American Marketing Services - Magazines - American Marketing Services didn't receive magazine subscription paid for in front of Safeway store

Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2001 at 12:00am CST by 709574ef

Product: magazine purchase

Company: American Marketing Services

Category: Stores, Shopping

I was heading to my local Safeway to buy a quick snack before going to work. And it wasn't a surprise to see people out in front the store advertising about selling magazines.

The students looked about my age which is 18. One of the guys came up and we started talking we figured we both had a interest in attending college in the next semester. But the only problem was that he was strapped for cash and not able to pay for school. That was his reasoning for being out in front of Safeway selling magazines.

This company he was selling for gives him help with tuition when he sells certain amount of magazines. Considering the fact he was a fellow student like me I felt sorry of his situation and also since I was just taking up a new interest in surfing I thought it would be a good idea to invest and help him. But if I would have known about all this hassle I am going through I would have changed my mind. I bought Surfer magazine from American Marketing Services that day for $26.00.

I was told I would receive my first issue in 4-6 weeks. And it is March 1,2001 and I still haven't received my first issue. I have wrote a few letter to this company complaining about my situation. In the

first letter they told me that I had to wait 120 days. Which I had no problem with but I counted 120 days after I purchased these magazines and it still hadn't shown up. The second letter I wrote was a little more

demanding stating I would like a refund of my money. Again they wrote back telling my that 120 days did not include weekends and holidays. (Why didn't they make that clear in the beginning when I purchased these?)

She also told me that there was no refund after 3 days of purchase and of course the time was expired. Well in 3 days I didn't know I would be going through this 6 months down the road. This 3rd letter I just wrote explain that I was highly frustrated that I am a low income college student and they were basically

screwing me out of $26.00.

I told them I would like a specific date of when the magazines were planning on arriving. And if I don't get this information A.S.A.P I will take further action. I also tried to call them in Nevada and they don't do any business by phone they only do it my mail. What I need from you is advice on my situation. If there is any information you can give me to get a refund or talk to someone that can advice me it would be highly appreciated. Companies that do this need to be shut down. This is unbelievable. I was trying to help someone out and this led to this. So please when you can let me know.

Thank You

Katie White


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