dispute it with them. They had the nerve to charge me $750 for prewire services and I will dispute that even if it costs triple the amount to fight it in small claims. This company is a joke!

81fb5e21, 2011-02-07, 01:07AM CST

Life Flash before my eyes....

Near the end of July in 2010 I received a call from my daughter via cell as she was on her way to work. She was upset and did not want to leave her brother home alone. During a lightening storm, a bolt struck the house close enough to destroy the motherboard in the ADT system. My son said he could see sparks between the keys on the keypad as well as the plug-in unit below. He grabbed a fire extinguisher just in case. I was told there was a bad smell and some smoke enough to set off the fire alarms in the house. I have a fire alarm that goes to ADT and there was no call from them. A long story short, after I pulled the plug on the system, ADT still had that the system was online and working fine, nor did they detect that the alarms went off earlier. How long was I paying for this protection without the protection?

About 5 to 6 hours after the fact and the system was still off line, I called and asked if they have my system online. The answer I received just made me want to tell them where to put it. Yes, the system in online and working. One rep actually asked me if I could go to the panel and see anything -- if the motherboard was sparking and unplugged then there would be nothing on the panel. The only money I received was what was left after canceling my service. I never received an apology, basically I was asked if I wanted a service rep to come out and look at the system which was never the point. MY SYSTEM WAS NOT BEING MONITORED

9d78ea14, 2013-01-18, 12:09PM CST

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